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  1. I believe this team will struggle to win 63 games. I also think any Tiger player that any team shows interest in will be traded.
  2. It's really common for knee issues to lead to arm problems. Overcompensating. This happened to Mark Fidrych. And to...Tommy John. Timmy John....lol. Thanks Auto-correct.
  3. Did I see a crawl on the MLB broadcast that Fulmer was getting a 2nd opinion about Timmy John surgery that Dr. James Andrew said he needs? I missed this...i just knew his velocity was down.
  4. I remember a TE for U of M. You couldn't say his name either. Jake BButtt
  5. There has to be a special feeling for all of us who have stuck by the Lions for 40+ years if they ever were to win a Championship.
  6. Just one before I die has turned into just a couple before I die. Eventually it has to be our turn, right?
  7. Trade all of our picks for established players. The Lions draft picks will all be cut within 2 years anyway.
  8. As does 24/7 Sports; https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/nfl/detroit-lions/Article/Landon-Collins-free-agency-Lions-Damon-Harrison-reaction-129718718/Amp/
  9. Respect and dignity. Something that has been missing in D.C since....Obama got elected? It's really sad what our country has become. Instead of compromise and building bridges, we're fighting amongst ourselves and building walls. But the haters are NOT going to win. The voters will be sending that message loud and clear in 2020.
  10. There are 4 type of Trump supporters; 1. Folks who voted for him and admit they screwed up. 2. Folks who voted for him and are too ashamed or stubborn to admit they screwed up. 3. Disgusting people such as racists, sexists, liars and other deplorables. 4. People who are extremely stupid.
  11. And he testifies again tomorrow...behind closed doors. I heard the one politician today who stated the "members all had better things to do." All the problems in this country and we have to waste time convincing the public that the President is a low down, lying, cheating racist crook? Doesn't everyone already know that? It's why his base adores him, I guess.
  12. Maybe he won't come back? Do we have an extradition agreement with Vietnam? Maybe he can hide in the jungle? Whatever, just go away.
  13. Until we build our wall around the dong of America.....Florida. Homer Simpson's words, not mine.
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