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  1. And to top it off Al filled all the holes without giving up the farm
  2. I was really feeling Cespedes now I'm kind of hoping for Blackmon leading off or batting second
  3. To me I would prefer Gordon, Fowler, Span type, top of the order bat with Gordon being number 1 Gordon LF Ian 2nd Miggy 1st Vmart DH JD RF Nick 3rd Maybin CF McCann C Iggy SS
  4. Why do I see Ryan Raburn written all over this
  5. I'm surprised no talk about Upton
  6. Does this make Rondon trade bait or do we tuck him away in AAA
  7. What's AA going to do at the winter meetings now, since he is pretty much done with his shopping list.
  8. All i hope for is a former catcher or pitcher to be the next manager. pitching still wins ball games and with a former catcher or pitcher they might see something wrong with a pitchers release. also this year 6 out of 8 playoff teams where managed by former catchers or pitcher
  9. Can we trade Prince to TB for Joe Maddon
  10. Mine might have to go on the DL with a rotater cuff issue do to waving all the runs home lately
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