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  1. Always in our thoughts on the message board Bruce. We miss you.

  2. I still miss you, Bruce. :(

  3. As many of you know Bruce passed away Saturday May 13. Visitation will be in Holland, Michigan, Tuesday May 16 from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm at the the Mulder Chapel Dykstra Life Story Funeral Home, 188 West 32nd Street in Holland. The funeral will be Wednesday May 17 at 1:00 pm at the Central Park Reformed Church in Holland. For more information you can go to www.lifestorynet.com and search for Bruce Glass. Please go there and enter your own remembrances of Bruce for others to see. Soon there will be more info on Bruce and his life. Thank you for all your kind words about Bruce (Ringo). It makes me happy that he see that he made an impact on so many other people as he did with me. Would you all mind if I put some of these nice comments on the www.lifestorynet.com page under Bruce's name? John Esch (Bruce's son in-law)
  4. That composure is something that the whole team can feed on. If Pudge was supposed to be a leader and role model for the team, Kenny has added greatly by sort of bringing a "settle down" attitude to the mix. Pudge is still a key player, and Kenny may be even more\\\\\ this post was not finished because Bruce passed away while typing this. we will be posting funeral arrangements within the next couple of days. thank you - Bruce's Grandson
  5. I feel sorry for people who are dyslexic. They must have to grope their way though written material, and wonder if they undestand it or have it right in their head. A GED is a worthwhile option when you are otherwise limited. Bonderman is fortunate to have a pitching talent. When you add up the money a good pitcher can make in a few years you take some comfort from the cash, but you still cannot laugh at dyslexia.
  6. That's great. His family went to the same Church that we belong to in Holland. My daughter was his baby sitter when he was a little kid, and his grandpa, may he rest in peace, was a good friend to me.
  7. Dombrowski may have found the formula, starting with Pudge a couple of years ago, and building from there. Some new factors which have contributed much: Leyland Chuck Hernandez Rogers, Zumaya and Verlander Placido Polanco Curtis Granderson Chris Shelton And after last night's great performance I must add the return of Todd Jones. And for "fun while playing Baseball," Andy Van Slyke.
  8. Hoppy birthday, MT Philly. Enjoy your Kermit Kake Kard.
  9. At first I heard that the White Sox were going to use colored bats on Mothers day, but nobody told me the reason for that. Now I hear any team may use them, as part of an effort to either raise money for, or draw attention to, the search for a cure for breast cancer. That is good. Equally good is the color choice, pitty tink.
  10. Let the Rox play the White Sox, Tigers, Indians, Twins, Yankees and Red Sox. Then we'll see how they compare. Don't write the Royals off as a nothin' team. They may have a few bad years ahead. Look at what we have been through for the past 10 or 12 years, and we don't know for sure if we're out of the woods yet. For the Rox to make fun of the Royals is like a monkey making faces at a gorilla.
  11. Why talk about trade? Let Yankee fans speculate on trade. They are feeling the hurt. We are not. Who is in the driver's seat here? Not Cashman. If they have a player we want, offer them Tata and Nook Logan.
  12. What? Your birthday just blew by me? Well, belated Happy Birthday, DJH.
  13. I am sure that most managers are of that mindset. "Jack of all trades and master of none," seems to be the credo. Shane Halter comes to mind as an example, and just maybe he did his best as a pinch hitter. But there are many players who, in their youth and lifetime, have played a number of positions. Ruth was a pretty good pitcher before he became the Sultan of Swat. I could probably name more if I had a head full of stats like most of you guys. Oh yes you have! It is evident to me that many of you neglected English in favor of Statistical Analysis in high school and college.
  14. definition No. 2. (Mirriam Webster): "the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to and vicariously experiencing the the feelings and thoughts of another."
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