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  1. Hanley Hanley Hanley...imagine this team...where we spend about 65 mil of the 70 mil that's coming off the books... SP: Velander SP: *Lee (20mm) SP: Scherzer SP: Porcello SP: Bonderman/Galarraga/Oliver/Turner/Crosby CF: Jackson C: *Torreabla(10mm) SS: Ramirez(10mm) 1B: Cabrera DH: *Konerko(10mm) RF: Ordonez(10mm) 2B: Guillen LF: Boesch 3B: Inge(5mm) CL: Valverde SU: Zumya, Coke MR: Perry, Schlereth, Weinhardt LR: Bonine C: Avila SS: Santiago CF: Raburn UT: Streiby
  2. me too. it seems like we have enough prospects to make it work without giving up porcello if they're really looking to deal him.
  3. i could go for boesch and turner...but i still think that porcellos going to be a stud. i'd start packing together prospects before i gave in with him. ex - boesch, turner, and oliver/crosby/streiby...throw in someone else they like, fields maybe, idk?
  4. i would give it all up for hanley in the drop of a hat man, whoever they want. what do you think the price will be? would we be able to do it without giving up porcello?
  5. um, guillen. i'd say that the one who covers short and third the best has the best chance to beat out santiago for a bench spot.
  6. i've revised the original post...let me know what you think.
  7. let's talk about some of the basics first here... First, we are going to have about 70 mil coming off the books, but how much of that are we going to spend? I'm guessing about 50-60. Thoughts? Second, how much are some of these guys going to actually get? Lee? V-Mart? Dunn? Beltre? Crawford? etc.
  8. +1 sportz4life = the grinch who stole pipe dreams. lol, jk
  9. but would you rather have 4 good pitchers, or 4 good hitters? which are you more dependent on? i think that we seem to more or less agree about whatever it is we're talking about, lol. i'm just saying, if we're going to make a big splash, and match the big boys (yankees/bosox) on a big player, i think it should be on cliff lee as opposed to a victor martinez, adam dunn, adrian beltre, jason werth, etc.
  10. here's my point of view: right now, i feel like we have a chance to win in 3 out of every 5 games...those that verlander, scherzer, and porcello are pitching in. if we in with someone else on the mound, honestly, i'm surprised, i consider it a bonus. i don't feel the same way about miggy being in or out of the lineup. him being there gives us a better chance, obviously. but i dont feel like im going to be surprised if we win without him...or its a bonus. does that make sense at all?
  11. i also don't see NICK MARKAKIS listed anywhere as a free agent...could whoever brought that up please provide a link?
  12. I was away from the computer all day, but I just read all of your responses and have a few general thoughts... #1) I haven't put up the outfielders yet, but of all the potential free-agent additions mentioned (amongst hitters, at least), NONE excites me more than NICK MARKAKIS. I think that he is a legitimate SUPERSTAR hiding in the tall grass that is the Baltimore Orioles. It seems like there's much, much less hype about him than Martinez, Dunn, Crawford, Werth, etc...as well, so maybe he could be had for cheap. (p.s. - I wonder if HE was the surprise deal that we almost pulled at the deadline). #2) I also agree with Benke and others that now might be the time to pull out a big, big trade and clear out some top prospects. If we could get someone like Hanley Ramirez on this roster, I'd give them whatever they wanted. Turner, Boesch and a nice third prospect you like? No problem. #3) The comments about a pitching staff not being the most important thing to getting a world series ring - imo, are ridiculous. There is nothing in this game that is more important than starting pitching. Never has been. Never will be. I don't think that Verlander-Scherzer-Porcello-Lilly(or whatever mediocre free agent we sign)-Bonderman/Galarraga/Oliver is going to be good enough to get us there. If there is one place we should be considering signing someone to huge deal at, it's starting pitcher, and it's Cliff Lee.
  13. bc turner, crosby, and to a lesser extent, olive are all complete mysteries. all we know is that we have one great pitcher, two good pitchers and question marks. that doesn't spell world series to me.
  14. To be the #2 starter instead of the #4 (or whatever) starter in new york, less pressure, less media insanity, etc... Detroit is a s**t hole. The city of Detroit is a s**t hole. But the suburbs aren't. If you look it up, you'll find that the greater metro area still has two or three of the countries richest 30 or so neighborhoods. That's all these players have to care about.
