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  1. Sports_Freak

    6/17 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

    Mostly Tiger fans. At least they knew they were at a baseball game.
  2. Sports_Freak

    6/9 @4:10 p.m. Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    When did he get in? I hadn't even heard about it. I would agree he deserves to be in but so does the all time hit leader and the all time home run hitter. At least, in some people's opinions.
  3. Sports_Freak

    2018 Trade Deadline Thread: (Perfect Fits & Crazy Rumors):

    It's also managers, smart front offices and the best announcers in the business. I see you, Rod. 😂
  4. Sports_Freak

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Every year is the same thing..on draft day I sit around the phone waiting for the Tigers to call to tell me I've been drafted. I used to have a party with family and friends around me but they mostly quit showing up about 15 or so years ago. Heck with them, I'm not gonna share that signing bonus with them. Maybe another team will pick me as a 58 year old project player. Yes, this is the year!!
  5. Sports_Freak

    6/2 @4:10 p.m. Toronto Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers

    I think it was originally Todd Jones? But then every Tiger closer since then. Even a few middle relievers.
  6. Sports_Freak

    6/2 @4:10 p.m. Toronto Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers

    I thought he was Joe Coleman's son or grandson. I actually was looking it up for a bit.
  7. Sports_Freak

    6/2 @4:10 p.m. Toronto Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers

    I see the headline but not the date. Hicks with 3 K's on the day and then a big 2 strike hit up the middle, knocking in 2 runs and basically winning the game. It's still much better watching these kids play with less expectations.
  8. Repeat after me; Must tank..must tank. Say it 200 straight times every day and these AAA players on the Tigers roster look like the perfect way to get another number 1 overall pick. And now back to your regulary scheduled program; Must tank. Must tank.
  9. Sports_Freak

    5/25 @ 7:10 p.m. Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers

    Sure. As long as we're playing horrible teams like the WSox. But alas, they are few and far between. I always point out the White Sox when explaining to people all that could go wrong with a rebuild. Baseball prospects are the hardest to scout and to pan out of any sport, IMO.
  10. Sports_Freak

    5/18 @10:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    Rod irritates me when I watch a game live. Recording it and hearing his voice in the morning? Unbearable. I'm not a good mood morning type of person and Rod just Never. Shuts. Up!
  11. I understand the knee-jerk reaction but a few good starts should get us a decent prospect. It may not seem like it now but that was the chance we took signing him just to trade him.
  12. Often times, in text messages or emails, people can't hear the infliction of what your trying to say. For instance, I strongly dislike onions. If my wife texts me a recipe with a lot of onions in it, I'll say..."oh yeah, I love onions" She would know I'm not serious but the same text to anyone else would make them assume I really do, in fact, love onions. Maybe it's the same thing when someone is speaking in their second language? Cabrera deserves the benefit of the doubt.