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  1. If it's free agents that drive runs in that we're looking for... v. guerrero - 104 rbis p. konerko - 104 rbis a. beltre - 96 rbis a. dunn - 91 rbis al. gonzalez - 81 rbis a. huff - 81 rbis
  2. not likely. there is no solution to homelessness. no matter how prosperous the world as a whole becomes, there will always be individuals who chose not to work, to contribute to society. but, the way things are going, they'll eventually be pan-handling in tax-payer polo's.
  3. Plenty of people agree with me. It's just only acceptable to disagree with me.
  4. a lot of you people need to WAKE THE **** UP!!! #1) Pan-handling should be ILLEGAL. Begging for money should be ILLEGAL. If you are truly in need of food, clothing, shelter, etc...there are more than enough government facilities around that will provide you with all the basic necessities. It's pretty clear to me that MOST of you talking crap to me about not being more understanding of the homeless haven't spent much time around them, if any. Like the poster who worked with the homeless in Kalamazoo, I too have spent a lot of time in that city. Here is how the typical day of a homeless person in Kalamazoo goes: about 1 or 2 pm, wake up at one of the downtown homeless shelters, the most popular is actually a pretty nice converted old hotel. eat first meal of the day there. head over to the really, really nice public library. goof around on the internet, read magazines or whatever for 6 or so hours. then its off to wherever their 'spot' is, usually outside of a liquor store, gas station, mcdonalds, whatever. for the next few hours they try and trick rich college kids into giving them money until the spot closes, or they get enough change to buy a pint, a rock, cigarettes, whatever the shelters won't give them. then, if lucky, they go get ****ed up and hangout at the downtown mcdonalds, which seems to be the most popular homeless hangout, right across the street from the shelter. #2) Look, a lot homeless guys are mentally ill. That's sad. But me, or you, giving them money for cigarettes, drugs, alcohol isn't going to help them get back on their feet. It's only going to bury them down further. The shelters give them everything they really NEED. If you really care about the homeless, STOP giving them change. You're nothing but an enabler, all you're really doing is making their lives worse...but...at least you get to feel charitable, right? #3) Transitional homeless guys, down on their luck for whatever reason, don't usually beg. They live at the shelters. Use the job service programs. Use the public libraries. Look for work there. Eat the free meals. Use the showers. Sleep in the free beds. And then they get back out there with the rest of us. These guys are on and off the streets. The services are there for people who really want to not be homeless. #4) The rest of the guys are absolute SCUM BAGS. And it's everyone you run into at CoPa (with the exceptions of the mentally ill guys). They have everything they need at the shelters. They could turn their lives around if they wanted to. BUT THEY JUST DON'T WANT TO WORK 40 HRS A WEEK FOR MINUMUM WAGE. They'd rather be homeless. Make about the same on assistance and not work at all. Trick you into forking over your hard earned money. And spend it getting ****ed up. It should be illegal for these guys to stand around public places and harrass tourists. It makes the city look like ****. I don't care if it's the same in every city. It shouldn't be. It should be illegal. p.s. - i got banned for calling detroit what i did, and what i still think it is.
  5. theres an article on mliva about making peralta a catcher
  6. WOW three pages of responses and still, no one is acknowledging the point of this thread. ...you're all calling me insensitive, soft, calling my sisters soft, telling them to toughen up, telling them to get used to it, etc. stupid. the fact is that copa is not a family atmosphere. nothing in shitroit is. places like auburn hills and pontiac are. so why in the hell would some rich owner build a stadium for a team in detroit instead of in oakland county or something? all you fools that love detroit so much, you're lucky to have had illitch. problem is, he's old, and he'll be the last successful person ever to come from the inner city of shitroit. no future owner is going to give a **** about the city's faded history. all it is now is garbage. big flint.
  7. i'm making some really simple points here...and no one seems to be getting it... #1) the bums don't bother me personally, i'm talking about the females in my life, so let's skip out the 'questioning of MY manhood jokes. #2) my little sisters love watching baseball. but they hate going to games, especially night games, because the atmosphere around the outskirts of the park is so frightening to them (ages 8 and 10). the cedar point comparision was retarded. they love 'roller coasters.' there are just scary bums hanging out around all the rides so they don't want to go. #3) i dont care about how much you love the city, the simple fact is...its not a family atmosphere. the bums surrounding the stadium are bad for business. the stadium even being in that horrid city is bad for business. palace of auburn hills, pontiac silverdome, etc. - family atmospheres. tiger stadium, ford field - not family atmospheres. #4) if the driving distance was the same, why in the he!! would you rather go to downtown shitroit for a sporting event as opposed to a nice suburb like royal oak?? a place where you can take your entire family...as opposed to only the older males. what is there to do that's so great before/after a ball game in detroit that there isn't to do in a place like royal oak? its not like the bars or restauraunts there are better than the ones in the suburbs these days. i mean...i guess you could...go to the crappy art museum, or some gang-filled night club in detroit and not royal oak? maybe you guys just don't like spending time with women so its not that big of a deal?? idk. no one seems to be getting what i'm saying here.
  8. i mean, really, whether you want to face it or not...all you detroit city lovers...the question is eventually going to be: why in the he!! should we build a stadium in that sess pool? its not a family atmosphere. its disgusting. attendance will be higher if we build in...idk...auburn hills...royal oak...etc. i'm not really a huge huge basketball fan, but it sure is a lot nicer going to games in auburn hills than it is in detroit. and it used to be great going to games in pontiac.
  9. #1) bums don't bother me personally, they actually bother me less than your common frat boys/loud-mouth morons inside the park. #2) bums bother my little sisters, my girlfriend, and eventually, will bother my wife and children. you're all saying, if it bothers them so much, then don't bring them. well, 1, it's not their fault they're scared. it's a city where a lot of people are murdered, raped, robbed, beat up, etc. it's dark. there are corners you can't see around. of course they're going to be scared. only the toughest women raised outside of the city won't be. all i'm saying is that it's sad. sad that i'll probably not be able to enjoy a ball game with the women and children in my life bc the atmosphere is so damn scary to them. #3) is it completely unreasonable to think that the police should have the right to escort beggars away from tourist areas? - stadiums, casinos, theatres, museums, restaurants, etc. - and back into the areas where they're not so out of place?? i'm guessing that repeat tourism business in your beloved city would be much, much greater.
  10. no, they're not. and i for one am really hoping that illitch relocates the red wings to the suburbs once he purchases the pistons. why the he!! should they stay in detroit? the city is absolutely disgusting.
  11. tell that to scared little 8 and 10 yr old girls that would rather just stay at home than go to a game and be hassled by these creeps in total darkness in the murder capital of the country.
  12. if you offered all the homeless people in detroit a full time job at an average salary, what percentage do you think would accept? and what percentage do you think would still prefer the slightly lower salary (and 40 hrs less of work a week) that they get on assistance?
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