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  1. Crisp and Kuroda would be nice upgrades. I will be very bummed if we don't address our left field defense. And Crisp is capable of a .340 OBP, which sucks for a lead off guy, but would make him our best option.
  2. A's would like a cheap outfielder. Send Turner, Boesch and Oliver for Gio and Michael Taylor and then sign Beltran.
  3. Doubt Williams would trade him within the division, but if so, they might take Young for him. Younger and cheaper.
  4. I like Ramirez, but would prefer we fix 2B, lead off (LF?) and a LH starter first. My dream scenario would be to sign Coco Crisp to play LF and hit lead off, Kelly Johnson at 2B and send Boesch and Turner to the A's for Gio Gonzalez and Michael Taylor. I could live with an Inge / Kelly platoon at 3B with those upgrades.
  5. Cobb, Greenberg, Kaline and Trammell
  6. The bigger problem is that you're subjecting your girlfriend to listen to a baseball draft.
  7. so, we just drafted Matt Treanor? ugh!
  8. I picked Sizemore, only because I don't think Guillen will be ready. If he is, I think he'll get the AB's.
  9. Boesch, with a lot of luck, could become another Luke Scott type of hitter. A big If, though.
  10. We picked the wrong offseason to have $60+ MM come off the books. Only a few free agents out there that can have an impact--Crawford (Yankees), Werth (Red Sox or Angels) and Dunn (White Sox). Dunn is the most realistic and would be interesting if we actually got into a bidding war--would be the first time since we lost out on Pavano to the Yankees. Our specialty in free agency is to take a chance/overpay for guys with limited options, like Pudge and Maggs. Crawford will command somewhere in the $17-20 MM per year range, and I doubt we'd go that high and have three players on our team making close to $60 MM of our entire payroll (with Verlander and Cabrera). Things don't look good from a trading perspective, either--we really only have two chips in the minors with any trade value, and even one of those (Crosby) is suspect, with Turner being the other guy. We have/will have holes at C, SS, 3B, RF and SP, with few options. Sorry for the Debbie Downer scenario, but it doesn't look promising going into next season. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.
  11. The kid needs to get his *** down to rookie ball and get as many games in as he can.
  12. While it may sting if he ends up elsewhere because he doesn't want to play in Detroit, it's hard to fault him if you look at it objectively. The national opinion of Detroit is not very good. Boras has been a bit disingenous, though, by suggesting that Damon really wanted to play in Detroit, was a fan of Steve Yzerman, loved Hot and Ready pizzas, drank Vernors exclusively and only watched WDIV news with Devon Scillian via the satellite. I would actually applaud him for not taking the most money, but to play somewhere that he wants to be. Having said that, I still hope he signs here because he is exactly what this lineup needs.
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