  15. If there's ever been a year where we've had the potential to match them on a player, it's this year, and lee. here's the way i look at it. verlander-scherzer-porcello-oliver-turner/crosby...thats not a world series caliber rotation. verlander-lee(or someone else great)-scherzer-porcello-oliver/turner/crosby...that is a world series caliber rotation. aside from lee, there's no one i see on this free agent list that even comes CLOSE to taking our staff to that next level. we can either do what it takes to sign him, and match the yankees. or we can not have a good enough staff to win it all next season (making it POINTLESS). very simple choice. it's going to be hard to trade for someone that good without completely f-ing over our future (which i don't think we'll be willing to do).
  16. it's been a long, long time since we were even talking about potentially expecting to have enough money to go after THE top starting pitcher in free agency. it's exciting.
  17. 2011 Free Agency Thread: This thread’s purpose is to serve as a general discussion place for those interested in talking about potential 2011 free agent additions (as well as some potential trades, I guess). If you are not interested in talking about potential 2011 free agent additions at this time, please, just move on. First, before we get started with the off-season talks, let’s take a look at how our team would look at 100% right now: (* = 2011 free agent) 2010 Detroit Tigers (these stats are accurate as of 8-3-10): ROTATION: SP: 3.74, 12-6, Justin Verlander SP: 4.28, 7-8, Max Scherzer SP: 5.50, 4-9, Rick Porcello *SP: 5.05, 5-6, Jeremy Bonderman SP: 4.28, 3-3, Armando Galarraga…..7.36, 0-4, Andrew Oliver BULLPEN: CL: 2.54, 1-2, Jose Valverde SU: 2.58, 2-1, Joel Zumaya MR: 2.66, 6-2, Phil Coke MR: n/a Bobby Seay MR: 5.01, 2-4, Ryan Perry MR: 2.45, 0-0, Daniel Schlereth.....3.86, 1-1, Robbie Weinhardt.....3.06, 0-1, Enrique Gonzalez.....6.65, 0-1, Fu-Te Ni.....10.13, 0-0, Casey Fien LR: n/a, Zach Miner.....3.44, 4-1, Eddie Bonine.....4.30, 4-1, Brad Thomas..... 27.00, 0-0, Alfredo Figaro…..67.50, 0-0, Jay Sborz LINEUP: CF: .311, 1, Austin Jackson *DH: .278, 7, Johnny Damon *RF: .303, 12, Magglio Ordonez 1B: .348, 26, Miguel Cabrera LF: .287, 12, Brennan Boesch 2B: .280, 5, Carlos Guillen *SS: .253, 9, Jhonny Peralta *3B: .263, 6, Brandon Inge *C: .189, 3, Gerald Laird BENCH: BC: .207, 4, Alex Avila SS: .274, 2, Ramon Santiago…...255, 2, Danny Worth…...185, 0, Adam Everett CF: .210, 2, Ryan Raburn…..197, 1, Don Kelly…...222, 0 Casper Wells UT: .250, 2, Will Rhymes…...200, 0 Jeff Frazier…...205, 1, Scott Sizemore There are six free agents of note on the current roster, and one potential IR of note, so let’s address these, position by position (for the record, I am using this website’s list of free agents as a reference – http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2009/09/2011-mlb-free-agents.html) Remember, there is going to be about $70 million coming off the books this off-season: #1 – SP (Jeremy Bonderman): …Here is a list of the 2011 Free Agent Starting Pitchers organized in order of lowest E.R.A., with record being used as a tie breaker (these stats are accurate as on 7-31-10): 0.0, 1-1, Chris Young (32) - $8.5MM club option 2.40, 9-4, Cliff Lee (32) 2.88, 11-2, Andy Pettitte (39) 2.89, 2-1, Justin Duchscherer (33) 3.10, 8-6, Brett Myers (30) - $8MM mutual option with a $2MM buyout 3.21, 13-6, Carl Pavano (35) 3.22, 7-7, Livan Hernandez (36) 3.23, 3-4, Brad Penny (33) 3.47, 4-3, Vicente Padilla (33) 3.53, 