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  1. 1-verlander 2-scherzer 3-porcello 4-bonderman 5-oliver or galarraga oliver is pitching tomorrow?
  2. most don't. most managers make less than a million a year. there's a reason they're called managers instead of coaches. all they do is 'manage' the game. ...what makes leyland more valuable than most, if you're asking me, is his ability to handle all these huge egos...to get their respect...and to get them to do what he wants done. bonds, sheffield, pudge, miggy, etc. same with torre.
  3. i feel like i'm sort of beating a dead horse...but they talked about magglio, pudge, verlander, etc...more than they talked about leyand. and who got us those guys? (and who got leyland for that matter)
  4. i think that marketing players dombrowski has acquired...verlander, cabrera, zumaya, magglio, etc...pulls more weight than the managing prowess of jim leyland.
  5. how many more wins does a good manager get you than an average manager would every year? how many more wins does a good gm get you than an average gm would every year? i dont think its much of a question at all.
  6. i'd say that even chadd is worth twice as much to us as leyland. and i LOVE leyland.
  7. these guys are way, way underpaid. i did a little research, dombrowski, cashman and epstein are the highest paid, somewhere between 2-3 mil. joe torre makes like 4-5 mil/yr. a manager's importanct to a club doesn't even hold a candle to the gm's.
  8. 2 million, really? what are you basing that number on?
  9. probably not. and, the babe will get the same alcohol therapists miggy gets.
  10. here's how i think about this team...as far as comparing eras is concerned. imagine that you can bring back any player...as an infant. he will then be raised in today's world with all of its advantages...and disadvantages. better nutrition, supplementation, training, coaching...more diverse talent (african americans, latinos, asians, etc.)...but maybe a less overall talented portion of the population (nfl, nba, nhl, etc.). then make your picks.
  11. i've revised the original post. i think it's much, much better now. let me know what you think!
  12. give and take. those softer baseball's probably made it harder for him to put up the greatest offensive numbers of any short stop that has ever lived too, right?
  13. if he was born in the modern era...he would have gone through modern training, modern nutrition, modern supplementation...and he probably would have looked a lot more like a modern short-stop. no reason to hold things like that against older players. it's all about the talent.
  14. This is stupid. Do we really need to converge all of the trade deadline rumors into one thread!? Are there that many other important topics that NEED to be on the first page!? No. ...What's the latest on this deal? Who are the other prospects that we'd have to give up? IMO - Don't do it. Porcello's a future stud. Oliver looks good also. If Haren is so great, and he has three years left on his contract...why is Arizona in such a rush to move him!?
  15. i was hoping for the stat junkies to enlighten me on more, actually.
  16. very very good points. no time to do it now, but im going to take another look through the original post after i get out of work tomorrow.
  17. i knew it was sort of his thing...but not that he was 4th all time...for some reason i just sort of pictured not a lot of bases being stolen back in his day??
  18. ted williams has the highest on base percentage of all time. how is that not a table setter there in the two-hole!?
  19. congratulations. you changed my mind. i had no idea cobb stole so many bases. he's our new leadoff man.
  20. like i said...i was using ops+ as a measuring stick... mantle, 172 ops+, 6th best all-time. cobb, 168 ops+, 10th best all-time (joe jackson was 9th, but he wasn't a centerfielder, was he?) speaker, 157 ops+, 17th best all-time bonds, 181 ops+, 3rd best all-time. aaron, 155 ops+, 21st best all-time. piazza, 142 ops+, 61st best all-time (1st amongst catchers) tenace, 136 ops+, 98th best all-time (2nd amongst catchers) Fred Carroll, 135 ops+, 108th best all-time (3rd amongst catchers) Joe Mauer, 134 ops+, 116th best all-time (4th amongst catchers) dickey, 127 ops+, 202nd best all-time. berra, 125 ops+, 231st best all-time. ...don't shoot the messenger. fyi, i am going to believe the hype (partly because i hate mike piazza). josh gibson is my new starting catcher.
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