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  1. My opinion, it will be a candidate who's getting his first shot at the "Head Coach" position and is looking for a shot somewhere. No one has brought up Ron Rivera really. He's a fiery defensive mind that could whip some of these marshmallows into shape. I think he'd be a good fit.
  2. I wish McCoy were coming out this year because that would be the guy I wanted. Since he's not, I'd take Bradford hands down over Stafford any day. Bradford has just as strong an arm, but is more accurate. Stafford's more mobile, but Bradford seems to be a brighter guy listening to him in conversation. If I had to compare Bradford's game to some one by what I've seen, it would be a stronger armed version of Montana. Whether he lives up to such a comparison or not, I don't know. That's just who I see when I watch him play.
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