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  1. We have to make the wall transparent so when the bad guys throw 60 pound bags of drugs over the wall, no American will get killed by landing on them. Also, make ladders illegal so folks don't try to escape.....err....enter. Rapists, drug dealers and murderers to our south.
  2. Well, it sure would be more fun beating the team with the best record. Wow, Dick Enberg for the entire weekend. The Tigers won the Mario for Enberg trade. 😊
  3. Well, we'll always have 1984. The umpires can't take that away from us. 😋
  4. Build a ladder store on both sides of the Donald Trump Wall. Do you think they will really sell advertising on it? 😊
  5. Wasn't 2008 the year many folks said we may score 1000 runs? That year was disappointing.
  6. And we lost with both JV and Fulmer pitching. But we're skipping Boyd so Zimm, Fulmer and JV to go up against the Dodgers. Along with our BP.
  7. If he were to last his full term, the country may not survive. But at least Trump and his minions will be even more rich. Money they make off of all the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging morons that supported him.
  8. But it was a good point. My Android needs rebooting sometimes or all kind of funny stuff happens.
  9. How did I reply to a post from last November? Fat fingers and a tiny keyboard took me back it time, to a much more innocent time...😁
  10. It's true, many of the companies used the tax breaks to automate their factories. But you can't just take a real live, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, Trump supporter and make a CEO out of him/her. They are, to be blunt, too freaking stupid. After all, they voted for Trump. How smart can they actually be?
  11. The talkers on FS1 will make us wish for Rod and Mario.
  12. Have players been suspended for these type of remarks about an ump?
  13. 2 of the better decisions recently.
  14. Rod's over reliance on a small sample size stat confuses him. He no longer believes in stats. The world, after all, is flat.