8-9, Hiroki Kuroda (36) 3.56, 9-7, Jon Garland (31) - $6.75MM mutual option with a $600K buyout 3.69, 3-8, Ted Lilly (35) 3.73, 0-2, Sergio Mitre (30) 3.75, 5-3, Jose Contreras (39) 2.76, 1-2, Koji Uehara (36) 4.14, 11-6, Bronson Arroyo (34) - $11MM club option with a $2MM buyout 4.44, 4-3, Jeff Francis (29) - $7MM club option 4.53, 4-9, Ben Sheets (32) 4.55, 5-9, Dave Bush (31) 4.61, 9-7, Javier Vazquez (34) 5.62, 2-3, Dontrelle Willis (29) 4.65, 6-7, Jake Westbrook (33) 4.68, 5-9, Rodrigo Lopez (35) 4.73, 10-4, Freddy Garcia (35) 4.84, 9-9, Jamie Moyer (48) 4.92, 1-4, Brian Moehler (39) 5.02, 6-7, Aaron Harang (33) - $12.75MM club option with a $2MM buyout *5.05, 5-6, Jeremy Bonderman (28) 5.06, 7-6, Kevin Correia (30) 5.14, 1-1, Kris Benson (35) 5.15, 3-3, Jorge De La Rosa (30) 5.22, 3-3, Rich Harden (29) - $11MM mutual option with $1MM buyout 5.47, 6-8, Nate Robertson (33) 5.52, 3-5, Todd Wellemeyer (32) 5.72, 0-6, Jeff Suppan (36) - $12.75MM club option with a $2MM buyout 5.96, 2-10, Kevin Millwood (36) 6.54, 0-3, Chad Gaudin (28) 7.51, 1-4, Doug Davis (35) - $6.5MM mutual option with a $1MM buyout n/a, Erik Bedard (32) - $8MM mutual option n/a, Shawn Estes (38) n/a, Josh Fogg (34) n/a, Jason Jennings (32) n/a, Tim Redding (33) n/a, Brett Tomko (38) n/a, Brandon Webb (32) n/a, Kip Wells (34) ...if there's one position where we should overspend and match the big market boys, it's this one. theres nothing more important in this game than starting pitching. imagine a rotation of verlander, lee, scherzer, porcello and galarraga/oliver/turner. thats a staff that could carry us to a world series. if we can't get lee, there are some other nice options for fourth starters i guess. most are either very old or very injury prone though. the best of the rest imo include names like pettitte and pavano. i guess we'll see how it plays out. #2 – DH/2B (Johnny Damon…Carlos Guillen to DH?): …Here is a list of the 2011 Free Agent Second Basemen, Designated Hitters, and First Basemen (which we’d be looking at as DH’s) organized in order of highest B.A., with H.R.’s being used as a tie breaker (these stats are accurate for second basemen as of 8-1-10, for first basemen as of 8-1-10, and for designated hitters as of 8-3-10): (1B).367, 4, Wilson Betemit (29) (2B).339, 2, Omar Infante (29) - $2.5MM club option with a $250K buyout (1B/DH).310, 20, Aubrey Huff (34) (2B).306, 0, Aaron Miles (34) (DH).305, 21, Vladimir Guerrero (36) - $9MM mutual option with possible $1MM buyout (1B).300, 25, Paul Konerko (35) (1B).299, 24, Albert Pujols (31) - $16MM club option with a $5MM buyout (2B).285, 4, Orlando Hudson (33) (2B).279, 1, David Eckstein (36) (DH).278, 3, Jason Giambi (40) (1B).276, 24, Adam Dunn (31) (1B).275, 8, Eric Hinske (33) (2B).266, 6, Felipe Lopez (31) (2B).265, 2, Adam Kennedy (35) - $2MM club option (DH).263, 6, Mike Sweeney (37) (2B).263, 2, Mark Ellis (34) - $6MM club option with a $500K buyout (DH).262, 13, Jason Kubel (29) - $5.25MM club option with a $350K buyout (DH).261, 22, David Ortiz (35) - $12.5MM club option (1B).261, 10, Jorge Cantu (29) (2B).259, 15, Juan Uribe (31) (1B).259, 13, Russell Branyan (35) - $5MM mutual option (2B).259, 0, Julio Lugo (35) (1B).254, 16, Ty Wigginton (33) (1B/DH).254, 1, Hank Blalock (30) (1B).252, 3, Wes Helms (35) (1B).253, 14, Adam LaRoche (31) - $7.5MM mutual option with a $1.5MM buyout (DH).253, 13, Jim Thome (40) (DH).251, 14, Hideki Matsui (37) (1B).251, 12, Lyle Overbay (34) (2B).251, 1, Nick Punto (33) - $5MM club option with a $500K buyout (1B).250, 