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  1. ...and still couldn't hit southpaws.Let's face it, we got good "perceived" value for him at the time of the trade. Let's not forget about the salary issue with both Grandy and Edwin Jackson; I think that precipitated the trade in the first place.
  2. As I recall, the Tigers brass had Granderson projected as a potential #3 hitter when he matured physically. It seems that's indeed been the case.
  3. Bingo! However, I could cope a little better if AJax's outs were "productive" outs and not Ks with men on base. I'd have no problem seeing AJax at the bottom of the order for a spell. Too bad there's no room for Dirks at DH, he seems to be an offensive sparkplug.
  4. I agree with your assessment that it's too early to deem this Tigers team as toast -- too much talent with (ahem) track records. Who's to say V-Mart wouldn't have made a difference these last couple weeks? However, Rhymes is a one-position player, not a versatile utility player such as Santiago. His worth to a Major League team is thus limited. As one who stands a mere 5'6" on his toes, no one was rooting for the guy more than me! He's adept at doing all those little things that win ball games - sacrifice bunting, hitting behind the runner, stealing a base when needed - but he'll never be an offensive spark plug that AJax needs to be for this offense to go. I certainly hope he gets another shot...somewhere. I saw Sizemore play a lot during his late season call-up last year. He displayed fine power to rightfield and moved a lot better in the field than earlier. Broken ankles are a ***** (I know!) to come back from, often causing associated back problems because of over-compensating.
  5. Not having the foggiest idea how any players ranked on the Lions draft board, I was kinda hoping it would be CB Ras-I Dowling who somehow fell to us, but those pesky Pats stepped in and ruined it at the top of Round 2. Hell, I had reason to believe he might be there for us all the way down in Round 3! He might not have been an immediate starter since there are exploitable holes in his game, but his size at the position intrigues. As for the highly touted CB Brandon Harris out of Miami, I have to believe it was his comparatively diminutive size which led him to fall as far as he did. I would've had no qualm had the Lions taken Leshoure at #44 and hung on to their third and fourth-rounders...Titus Young's "stick of dynamite" or no. I'm always skeptical of WRs. Besides, I figured RB to be a bigger need, even bigger than LB. As Zack "The Pain Train" Follett once sagely opined, any linebacker can play behind that line. I'll give the Lions a solid B overall. The top three picks should contribute immediately from scrimmage, which is what you want to see.
  6. Barring any trade, I've gotta believe the team will make a strong pitch for Maggs to play RF, but only with a Johnny Damon-like one-year deal.
  7. Not with Inge signed for two years. Besides, with their losing V-Mart, the Bosux will have to pursue Beltran to save face with their fans. Unless you're saying Inge would be part of the deal, in which case the Tigers would have to save face.
  8. A travesty of an outrage of a sham.
  9. I thought it would be Dunn signed #1, now I think talk of Dunn is done. (Not that I know it for a fact.) I wouldn't want him for anything but DH. The next signing will be lower profile, though I wouldn't know who it might be.
  10. Scherzer seemed more effective later in the game when he smoothed out his delivery, slowing and sinking his fastball. I agree, if Galarraga proves to be effective Sunday, Scherzer may skip a start or two to "work it out", either in the bully or Toledo.
  11. I recall it being Leyland and infield coach Rafael Belliard.
  12. No doubt, it was hardly an artistic success, it certainly wasn't Toscanini conducting Beethoven's Ninth, but it was the most heart-pounding, nerve-wracking, edge-of-your-seat emotional roller coaster ride that any baseball fan would want to experience. It was like the difference between a multi-take studio recording and a spontaneously realized live performance -- appealing more to the emotions than one's sense of baseball intellect...YOWZA! The chances for second-guessing the managers' moves and player decisions were manifold. They also weren't up to speed on Maggs being pulled for Thomas in RF. Twice, and even on the graphic, they said/showed Maggs coming to bat when he was actually long gone from the game.
  13. Okay, my nerves were shot last night, but now that I've slept on it.... In addition to everything else that's been discussed elsewhere ad nauseum, something I've yet to read enough of is this Marsh guy umping at homeplate. I gave up trying to figure out his strike zone sometime in the middle of the game; it was the oddest strike zone I've seen all season! I'm sure it's not 100% accurate, but TBS's techno-gimmick clearly showed many of his strikes outside the area of the plate while a few of his balls were clearly inside the zone. I know, I know, but at least he was consistent throughout the game, right? -- WRONG! The hitters were so flummoxed by the strike zone that they didn't know what to think; Polanco and the Twins' Cabrera were good examples. I'm guessing it's a reason why Laird swung at ball four with the bases loaded and two outs -- when in doubt, swing. In all honesty, I thought Casilla was safe at the plate on Raburn's throw in the 10th -- BREAK TIGERS. Inge was definitely hit by the pitch with the bases loaded in the 12th -- BREAK TWINS. Now, enough about the umping. I won't rehash everything, but this was definitely a game for the ages! I'm second-guessing putting Rodney out there for his fourth inning of work; in fact, I was kinda shocked. We had Bonderman and perhaps even Verlander available to pitch an inning or two. Didn't know the status of Seay, but apparently he was still hurting. Throwing the rookie Perry out there with his on-again/off-again control would have tempted fate in this game. I was somewhat surprised when Porcello was pulled since he still had stuff; I'm also guessing he had yet to reach 100 pitches. This game will live in the memories of Tigers fans for at least a generation!
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