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  1. If you are referring to me I have no idea what you are talking about. I wasn't living in Florida when Maybin came through the system. I did say that Daniel Fields can't play CF which the Anderson guy disagreed with. I think I was proven correct in that assessment. Happy holidays to everyone. Larry
  2. I have season tickets to the Flying Tigers. Paredes is not a SS and wonder if he will be able to play an average 2B. Guy can hit though. Larry
  3. Two guys that have run a hockey league with daily sims for 12 years are now starting an OOTP league. First of all it is a cash league at $50 per year with the first two years up front. This ensures quality GM's. The initial draft will be 100 rounds. The first 10 rounds will be live on ICQ with the remaining 90 rounds by list. The sims will be daily based on the MLB schedule. There will be a 10 round amateur draft based on the MLB draft. All teams start out the same money wise and cap wise. It will be adjusted yearly depending on how your team does. The following teams are still available Orioles Twins White Sox Rangers Rockies D-Backs Indians Brewers Nationals Marlins If interested sign up on the message board at http://brhlootp.freeforums.net Larry
  4. Just remember, they traded for Fulmer and Norris Larry
  5. McClanahan just threw 97 at the USF scouts day on Monday. Larry
  6. heard nothing. He seems to avoid the fans after games so no one gets the chance to ask him Larry
  7. He coaches first occasionally and is usually in the dugout Larry
  8. To say that Kyle Funkhouser was impressive in his Flying Tiger debut would be an understatement Larry
  9. GZBach - we now have a real gift shop so getting cards might be a possibility. As for the radio / internet broadbasts I was told the same thing that they wouldn't do it if they couldn't do it right. Wayne, where you at Mondays game ? The announced attendance was over 1,000. I wouldn't bet my life on it but there was a nice crowd. Things have definitely improved at the stadium this year. Another nice perk for the season tickets holders is an advanced sale of All Star tickets at 50 % off. Larry
  10. gzbach you are probably right. All year the Flying Tigers have been flirting with danger as Scivique has caught or DH most games (strict platoon with Greiner, catching the majority with the others). Aside from the eight starters, Longley is probably the best bat on our bench. On two separate occasions I asked the pitchers in the stands who the emergency catcher was and got the same "I don't know" answer each time. Larry
  11. Kyle is right, it is 385 to right center. Today's attendance was 95 and that seems high. I wondered if they counted season tickets holders who didn't show up. Larry
  12. Guessing that it is 325 down the lines, 365 in the gaps and 400 to center. If I remember tomorrow I will write them down. Everyone agrees that the ball seems to carry much better than Joker Marchant. Dave Hubbert was quoted recently in an article "that everyone is a power hitter". Larry 2016 AAT A J Simcox
  13. In the last five games the Flying Tigers have won one and lost four. In this span the bullpen has blown three saves in the eighth inning, and has allowed 25 runs in 19 2/3 innings. The high amount of innings due to a game where the SP didn't record an out. Larry
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