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  1. let's please ignore this sam guy for the moment and bring focus back to the original post. #1) i was being really, really broad with the dollar figures, so let's not nit-pick there. i intentionally exaggerated some and low balled others so that the total dollar figure would be somewhat accurate. #2) trade, for a front-line starting pitcher, thoughts? maybe it won't be someone of greinke's caliber, but a turner/oliver/streiby is most definitely enough to get us a potential top three starter. any other ideas? wouldn't you rather have another one of those as opposed to hanley ramirez (which probably costs us porcello as well)? #3) buck at catcher, thoughts? v-mart's not going to leave boston. torreabla is starting to slip back into regular form. ramon hernandez might be a nice option? but i'd prefer to have someone that's going to, at the very least, give us power at a position where there isn't much of it to go around for the next 3-4 yrs. #4) dh options. i'd really like to steal konerko, but it might be hard to steal him from chicago. i really like vlad as a backup option, but again, the rangers new ownership group might be willing to spend. at the very least i think we can get luke scott. take a look at his numbers if you haven't already. hitting right around .300 with 24 or so homers i think. #5) of options. why does everyone think that magglio is absolutely done with the tigers? he looked like he was back in stride all season. his injury wasn't that serious, was it? and he's not going to get THAT big of a salary, is he? i'd certainly rather have him than spending big on werth. ...and crawford, i'm well aware that he's a better player than podsednik at the top of the order. you don't need to argue with me on that (so, please, stop). the question is whether or not he is 15 mil/season and for probably 5 more yrs than podsednik. i think not. you? #6) sp options. no one's even commented on pavano. i think that'd be a really great bargain signing. thoughts? #7) ss/3b. does anyone see a better combination than peralta/santiago/inge out there on the free agent market, because i don't, and i'm not happy about that.
  2. as i remember, he was also regarded as one of the best lead off men in baseball before having a little slump leading up to the last two seasons. and, his wife is like sports illustrated cover hot. how bad could he really be?
  3. the only stats i really care about at the 1 or 2 spot are...in order...on base %, stolen bases. doubles and triples are nice, but if you can get on base for the 3-4 hitters to knock you in, and you've got the speed to run the bags, i'm pleased. i wouldn't pay 15 mil extra for those extra doubles and triples at least.
  4. why's everyone so down on podsednik? podsednik ---> .302 ba, .349 obp, 34 sb, 5 hr. crawford ----> .297 ba, .349 obp, 41 sb, 14 hr. for 15 mil less a season, i'll take podsednik
  5. SIGNINGS: 1) *trade - Greinke? - 10 mil? 2) Konerko - 7.5 mil? 3) Buck - 5 mil? 4) Ordonez - 5 mil? 5) Pavano - 5 mil? 6) Podsednik - 5 mil? 7) Inge - 5 mil? 8) Peralta - 5 mil? (i can't remember what his exact option is) ...it sounds like we're going to have about 60-70 mil coming off the books, and this plan would be about an additional 50-60 mil, so i don't think that it's at all unrealistic. EXPLANATIONS: catcher - i'd love to get vmart, but it's going to be tough to steal him from the red sox coming off a bad season. the next best option, imo, is john buck. i know that he's not a great defensive catcher...but i think that plus defense at that position is sort of overrated. and i know that he's having a career-year average wise, but he's always had power, and it'd be nice to have someone with power behind the plate again (mickey tettleton?). if we really think that avila is our catcher of the future (barf), than ramon hernandez might be a wise cheap signing. third base - i'd love to steal beltre, but again, it's going to be tough to steal him from the red sox coming off a bad season. unfortunately, there aren't a lot of great options left after him. it'd be great to steal infante back here (as it would at second or short as well), but the braves have an option on him, and i don't see them passing on it. betemit is putting up an outstanding average in kansas city, but in limited at bats. vizquel is having another solid season in chicago, but he'll probably retire, right? inge is probably our best option here. short stop - i'd love to steal reyes or jeter here, but, reyes has a team option and jeter's not leaving, so, moving on. again, the options are slim here. renteria's probably the best one out there, and i don't see us doing that again. so, again, our best option here is probably peralta/santiago. lots of people are talking about trading for hanley on the board, but personally, i'd rather see us use those assets on a front line starting pitcher. left/right fielder - personally, i think that crawford and werth are both overrated. if it's speed at the top of the order we want, i'd rather go cheaper with podsednik. if it's a bat in the middle of the order we want, i'd rather go cheaper with magglio. if boesch continues to tail-spin...which seems to be the case...i'd like to see us go after both. designated hitter - one option here is moving guillen to dh and adding a better second basemen. but, i think we'd be better off with guillen at second and a nice new bat at dh. the best option here is konerko. he's putting up mvp-like numbers and would be a real steal at 35. it'd also be nice to steal a rivals' best bat. if we can't get him, i'd love to see us go after guerrero. if we can't get him, watch out, because luke scott's a free agent, he's having a tremendous season, and we've always been interested in him. second base - guillen's probably