0, Chad Tracy (31) (1B).246, 12, Derrek Lee (35) (1B).244, 14, Troy Glaus (34) (DH).244, 8, Pat Burrell (34) (1B).242, 13, Lance Berkman (35) - $15MM club option with a $2MM buyout (2B).237, 2, Willie Bloomquist (33) (2B).231, 1, Craig Counsell (40) (1B).214, 1, Garrett Atkins (31) - $8.5MM club option with a $500K buyout (2B).213, 2, Ronnie Belliard (36) (1B).212, 23, Carlos Pena (33) (1B).208, 1, Mike Jacobs (30) (2B).205, 0, Alex Cora (35) - $2MM option vests with 80 games (DH).190, 2, Matt Stairs (43) (1B).185, 2, Fernando Tatis (36) (2B).182, 2, Akinori Iwamura (32) (1B).167, 2, Nick Johnson (32) - $5.5MM mutual option with a $250K buyout (1B).160, 0, Frank Catalanotto (37) (2B).141, 0, Kaz Matsui (35) (1B)n/a, Doug Mientkiewicz (37) (1B)n/a, Kevin Millar (39) (2B)n/a, Ramon Vazquez (34) ...the question here is this, what makes us better, an improvement at second base, or a nice new bat? itd be nice to bring back the new-look infante, but his option will probably be picked up. the next best option is stealing o-dog from the twins. but, i think that we'd improve more overall by keeping guillen at second (where he's improving), and adding a big time bat. dunn doesnt really interest me all that much honestly. hes going to get way more than he should anyways. if i was dd, id be targeting bargain veterans guerrero, konerko, manny ramirez (who is listed as an OF below) and maybe even huff. #3 – RF/LF (Magglio Ordonez…Brennan Boesch to RF?): …Here is a list of the 2011 Free Agent Right Fielders, Left Fielders, and Center Fielders organized in order of highest B.A., with H.R.’s being used as a tie breaker (these stats are accurate for left fielders as of 8-2-10, for center fielders as of 8-3-10, and for right fielders as of 8-3-10): (LF).318, 5, David DeJesus (31) - $6MM club option with a $500K buyout (LF).317, 8, Manny Ramirez (39) (LF).309, 12, Carl Crawford (29) *(RF).303, 12, Magglio Ordonez (37) - $15MM club option vests with 135 starts or 540 plate appearances in 2010 (CF).302, 5, Scott Podsednik (35) - $2MM club option with a $100K buyout, can be voided with 525 PAs (LF).302, 3, Marcus Thames (34) (RF).297, 15, Jayson Werth (32) (LF/CF).291, 0, Reed Johnson (34) (CF).289, 8, Jim Edmonds (41) *(LF).281, 7, Johnny Damon (37) (CF).273, 6, Corey Patterson (31) (CF).273, 2, Endy Chavez (33) (LF).268, 13, Jonny Gomes (30) (RF).271, 8, Eric Hinske (33) (RF).270, 8, Austin Kearns (31) (LF/CF).264, 7, Jason Michaels (35) (CF).263, 4, Rick Ankiel (31) - $6MM mutual option with a $500K buyout (LF).262, 13, Jason Kubel (29) - $5.25MM club option with a $350K buyout (RF).260, 16, Jose Guillen (35) (RF).258, 7, Brad Hawpe (32) - $10MM club option with a $500K buyout (LF/CF).251, 7, Jerry Hairston Jr. (35) (CF).246, 3, Coco Crisp (31) - $5.75MM option with a $575K buyout (LF).239, 3, Randy Winn (37) (RF).238, 3, Randy Winn (37) (RF).236, 1, Gabe Gross (31) (CF/RF).235, 2, Willie Bloomquist (33) (RF).221, 4, Xavier Nady (32) (CF).217, 6, Mark Kotsay (35) (RF).212, 2, Gabe Kapler (35) (CF).204, 15, Andruw Jones (34) (CF).200, 0, Willy Taveras (29) (CF).197, 2, Jody Gerut (33) (LF/CF).189, 5, Willie Harris (33) (LF).185, 2, Fernando Tatis (36) (LF).184, 2, Garret Anderson (39) (LF)n/a, Jacque Jones (36) (CF)n/aAlfredo Amezaga (33) ...i'm guessing that the big names here, crawford and werth, are going to get way more than theyre worth. resigning magglio makes more sense to me. if he's being reasonable, and agrees to a short, relatively cheapish contract, i'd love to have him back. if not, then its