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  1. well...this wasnt really about miggy's face, was it? it was about leyland and dombrowski making a bad decision, imo.
  2. Scott Baker Pitching vs. Batter - Baseball-Reference PI Ordonez - .462 Guillen - .407 Santiago - .400 Laird - .400 Thames - .308 Cabrera - .278 Huff - .250 Everett - .250 Granderson - .222 Polanco - .212 Inge - .182 Thomas - .111 Has not faced: Avila, Dlugach, Kelly, Raburn, Ramirez, Ryan. So...here's my projected lineup (Leyland has already stated that Raburn will be in it). CF: Granderson - .222 2B: Polanco - .212 RF: Ordonez - .462 1B: Cabrera - .278 DH: Guillen - .407 LF: Raburn - n/a 3B: Inge - .182 C: Laird - .400 SS: Everett - .250 The toughest call is Everett or Santiago at short. But, I don't think Leyland is going to take the higher batting percentage over the metrodome experience at short. It also seems like a bit of a shame to be benching Thames with those numbers. But, I'm guessing he'll get in there for an important pinch hit. Nice to have the lefty Huff on the bench as well.
  3. I was talking about playing him on the game saturday...while he was still legally drunk. there are two topics right now. 1) cabrera. 2) this epic game. there is enough room on the front page for about 30 threads. i think that we can safely break these two discussion topics down a bit.
  4. I went to the game Saturday night. Tickets weren't cheap (for me, at least). Thought the ENTIRE team...not just Miggy...looked like garbage. It looked like the team was sort of down the entire night. I figured this was because Figaro was pitching, at the time. In retrospect, I wonder if it had anything to do with...ummm...the entire team knowing that their cleanup hitter was still drunk, and that their manager was playing him anyways in an attempt to keep the story under wraps. I'm sure that really fired the boys up!! JL/DD should've manned up, benched him, told the press he was having a personal issue, and gone with this lineup (see below). This kind of crap would never fly with the Red Wings. CF: Granderson 2B: Polanco LF: Raburn RF: Ordonez DH: Guillen 1B: Thames 3B: Inge C: Laird SS: Everett
  5. In tommorrow nights game...Miggy will have a .15 blood/alcohol level, and go 0-3 with a walk.
  6. First of all, he's clearly an alcoholic. That's no laughing matter. Anyone that can drink that much, and play in a baseball game some ten hours latter, is an alcoholic. This isn't a one night thing. It's a career long thing, to this point. Its rumored to be the reason the Marlins were shopping him in the first place. Given that, he's still one of the best two or three hitters in the game. Imagine how good he could be if he ever got it together - Pujols? That's clearly the selling pitch...for us and others. Second, he was probably still legally drunk at the biggest game of his life as a tiger. There are alcoholics...and there are pieces of garbage. He let his entire team down. Do you think Ty Cobb ever would have done that the night before a pennant clinching game!?? Heck no. This guy's a loser. He doesn't care at all. Trade him for as many prospects as we can get before the rest of the league realizes this. How many could we get!? Probably three or four top notch, right!? Build this team around defense, pitchers, and solid baseball, like the Twins. Move that left field wall back out. Pick up a stud pitcher and two or three great position prospects in trading Miggy. Move Maggs to DH. Hire a new hitting coach from the Angels organization.
  7. Reports: Miguel Cabrera parties with White Sox, comes home with .26 blood alcohol level | Cutoff Man - MLive.com This is...simply...un-real. The night before arguably the biggest game of the entire season...Miguel Cabrera is out drinking with THE OTHER TEAM until 6am...comes home drunk (0.26 blood/alcohol drunk)...and beats his wife!? This is just, un-real. un-f-ing-real. Is this what he's been doing all season?? en route to putting up almost-MVP numbers?? Good lord.
  8. First of all...regardless of their numbers against Baker...there is no chance Leyland starts Santiago over Everett at short at the metrodome (his home field last season) in such an important game. I hope we go... LF: Raburn ® 2B: Polanco ® RF: Ordonez ® 1B: Cabrera ® CF: Granderson (L) DH: Thames ® 3B: Inge ® C: Laird ® SS: Everett ® The biggest problem with our lineup these last two weeks...and really, all season...has been that there's not a legitimate bat protecting/knocking in Miggy. So, lead-off with Raburn, he's hot and his obp has been way higher than grandy's all season, and especially in the last month. Hit Granderson behind Miggy...I think he will respond in a big way in such a big game at the 5-hole. Then, I'm an advocate of putting Thames out there instead of Guillen. Save Guillen for a crucial pinch hit at some point. Thames has been so so dangerous in that dome. And Guillen hasn't looked all that great since coming back. I know its going against the grain a bit...sitting such a veteran in such a big game...but I've got a good feeling about Marcus on tuesday.
