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  2. i'm hearing haren for turner and oliver now. i'd do it. verlander, haren, scherzer, porcello as a 1-4 will have us at the top of the division for the next 5 yrs.
  3. i start a discussion about a player we might be interested in trading for...and if anyone wants to see what's going on...they have to go through three pages of cat pictures. pathetic nerds.
  4. having one thread to cover ALL TRADE rumors (that is like 10+ pages long) on a board where there are about 30 threads on the front page is completely ridiculous, and i won't abide by this ridiculous standard.
  5. no need to waste my time responding to bitter posters with nothing better to do than start fights online. sorry.
  6. i've got to imagine that toronto wants to deal him this season...before he comes down to earth...and still has value. 10 days and counting. how low will they go? i'd love to add him for someone like wilkin, maybe throw in some other 'toolsy' prospects like iorg that we don't seem to be depending on any longer as well.
  7. it deserves its own thread imo. ...how much do thread police make a year?
  8. makes sense. he's started 62 games in right field this season, and 30 at third. .907 OPS, .241 BA, .358 OBP, .549 SLG, 26 HRs, 64 RBIs, 55 BBs, 73 SOs this season. i'm guessing we'd plug him in at third until inge gets back (and then maybe moving inge to short, or catcher?), have him hit somewhere between 5th and 7th in the lineup (might be able to take a little pressure off boesch that way) and then go with him as our starter at third next season.
  9. pitcher or left-side infielder sounds good in theory, but outside of beltre, who will be very hard to get, the reality of the situation isn't very bright.
  10. here is what my general problem has been with most of your responses...you seem to be proposing that we go with a lineup of this for next season: CF: Jackson 2B: Sizemore RF: Ordonez 1B: Cabrera LF: Boesch DH: Guillen 3B: Inge C: Avila SS: Santiago BC: ??? SS/2B: Worth 3B/CF: Kelly/Raburn 1B/LF: Streiby this is a team right now that has A LOT of offensive problems, and i don't think that sticking with the status quo is going to be enough without an ENORMOUS upgrade to the pitching staff (which is going to be hard as it sounds like the free agent market is even worse off there). i mean, sure, sizemore might rebound, and avila might improve...BUT...damon's not gonna be back, guillen's gonna be a year older, maggs is gonna be a year older, boesch is gonna come back to earth, miggy might even come back to earth to some extent, inge and santiago are starting to get up there in age as well. there needs to be a significant upgrade of some sort...and we have a ton of money to spend. i know that you seem to think the answer is trades, but please, just humor me here with a hypothetical - in the absence of trades (because this IS a free agency thread), how would you improve this lineup through free agency in the off-season? maybe you really don't think that anyone is better than avila, sizemore, inge or santiago...but still...you have all that money...is there anyone you would like to at least platoon them with?
  11. thank you. you say i contribute nothing to the board. but i looked up all the upcoming free agents at positions of interest and their stats, and posted it, in hopes of starting a discussion about who would or would not help us. i made some suggestions based on those numbers. i've never even pretended to be a baseball expert. i am a fan. i am an optimist. and i am always looking for ways to improve the team. i posted this list, and made some best guesses in hopes that people smarter than me would propose alternative suggestions. 99% of the responses, however, have just been criticisms, offering no alternative suggestions. that is stupid. even if you like avila, i believe that you (and most of your buddies) have acknowledged that we need to bring in a backup. who? does varitek fit that bill?
  12. 1) Dan Haren two years ago maybe. 2) if he thinks that there is no point in discussing free agents at this point in the season - which i disagree strongly with, and i'm sure dombrowski does as well, as i'm sure he's already very well aware of what free agents he's interested in - then he should either A) just say this is pointless because of so and so and leave, or B) just ignore the thread entirely. but he's a dick. so that's not what he did. he decided instead to turn it into a long pointless thread of personal attacks and internet-tough-guy-ness. so now, anyone actually interested in talking about free agents has to sift through 5 pages of back and forth name-calling.
  13. #1) Dan Haren is on the downside of his career. Dan Haren isn't what Dan Haren used to be. Dan Haren isn't what Turner is going to be. Dan Haren is much more expensive. Dan Haren is under contract for much less time. #2) Avila is playing because the next best catcher in our organization is Gerald Laird...not because ANYONE thinks he's any good. #3) I started a nice little thread for those who were interested in talking about potential free agents this summer. If you think that there is no point to looking at free agents at this point in the season...then why did you read the original post in the first place? why did you respond to it? why have you continued to respond to it? why will you continue to respond to it? why did you decide to muck it up and turn it into a pointless thread of personal attacks? answer - because you have nothing better to do. making fun of everyone elses suggestions (and not offering up any of your own, out of fear of being criticized yourself) is probably the only thing that makes you feel good about yourself. posts like this (those suggesting possible moves) is what people like you live for. really, i'm just glad that i was able to give you a reason to live today
  14. explain to me why the rays would trade a top notch short stop prospect for daniel schlereth?
  15. i'm just calling out a few jerks being jerks. if that's illegal, ban me. they criticize everyones ideas, and have none of their own. read through the thread again and tell me i'm a liar.
  16. look at the original post...there aren't really any realistic upgrades over santiago and inge at short and third available in free agency.
  17. i don't think avila is ever going to hit better than average for a starting al mlb catcher. i dont think our front office thinks so either (in case you forgot, take another look at how many catchers we drafted early this year). i think we should sign someone there that makes the last third of our batting order a little less pathetic, and use avila as our backup, until one of our new prospects emerges, a great trade opportunity arises, or a great free agency opportunity arises.
  18. further proving my point...you either have no ideas, or you are afraid to propose them because you know you'll get ripped. what a bitter coward.
  19. #1) I wouldn't trade Jacob Turner for Dan Haren straight up, let alone throw in our top big league-ready prospect in Streiby, a good young relief pitcher in Weinhardt, and a good young 6th or 7th starter in Galarraga. #2) I'm sure that the Mariners will love having "prospect package" on their team. Good idea. #3) I don't know much about Derrick Gibson, but he's only the 10th best red sox prospect according to BA, and you're suggesting that he'll take over for Santiago THIS season?? and that he'll be so much better than Santiago that it'll be worth giving up our second best offensive player?? i think you've been exposed.
  20. how does goofing off around the all-star break hurt anything?? what is the big problem with making some suggestions?
  21. look, pal. these are the facts. 1) we're going to have a ton of money to spend this off-season. 2) we have a ton of holes on this team. 3) i posted a list of all the upcoming free agents, along with their WAR, and OPS+ statistics. 4) i made some suggestions about who i think we might benefit from signing. 5) some other posters made suggestions about they thought we might benefit from signing. 6) you and your bash brother in internet-tough-guy-ness ripped apart everyone elses ideas, while offering no alternative suggestions. 7) i pushed you to present your own brilliant ideas, being the geniuses that you are. 8) you have none. there's a few of you internet-tough-guys on every single sports board. you rip apart everyones ideas. call them morons. beat your pets. etc. etc. etc. whatever it is that makes you feel better about yourself. BUT, when pressed, you have no ideas of your own...or you're just too afraid to present them, because you know that doing so will expose you as NOT knowing half as much as you pretend to. well played. impressive. i'm intimidated.
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