probably on to secondary options like dejesus, podsednick and damon. #4 – 3B (Brandon Inge): …Here is a list of the 2011 Free Agent Third Basemen organized in order of highest B.A., with H.R.’s being used as a tie breaker (these stats are accurate as of 8-1-10): .367, 4, Wilson Betemit (29) .332, 17, Adrian Beltre (32) - $5MM player option with a $1MM buyout. Option reaches $10MM with 640 PAs in 2010. .282, 2, Melvin Mora (39) .267, 7, Miguel Tejada (37) *.263, 6, Brandon Inge (34) .261, 10, Jorge Cantu (29) .259, 15, Juan Uribe (31) .254, 16, Ty Wigginton (33) .252, 3, Wes Helms (35) .251, 7, Jerry Hairston Jr. (35) *.249, 9, Jhonny Peralta (29) - $7MM club option with a $250K buyout .241, 0, Geoff Blum (38) - $1.65MM mutual option .236, 6, Jose Lopez (27) - $5MM club option with a $250K buyout .235, 11, Bill Hall (31) - $9.25MM club option with a $500K buyout .234, 1, Eric Chavez (33) - $12.5MM club option with a $3MM buyout .231, 1, Craig Counsell (40) .222, 15, Aramis Ramirez (33) - $14.6MM player option .215, 4, Pedro Feliz (36) .214, 1, Garrett Atkins (31) - $8.5MM club option with a $500K buyout .213, 2, Mike Lowell (37) .121, 0, Robb Quinlan (34) n/a, Ramon Vazquez (34) ...id like to steal beltre from the bosox, but its not going to happen. they won't lose their best hitter on the count of money coming off of a dissapointing season. wiggintons having a great year, but its abnormal, and his defense is bad. our best bet here is probably resigning inge, as much as i don't want to. #5 – SS (Jhonny Peralta): …Here is a list of the 2011 Free Agent Short Stops organized in order of highest B.A., with H.R.’s being used as a tie breaker (these stats are accurate as of 8-1-10): .285, 2, Edgar Renteria (35) - $10.5MM club option with a $500K buyout .285, 1, Omar Vizquel (44) .281, 7, Jose Reyes (28) - $11MM club option with a $500K buyout .276, 2, Cristian Guzman (33) .274, 9, Derek Jeter (37) .265, 7, Miguel Tejada (37) .261, 3, Orlando Cabrera (36) - $4MM mutual option with a $500K-$1MM buyout .259, 18, Alex Gonzalez (33) - $2.5MM club option .259, 15, Juan Uribe (31) .258, 0, Julio Lugo (35) *.252, 9, Jhonny Peralta (29) - $7MM club option with a $250K buyout .251, 7, Jerry Hairston Jr. (35) .251, 1, Nick Punto (33) - $5MM club option with a $500K buyout .244, 1, Cesar Izturis (31) .231, 1, Craig Counsell (40) .223, 1, Bobby Crosby (31) .205, 0, Alex Cora (35) - $2MM option vests with 80 games .198, 0, Juan Castro (39) *.185, 0, Adam Everett (34) n/a, Alfredo Amezaga (33) n/a, Khalil Greene (31) ...this is a position that we need to upgrade, but the options are slim. reyes won't hit the market. jeter won't leave new york. gonzalez probably won't hit the market. and most of these other guys aren't even short stops anymore. this is a position where i think we should explore trades. stephen drew wouldn't be a terrible deal. if no trades come to fruition, i guess we go with peralta. #6 – C (Gerald Laird): …Here is a list of the 2011 Free Agent Catchers organized in order of highest B.A., with H.R.’s being used as a tie breaker (these stats are accurate as of 8-1-10): .327, 5, Ramon Castro (35) - club option .315, 2, Yorvit Torrealba (32) - $3.5MM mutual option with a $500K buyout .306, 13, Miguel Olivo (32) - $2.5MM club option with a $500K buyout .300, 0, Brad Ausmus (42) - mutual option for $1MM with a $150K buyout .292, 9, Victor Martinez (32) .288, 4, Ramon Hernandez (35) - option vests with 120 games played .287, 4, Jose Molina (36) - $1.2MM club option .279, 14, John Buck (30) .265, 