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  1. Let's face it, we overvalued the Pistons with their 5-0 start after the Blake trade. 4 of the wins were home games against bad teams on a back-to-back. They are not that good. Atlanta seemed their equal, and certainly played harder and smarter. Ish Smith: Garbage. Nothing more needs saying. When Reggie comes back, he should be #3 behind Jameer. Blake Griffin: Horrible game, jacking up 3s and no inclination or confidence to go inside Andre Drummond: Lethargic play, lackadaisical, can't hold on to the ball to save his life, constantly out of position for rebounds Tolliver: Poor defense Kennard: Nonchalant, needs to play as if it's not a pickup game against his high school pals Positives: Ennis, Jameer, Bullock We need a buyout player to have any realistic chance at the playoffs. Looks like Belinelli, Rose, Joe Johnson are all gone. Who's next? Isaiah and Tyreke Evans are probably not being bought out. SVG needs firing if this team misses the playoffs.
  2. So, it looks like the Pistons are out on 3 buyouts thus far. According to reports, Belinelli to Sixers, Joe Johnson to Rockets, Derrick Rose to Minnesota or Washington. Any one of these 3 would've been a great pick up for the Pistons.
  3. You guys all act like Lou Williams is something more than a career 13 pt per game player. He's having a career year at the age of 31. Nobody, and I mean nobody was giving up a 1st rounder for an expiring Williams unless they had an extra 1st already available in their pocket, or were feeling desperately close to making it to the NBA finals. And, the Clippers saw this, which is why they re-signed him to a 3 year deal. Look at his history...Williams was part of a SEVEN players + a first round pick deal, for Chris Paul, just a few months ago. He doesn't all of sudden become worth a 1st rounder himself (at age 31). Prior to the Chris Paul deal, Williams was part of this deal (Williams + Lucas Nogueira for John Salmons + 2nd rd pick).
  4. He's going to be a 2-3 month rental. It's going to be tough to pry a 1st round pick out of that, certainly with no guarantees he'd re-sign.
  5. Do we have anything of value to get Lou Williams? I'm thinking Galloway and a 2nd round future pick? Williams is 31 and on an expiring contract. Probably the Clippers would want more, I guess? Man, with Lou Williams as the starting SG I'd love to see the Pistons make a playoff run. PG: Reggie Jackson SG: Lou Williams F: Stanley Johnson F: Blake Griffin C: Andre Drummond Not a bad starting five at all.
  6. Washington has won 3 in a row without John Wall. The last two wins against Oklahoma City and Toronto.
  7. That was a God awful game to watch as a Pistons fan, other than the curiosity of watching Griffin. The team was scuffling all night long and, without Griffin, they lose this game bad in the PG (pre-Griffin) era. The bench is GARBAGE. Several players who should be occupying seats 10-12 on an NBA bench are getting significant minutes with this team. (Moreland, Buycks, Reed, Galloway). We really need to see Reggie back to see what we have as a team. It looked as if important pieces to the lineup were out, but then I realized only Reggie is missing. I'm not ready to give up on Stanley Johnson, I think he has real potential, but SVG needs to put a leash on that kid...jacking up 3s like he's Steph Curry...but mostly missing, and taking shots at bad times with 10+ seconds left. And, yes, Gores was toasted. Didn't show up to his courtside seats until midway thru the 4th quarter, so was probably tossing back a few in the suite.
  8. The past few years the Clippers were a 50-55 win, 3-5ish seed, and an early 1st or 2nd round exit in the playoffs. Now, let's compare that squad to the current Pistons. The Clippers had a better Blake Griffin than we're getting, a DeAndre Jordan who is at least Drummond's equal, and Chris Paul - who is light years ahead of Reggie, when healthy. Plus, their supporting cast was better (and their coaching). So, I don't see how this makes the Pistons more than a mid-40s win team, at best. And, I feel the Clippers got the better of the deal by getting 2 starters for 1 (who is often injured). This does bring some excitement back to the Pistons...but, let's hope we're not getting a disgruntled Griffin. But, seriously, the Pistons' problem is point guard...this does not address that hole at all. And, they gave up their only real bargaining chips (Bradley, Harris) to get a PG.
  9. I got all excited when I found out Willis Reed was part of this deal, but now I read that it's Willie instead.
  10. I wish they would've done this silently and then see how many people would've noticed. The hat is instantly noticeable...the jersey I suspect hardly anybody would've noticed after the season started, until it became a story.
  11. Never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for Reggie Jackson to come back. Would've been interesting to see what their record would be had he not got hurt. I still want SVG fired, and this team is going nowhere, but I'd take a first round playoff exit and then a canning. But, I'm not sure Gores wouldn't keep him with a playoff berth.
  12. Has the OINO (Owner in Name Only) been to a game in Detroit the past 3 months? This absentee ownership has gotten us nowhere...time to fire SVG...four years and not a whiff of improvement. In fact, they seem worse off than before he was hired. His garbage 2nd quarter lineups are D-League stuff. Moreland and Bullock should never be on the floor together, absolute rubbish.
  13. My number 1 pick at this point is Vrabel. I would be fine with Patricia. I think we can assume Vrabel is not Quinn's #1, otherwise he'd be hired by now. If this lingers past this weekend and the Pats win and Vrabel is hired, then likely Patricia got word to Quinn that he wants the Giants job.
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