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  1. If they give up yards and points to GB and the Saints then they are like every other team in the league. No one stops them. Thats how Staff has to be in order to keep up with them. I thought they did enough during the Pats preseason game. We'll see.
  2. In this video the Lions are played by a sexy blonde. To me this is what last season gave us. For once they, are in good hands, and have a pulse.
  3. I just got back home for the first time in over 3 years... I already got White Castle's out of the way...YUM! I also toured the Roush Mustang Factory. Awesome people beefing up th5.0's... About to head downtown to prep for the Tigers vs A's.... Gonna pregame at Fishbones.... Anyone going to the game tonight?
  4. Stafford vows to play all 16 games | ProFootballTalk In two NFL seasons, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has played in 13 games, while missing 19 to injury. In 2011, Stafford insists, he’s going to play them all. “I’m going to play all 16,” Stafford told NFL.com. All I know is I hope can and if he doesn't that it's not because of another or reoccurring shoulder issue.
  5. NFL Ticket=Utopia:knocked::knocked:
  6. I have 3. One flown over the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Memorial at Eglin AFB given to me by my flight when I retired. (Sits in my shadow box) One flown over the U.S. Capitol, given to me by my Squadron. (Sits in closet) The third one went with me to Iraq/Afghanistan and a few other deployments throughout my career. It's 9' by 17' (feet). It's the only one I fly (hangs in front of my garage door) on all the normal Flag Flying days. Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, USAF Birthday, 9/11, and a few more. The first Saturday in May is always the EOD Memorial Ceremony. Unfortunately new names are added to the Memorial each year for all four branches. No Coasty EOD units.
  7. The back of my 08 427R wears it well.
  8. Here is my baby.... A Roush of Adrenaline Automo.to The daily driver is a 06 Scion XB, photo not included:nervous:
  9. Reminds me of Hearns v Hagler. My heart pumps faster everytime I watch that fight.
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