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  1. How much is that contract he may opt out of?
  2. Rod said he had good reflections. Idiot.
  3. So true. And every now and then, a FA BP arm turns out to be very good. But that doesn't seem to happen to us often enough, if ever.
  4. Don't forget the Lowe and Zimmermann signings. The more you look at Aviles moves, the worse he looks.
  5. I wonder if the Donald told the pope he would do his daughter if she wasn't related to him? Or asked him if he ever groped the nuns?
  6. You really are an assswhole, aren't you? Just like your leader....a total joke and every breath you take is a waste of perfectly good air. Now I see why Antrat left, he was sick of your politically motivated bulll****tt.
  7. FSD shows a very meaningless stat. Zimm's career numbers against Houston. Different hitters for Houston and not the same Zimmermann.
  8. Moved back to the 2 hole? It's jinxed. Avila struck out all 4 times last night. We was not amused. 😀
  9. A dead ball would mean less and less players swinging for the fences if they were just flying out. That would mean more singles and doubles as well as more stolen bases. Chicks dig the long ball. As do TV executives. There's money involved so MLB will do whatever the advertisers want.
  10. Not joking. I quit following pop rock when the Beatles broke up. ✌
  11. Jeff Jones, Verlander and Zumaya. And is that Zach Miner? The rest of the fellas I don't recognize.
  12. Let Texas back in it so we can wear out their good BP arms. 👎👎 Take Verlander out so he can face Houston. 👎👎
  13. Bitbits in Mexican means poo poo, right? 😁
  14. 3 days. Nothing else going on. He was fine in his last game, with a 2 run HR.