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  1. Psst..,Rick Smith decided to pay an injury prone running back instead of Mario Williams. Keim has a solid record - but they haven't gotten anything out of Jonathan Cooper who was a top 10 pick. If Mayhew did that, you'd be railing him. Outside of your top 5-6, none of the GMs you listed would hold up to the same scrutiny you give Mayhew.
  2. Can you imagine Echo's reaction if Mayhew traded a first round pick for Trent Richardson?
  3. No, my comparison looked at how many stars, starters and contributors Mayhew and Newsome got from their drafts. It placed production within context - which is obviously needed in a sport like football. These are all good answers. The fact you have Rick Smith ahead of Martin Mayhew is pretty much makes the case for me. Meanwhile, the Bengals front office record has been fantastic. Marvin Lewis is more of the GM than Mike Brown, but I have no problem putting what that organization has done ahead of Mayhew (I actually think they use a lot of crowd sourcing/Draft Twitter in their draft prep.) But the rest on that list isn't on Mayhew's level and it isn't close. Grigson? Really? Haha. Mayhew can realistically be no lower than 7th on that list.
  4. And Reid. Ankle injures suck. Luckily we have depth. I'm a big Bynes fan.
  5. Actually the 1950's are the only safe place for a Lions optimist.
  6. I actually represented the Lions during Moving the Chain's mock draft this year. I've been trying to get Pat and Miller on the Super Bowl train since last March. Glad it finally paid off Miller never played for the Lions, but he grew up a fan I believe. He's a Bears homer though.
  7. A big key here is that Mayhew learned from his mistakes. And you need that. Failure makes you better, as long as you learn from it. Look at Mayhew's roster moves from 2013 to today and show me 4 other teams that have made better decisions. Mayhew has drafted well. He has signed UDFAs well. He has made excellent moves in free agency - Tate and Quin's contracts alone justify that. He has been able to turn people who weren't going to be on this team into draft picks (G. Johnson, Seisay, Williams). To date, Mayhew has not had a great career. Mayhew has performed greatly since 2013.
  8. Mayhew succeeded in remaking the roster during those first 2.5 seasons, the problem is that Stafford was a rookie for year one and injured for most of year 2 (*hint* if your starting QB goes down, you're team is going to suffer). The third season, with a healthy Stafford, and the Lions were a playoff team. The fact that you actually criticize him for only drafting 2 Pro Bowlers, considering he has drafted players such as DeAndre Levy and Ziggy Ansah who aren't counted by that definition, demonstrates the weakness of your entire argument. Wins and losses are obviously how you are ultimately measured in the NFL - but wins and losses also don't tell the full story. You can't settle for mediocrity, but you can't reduce a sport like football down to a simple box score. Now yes, the GM is the decision maker - he builds the roster. But he doesn't call the plays. He doesn't lead the team after its been constructed. Anyone who watched the 2013 Lions will tell you that the talent on the roster wasn't the problem - it was the fact Schwartz lost control of the team. Now you're probably correct in asserting that Mayhew could fire Schwartz - and he did so after that year. Can we look back and ask "what could have been" if he'd been fired the year before? Sure - but I don't think it is very realistic to believe we'd fire a coach who brought the 0-16 Lions to the playoffs in year 3 after one mediocre year. While a team should be judged by wins and losses, let's consider what a GM actually does. He acquires talent. In this regard, Mayhew has been a good GM - and a great one in the last few years. He has a strong draft record and has certainly grown as a talent elevator. Two of our three top tackles are UDFA's, demonstrating an ability to identify talent there. He also has two of the best free agent contracts in recent memory in the case of Quin and Tate. Also, I'm entertained by the fact you throw quotes around "historically good" - as if I have ever tried to argue that our practice squad was one of the best in history. No. I've argued that Mayhew has a history of having players picked from our practice squad - which is the best measure of quality. Here's the thing Echo, it's both easy and lazy to sit back, focus narrowly on Mayhew and jump up and down every time a decision he makes fails and holding it up as some example of why he sucks at his job. I've taken the time to actually compare the records of Mayhew with someone like Ozzie Newsome - you haven't tried. You think Mayhew is a "middling" GM? Give me 10 GMs you'd take over Martin Mayhew.
  9. It would depend on how the season went. Did Stafford miss 12 games? Then that's bad luck. We didn't have many options at backup qb. Does the just suck? Maybe LombardI goes. He's still a bit of a question mark in my book. If the team falls apart and we have chaos, Caldwell goes. (I think this is highly unlikely.) Mayhew has done his job. He's a great GM. I love what Caldwell has done with the team. The team is going to be good - but anything can happen. A string of bad injuries can cripple anyone - you can't overreact entirely based on Ws and Ls.
  10. Fully agreed. I'd expect somewhere around 28 points a game. We have plenty of tools and I expect Stafford to put up Andrew Luck numbers.
  11. @ Chargers Win @ Vikings Win Broncos Win @ Seahawks Loss Cardinals Win Bears Win Vikings Win @ Chiefs Win BYE @ Packers Win Raiders Win Eagles Loss Packers Win @ Rams Loss @ Saints Win 49'ers Win @ Bears Win 13-3
  12. LS is just a speciality position. Most aren't OL, they are backup TEs. If Webster gets signed, he'll be released shortly after. He's not ready. Whitehead is an above average OLB, I like Palmer and would be happy to bring him back, but he is clearly inferior at Lb (which is why Whitehead started last year.)
  13. The funny thing here is that getting a draft pick for him actually helps the case I was making in that discussion.
  14. I love Joique Bell, I have ever since I saw him tear it up in the preseason for the Saints a few years ago. I think Zach Zenner is a better runner.
  15. If we have to travel to the West Coast, I'd rather do it to start the year or after a bye week - so this doesn't scare me. Rivers is also Gates-less to start the season. We're a better team than Minnesota or Denver, we're going to have to act like it. Seattle will hopefully be a hell of a game.
  16. I'm pretty bummed by that compensation actually. Birkett, I think, reported that multiple teams were interested - so I was hoping for more. I would have done this trade in a heartbeat if I was New England. But I trust Mayhew on offensive linemen. I'm hoping this is an endorsement of their comfort with Robinson on the left.
  17. They must also feel comfortable about Waddle's progress. This is a great though, I loved Williams potential - but it would have been hard to keep four tackles, four guards and a center. This means Boggs can stay. I expect Robinson to be on PS.
  18. Bust or not, Whitehead stepping up and acquiring Josh Bynes has made him fairly irrelevant.
  19. If we cut Zenner and keep Moore I'm going to be furious.
  20. It's almost as if Stafford was drafted to an 0-16 team that had to be built.
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