the guy here, but he's so injury prone. it might be a good idea to release him and steal hudson from the twins. but for now, i'll just assume that we're going with him, santiago, and rhymes/sizemore at second. pitching - it sounds like the big dogs will all be out in full force to get lee...so...whatever, moving on. the best of the rest, i think, is pavano. he's really showing signs of having a second wind this season. last i checked his WAR was like 3rd or 4th amongst AL pitchers. kenny rogers part two. i think we've got enough mlb-ready prospects in the bullpen to not need to add anyone significant in the bullpen (at least in the off-season), regardless of zumaya's status. trades - i'd much rather see us use the assets we're talking about giving up to get hanley on a front-line starting pitcher like josh johnson, or maybe more realistically, on zack greinke. i think we could get him without giving up porcello. maybe something like turner + boesch/oliver/streiby + ???'s. i'd do it. LINEUP: LF: *Podsednik (L) CF: Jackson ® RF: Ordonez ® 1B: Cabrera ® DH: *Konerko ® C: *Buck ® 2B: Guillen (S) SS: Peralta ® 3B: Inge ® BENCH: BC: Avila (L) SS: Santiago (S) CF: Raburn ® UT: Boesch (L) ROTATION: SP: Verlander SP: *Greinke SP: Scherzer SP: Porcello SP: *Pavano BULLPEN: CL: Valverde ® SU: (?) Zumaya ® SU: Coke (L) MR: Perry ® MR: Schlereth (L) MR: Weinhardt ® LR: Bonine ®
  6. i'd rather see us trade for greinke, or josh johnson
  7. future looks good, for the most part C: Brantly...Avila 1B: Cabrera 2B: Sizemore 3B: Castellanos SS: Nunez LF: Vasquez...Fields CF: Jackson RF: Boesch DH: Streiby SP: Verlander SP: Scherzer SP: Porcello SP: Turner SP: Oliver...Crosby...Smyly CL: Zumaya? SU: Perry SU: Schlereth MR: Ruffin...Weinhardt...Furbush
  8. longoria, street, and lee look pretty good in my 2013 lineup card
  9. i disagree. i think that if you lure the scouts with the best reputations in the league away from their current teams with higher salaries, you will no doubt improve your level of scouting.
  10. the highest paid general manager in the game is dombrowski/epstein/cashman at about 2 mil. im guessing that chadd...who some would consider the best scouting director in the game...gets about 500k. and idk about knapp or mcclendon, but leyland gets paid more than both, and he gets paid less than 1mm. in a perfect world...i think the pay scale should go something like... #1) gm #2) scouting director/top assistants. #3) hitting/pitching coaches #4) managers #5) fielding/baserunning/etc. coaches.
  11. scouting directors and hitting/pitching coaches are grossly underpaid. i'd just be the first to pay them what they're actually worth!
  12. here's mine... #1) Even if I thought that I was the greatest scout on the planet, I would spend at least twice as much on my scouting department as the next highest paying team in MLB did. It seems simple to me...what gets you more bang for your buck? - Mark Texiera, or the best scouting department in the league. I might even see if I can steal 3 or 4 of the best scouting directors in the game and get them together on one staff. For reasons that I'll explain below, I'd also have most of my position player scouts in the majors, and most of my pitching scouts in high school and college. #2) In the draft, I'd focus almost exclusively on pitchers. In my opinion, it's almost impossible to project hitters. #1 - so much of being a good hitter at the major league level is mental (ala, general intelligence). #2 - no high school or college hitter, regardless of physical attributes, has ever gone up against major league level pitching. But for a pitcher, again, in my opinion, good stuff is good stuff. If it's fast enough, if it moves enough, if it's deceptive enough, it's good enough, at any level. Hitters must respond to pitchers, not the other way around. That's the way I see it at least. The hardest thing to do with pitchers seems to be projecting wear and tear...and I don't know how major league clubs address this...but I wouldn't be afraid to spend extra money on some of the world's leading orthopedic surgeons/kinesiology experts. I'd also most definitely go with the David Dombrowski approach of going way over slot price to get the top prospects in each round. #3) In free agency, trades, I'd focus almost exclusively on position players. It seems like every year there are good, proven, veteran hitters available for reasonable prices in free agency. And really, what does a world series caliber lineup need!? #1 - 2-3 elite hitters for the 3-5 spots. It's hard to acquire these guys via free agency. But with the approach I mentioned above, I'm guessing that I'd have a surplus of pitching prospects...and you can never have enough of those guys. I might be able to pull a Miggy and/or Hanley-like trade. Then I'd maybe splurge and sign one elite hitter. #2 - a couple of great obp/speed guys for the 1-2 spots. These guys, in my opinion, aren't that hard to find at reasonable prices in free agency. #3 - four plus defenders/decent hitters for the 6-9 spots. These guys, in my opinion, also aren't that hard to find at reasonable prices in free agency. #4) Coaches. I'd spend the real money here on having the best hitting and pitching coaches at all levels. I think that's where the real importance of coaching comes into play in baseball. Infield/Outfield/Baserunning/etc. coaches - I don't think that the best guy gives you much more wins than the 30th best guy. And as far as managers are concerned, these guys just aren't as important as hitting or pitching coaches. You're basically looking for babysitters. Someone that the players respect. Someone that can get 100% effort out of his team. Someone that knows the game well enough to make the right managerial decisions throughout the course of the game, etc. thoughts? yours?