  9. He hit TWO home runs on Sunday. He's our best left-fielder (next to clete). He's probably been our third or fourth hottest bat in the last month. He's gotta be in the lineup, doesn't he!? I'm guessing we go something like... CF: Granderson (L) 2B: Polanco ® RF: Ordonez ® 1B: Cabrera ® DH: Guillen (S)...or...Thames ® hitting behind Raburn? LF: Raburn ® 3B: Inge ® C: Laird ® SS: Everett ®
  10. CF: Granderson (L) 2B: Polanco ® RF: Ordonez ® 1B: Cabrera ® DH: Guillen (S) LF: Raburn ® 3B: Inge ® C: Laird ® SS: Everett ® I guess that's what I'd go with. The big question mark here, in my opinion, is Huff or Raburn!? It seems like you'd want to go with the veteran lefty against the righty Baker. But, Huff has been stone cold since he got here. Raburn is hot right now, and he keeps Guillen out of left field. Hmmm.
  11. No word on scrapes on Miguel Cabrera's face | Detroit Tigers - - MLive.com http://blog.mlive.com/stoneyexpress/2009/10/cabreras_face_raises_questions.html I'm surprised that there isn't already a thread on this!? I guess Miggy showed up to the clubhouse for Saturday night's game with a bunch of scratches on his face that he didn't have when he left the clubhouse the night before. He claims it was his dog!? Sounds like he was sort of trying to dodge the media. Interesting. Maybe helps to explain his recent slump? Some strange things going on off the field. The leading theory - as you might suspect - is that he got cut up by an angry girl(friend). But a more interesting theory that I've heard out there is that he got into it with Gerald Laird. Has anyone heard anything else?
  12. i keep hearing that iorg is a gold-glove short-stop right now...and that hes going to be a solid big league hitter...but those numbers are just atrocious. i'd give up iorg and crosby for reyes. he's a real deal talent. superb leadoff man. superb potential at short.
  13. link - Wait, what? Henning suggests Detroit Tigers would consider trading Curtis Granderson - Cutoff Man
  14. man... just seeing the way rick knapp has impacted our pitching staff. i would like to see how adding someone from the twins or angels organization as a hitting coach would impact our hitters. whatever mcclendons doing...no ones getting better here, just worse. that much is fact. save inge. could we really do much worse?
  15. forgot maybin...he will never recover from what we did to him.
  16. as chuck hernandez's firing showed us...leyland doesn't always know best. his best baseball buddies don't always make the best coaches. can anyone name the last great hitter our organization has developed!? just off the top of my head, in the leyland era... granderson - hitting .258 this season. inge - hitting .241 this season. yeah, that's it. every good hitter we've had in the leyland era has come from outside the organization. granderson and inge are our ogranizations greatest accomplishments...sub .260 hitters. maybe its time we pulled a rick knapp and hired the top assistant from the angels or twins organization. whatevers going on here, isnt working, and hasnt ever been working. miggy - traded for. maggs - signed. guillen - signed. pudge - signed. polanco - traded for. sheffield - traded for. pena - didnt break out until he was with the rays. shelton - we killed him.
  17. idk...leylands been putting maggs out there against righties lately...and he seems to be catching on.
  18. agreed...but Holliday? Dunn? Maybe. Not Luke Scott or the guys we were hearing about more recently though.
  19. Lineup (vs. rhp): CF: Granderson (L) 2B: Polanco ® LF: Thomas (L) 1B: Cabrera ® DH: Guillen (S) RF: Ordonez ® 3B: Inge ® C: Laird ® SS: Santiago (S) bench: ryan, everett, raburn, thames. Lineup (vs. lhp): CF: Granderson (L) 2B: Polanco ® RF: Ordonez ® 1B: Cabrera ® DH: Thames ® LF: Raburn ® 3B: Inge ® C: Laird ® SS: Everett ® bench - ryan, santiago, thomas, guillen. Rotation: SP: Verlander ® SP: Jackson ® SP: Washburn (L) SP: Galarraga ® SP: Porcello ® Bullpen: CL: Rodney ® SU: Lyon ® LHRP: Seay (L), Ni (L) RHRP: Perry ®, Fien ® LR: Miner ®
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