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  1. since I missed my pick at 17 because I wasn't paying attention, I'll take "Hot" Rod Allen. YouTube - Rod Allen Japan Everyone's favorite.
  2. he doesnt even play on third down passing situations anymore. being that the lions will have tons of those im not too worried
  3. Is there any reason that the tigers arnt trying to get bobby abreu? throw him 30 for 3 years or something like that. Move guillen to dh and end up with guillen at ss or 3b when inge gets off the that 4 for 45 start. Just an idea any thought?
  4. or... you could quit smoking the reefer
  5. Dtrozzle


    so do i need to pick a new tiger?
  6. so even they know they should be looked down upon they?
  7. yeah, ive got them at nemos a few times. opening day once, yankees, redsox etc.
  8. millen should be lucky that he was just fired and we didnt take him behind the old woodshead and put him down for good. I would not pay him a dime he was employed at nbc a 2 weeks after he was fired.
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