  13. #1) Greinke - I don't think it would take much more than Turner and Oliver to get him. He's not a Miggy or Hanley-level player right now. Last season, yes. This season, no. But still, I think he's got a lot of talent, and if he's available, I'd love to have him...but only if Josh Johnson's NOT available. #2) Crawford - I'd really like to see us add him. This team needs speed at the top of the order, and bad. It needs people that can get on base at a high rate, and then get themselves into scoring position. Jackson's got some potential in those regards, but still, it's better to have two of those kind of guys instead of one ahead of a bat like Miggy's. Plus, he's a great, great left-fielder. #3) Beltre - People on this board seem to have some strange misconceptions about Beltre. #1) He's not that old. He's 31. Inge is 34. #2) He's an elite, elite defender at third base, better than Inge, and he's probably going to be for a long time to come. #3) I know that his numbers are outrageous right now --- he's probably the best offensive third baseman in baseball at this moment --- and they're going to come back to earth...but still...he's always been a pretty decent hitter. It'll be tough to steal him from the red sox...but man...imagine, that defense penciled in at the hot corner, and the bat penciled into the lineup for the next 5 yrs. I love it. #4) Konerko - In case you haven't, take a look at his stats. He's having an incredible, incredible season. His OPS+ is right up there with the biggest power names in the game. I'd absolutely love to have him DH-ing for us and hitting third. And it'd be nice to steal our rival's best bat as well. He's going to be a great bargain at his age as well! #5) Pavano - Again, in case you haven't, take a look at his stats. He's third in the AL amonst starting pitchers in WAR. I think that he'd be a real bargain at his age as well. Maybe Kenny Rogers part two? It'd also be nice to steal one of our rival's best pitchers. #6) Torreabla - His WAR is by far the highest amongst the catchers that are going to be available via free agency (including V-Mart). His power numbers aren't that great, but his average right now is jaw-dropping. I'd like to have a catcher with a contact bat like his. His defense isn't terrible either. Shouldn't cost us too much. Avila's not the answer. #7) Drew - I think that we should blow our load on a pitcher, not a short-stop, so our trade options will be limited. He shouldn't cost much at all.
  14. BLUEADAM'S PERFECT OFFSEASON: #1) Trade for Zach Greinke (Turner & Oliver?) #2) Sign Carl Crawford. #3) Sign Adrian Beltre. #4) Sign Paul Konerko. #5) Sign Carl Pavano. #6) Sign Yorvit Torreabla #7) Trade for Stephen Drew (Fields & ???) ...There's going to be about 70 million coming off the books: #1) New Pitcher? - 10 mil? #2) Crawford - 15 mil? #3) Beltre - 10 mil? #4) Konerko - 10 mil? #5) Pavano - 10 mil? #6) Torreabla - 5 mil? #7) New Shortstop? - 5 mil? That'd be about 65 million going onto the books. 1) CF: Jackson ® 2) LF: Crawford (L) 3) DH: Konerko ® 4) 1B: Cabrera ® 5) 3B: Beltre ® 6) RF: Boesch (L) 7) C: Torreabla ® 8) 2B: Guillen (S) 9) SS: Drew (L) *once guillen gets hurt: 8) SS: Drew (L) 9) 2B: Sizemore ® BC: Avila (L) SS: Santiago (S) CF: Raburn ® UT: Streiby ® SP: Verlander ® SP: Greinke ® SP: Scherzer ® SP: Pavano ® SP: Porcello ® CL: Valverde ® SU: (?)Zumaya ® SU: Coke (L) MR: Perry ® MR: Schlereth (L) MR: Weinhardt ®...or...Furbush (L) (...in case Zumaya is on the IR) LR: Bonine ®
  15. if we're going to ask for a young pitcher as well, why don't we just really sell out and try to get josh johnson? lol
  16. How about this for Hanley... Porcello and Oliver or Crosby (plus fillers) It cost us two great prospects to get two GREAT young players from the Marlins last time around (and yes, D-Train was still considered great at that time). Now we're just talking about getting one great player...and one that's not as great right now as miggy was then (imo). Our top two prospects now aren't rated as high as they were then, but we're only asking for one guy back. It's not impossible.
  17. is anyone interested in bringing huff back at 3rd...or at moving miggy back there?
  18. i was purposely really exaggerating all the salaries to stay on the safe side.
  19. what would it take to get josh johnson?
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