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  1. Oh how I love these backgrounds. Just a tip if blocked by work just email it to yourself and life is good
  2. I don't have the kegerator but always offer 3 to 4 types of beer at the 3M residents with sports on.
  3. Way to go Junior. I suppose he is a money hungry guy. He is 3rd highest on his team at $8.3 million. I mean the Yankees have 11 players making more then that, 4 Mets, 7 Tigers. Who's hurting a team payroll?
  4. just what I was thinking. I can't wait till rosters are released for the AFL have to catch some games on the weekends.
  5. i game for the Cardinals game. Yes I know it's in Az but hey that is where I live
  6. I'm not 100% sure on this but don't most of the tax payers money come from a hotel tax? If it does then it's not like the local tax payer is paying for the stadium. As for ticket prices my favorite seats at Copa have always been the $15 left field behind the bullpens. I would pay up to $20 a seat there maybe more depending on the size of the party. As for the players getting paid to much the quote goes "We screwed them for 75 years, they still have 50 years."
  7. never thought i would be happy seeing the sox winning but I'm a gitty geek.
  8. so those stupid looking football jersies will be gone after the 07 season. I hate those never bought one always waiting for them to go back. Hope they will now with a new company
  9. So I am just thinking out of the box. So why shouldn't the Ilitch family create their own network. They own the two most successful teams in Detroit sports history. The wife is the primary owner of a casino. Back to the two teams. Every large market baseball team has them and Detroit is a baseball town and was long before hockeytown. Each team is at a height of success that makes the demand high. The hockey team may be in struggles but then again any team in the NHL would trade to be the Red Wings. The Tigers are what would sell it. Baseball is the American sport. No salary cap and all the family worries about is a luxury tax. With the rich history of the Tigers and Wings and Detroit is a sports town this would be a success.
  10. Looks like Budweiser is going to another has been never was driver for the 08 season.
  11. Well my car will be getting more love this weekend as I listen to the game on XM while washing it. To bad I don't have XM in the house or that would get clean
  12. and i still have not washed my verlander jersey all season
  13. I'm not a fan of the stirups but like the knee high pants
  14. 3M

    5-07-07: Day off!

    So am I the only one that doesn't like 2 off days in 5 days?
  15. and what is worse for the south side is the north is at .500
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