2, Gregg Zaun (40) - $2.25MM club option with a $250K buyout .263, 7, Jason Varitek (39) .261, 2, Henry Blanco (39) .243, 5, Bengie Molina (36) .237, 6, A.J. Pierzynski (34) .235, 2, Josh Bard (33) .228, 12, Rod Barajas (35) .206, 0, Mike Redmond (40) .204, 2, Jason LaRue (37) *.182, 3, Gerald Laird (31) .182, 0, Chad Moeller (36) n/a, Raul Chavez (38) n.a, Toby Hall (35) n/a, Mike Rivera (34) ...this is a position that we've got to upgrade. lairds terrible, and getting worse. i don't think avila is the catcher of our future. it'd be nice to steal v-mart from the bosox, but that's going to be hard to do. they won't be penny-pinching after a third place season. so, realistically, i'd like to see us go after buck. he's having a career year, sure, but he's always had some pop in that bat. i wouldn't mind overpaying a little bit. if that doesn't work out, maybe torreabla? #7 – SU (Joel Zumaya…IR?) …Here is a list of the 2011 Free Agent Relief Pitchers organized in order of lowest E.R.A., with record being used as a tie breaker: ...This is a hard position to cover because there are so, so many free agent relief pitchers. I'll probably get around to it eventually, but for now - hopefully zumaya recovers. hopefully. but i am not going to hold my breath. if he doesn't, and we have some leftover money, maybe we'll be able to get a decent replacement. if we don't have enough money, i'm not overly concerned. coke is a solid enough set-up man, and we've got a ton of good young arms in this system...perry, schlereth, weinhardt, satterwhite, this new 1st rd. pick etc. i'd probably just go with what we have here for now, and then keep my eyes open during the season for trade possibilities. Blueadams' Dream 2011 Detroit Tigers: #1) Sign SP Lee - 20 mil #2) Sign C Buck - 10 mil #3) Resign 3B Inge - 5 mil #4) Trade for a SS (Drew?) - 10 mil #5) Resign RF Ordonez - 10 mil #6) Sign DH Guerrero - 10 mil These numbers are very very inaccurate, lol, but itd be somewhere in the ball park of 65 mil, which isn't completely unrealistic. SP: Verlander SP: Lee SP: Scherzer SP: Porcello SP: Galarraga/Oliver/Turner CL: Valverde SU: Zumaya? MR: Coke MR: Perry MR: Schlereth MR: Weinhardt LR: Bonine CF: Jackson SS: Drew DH: Guerrero 1B: Cabrera RF: Ordonez C: Buck 2B: Guillen LF: Boesch 3B: Inge C: Avila SS: Santiago CF: Raburn UT: Streiby
  18. I read that the white sox are "closing in" on Edwin Jackson as the trade deadline approaches, and it made me wonder... Link - Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox active as trade deadline approaches | MLive.com He's struggled. It seems like we could get him without giving up a top prospect. He was incredible, incredible, in the first half last season, maybe Knapp thinks he could get him going again!? He's young, he'd be a part of our future. Thoughts? I personally like this idea more than going after Lilly, at least.
  19. I for one, approve of this move. #1) It didn't cost us much, at all. (ala, didn't mortgage our future to compete now) #2) It makes sense. It's one of those...we're not selling...we're still competing...please don't stop coming to games move. #3) If Peralta stinks, we don't have to pick up his option. If he doesn't stink, we can pick up his reasonable option. He could play 3rd, maybe 2nd for us next season...or give us a nice all-purpose infielder off the bench for next season.
  20. Report: More than half of Ford Field, Joe Louis, Comerica Park vendors cited for health violations | MLive.com
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