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  1. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    The Baltimore, Minnesota and New Orleans games don't bother me as much as the 3 games we should have won. Caldwell didn't have his team prepared. He never does. I don't like bringing in a new coach every few years but it appears to be that time. Austin? We could probably do worse. And probably will.
  2. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    Beat Atlanta, Carolina and Pittsburgh and all we would be worrying about is our playoff seed. As it is, making the playoffs is rather pointless. Play a quality team on the road? With no running game and a defensive inability to stop the run? Why get embarrassed? I'll watch these last 3 games but I'm cynical about the Lions chances.
  3. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Darn right there was fraud. He actually only got 25% of the vote. But you know the way the GOP lies, cheats and steals.
  4. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    I agree. Machado may not even stick. Scott Sizemore 2.0? Stay tuned.....
  5. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Simple distraction works for simple minded people. You can't go thru..... LOOK A CAT!!!! What about the emails? A bunch of perverts at the pizza place? Lock her up. Build a wall. Grab her privates. Oops, did I say that out loud?
  6. Political Pot-pourri

    But even if he were convicted of being a pervert, the head perv (Trump) would pardon him. Those degenerants look out for each other.
  7. Political Pot-pourri

    There comes a time when pity for the ignorant outweighs getting mad at their stupidity. So all you Trump lovers? I feel bad you are so gullible. How great are you making America? Have you drained the swamp? Have you locked Hillary up? So...what HAVE you done? Oh... beside handing elections to the Democrats? 😁😁😁
  8. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Trump not fit to clean Obama's toilets. Here come the crying snowflakes; http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/12/politics/usa-today-editorial-analysis/index.html
  9. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Oh, snowflake, snowflake. Alabama is now a Democratic state. And that's just the beginning. Wait until November of 2018. You'll have much more to fret about. Snowflakes are so cute when they get flustered. 😋
  10. Political Pot-pourri

    Alabama told Judge Moore "F you and the horse you rode in on." LMAO
  11. Political Pot-pourri

    Such a sad, sad snowflake. You backed a loser Stan. Get your passport ready and move to Moscow, comrade. But...using your logic...Alabama should have elected a man who was twice thrown out for office for not supporting the Constitution of the United States of America. Also accusations of being a very creepy fellow. Was he convicted? No. But they would have spent millions of taxpayers dollars defending him in a court. And then millions more for a special election. Alabama did the right thing, if you're a big fan of money. Which I think most conservatives are. Let him spend his own money be to defend himself against these charges. But just hang on Stanley, BIG changes are coming in 2018. Your party is in the outhouse, along with their morals.
  12. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    He can scream it from the rooftops in Moscow for all I care. The GOP is done, maybe Trump is/was a weapon for the Democrats against the Republicans? 😂
  13. Political Pot-pourri

    Sore loser much? With loser being the key word there. Careful who you hitch your wagon to there, Stanley. 😁 Snowflakes sure are crying and flying this morning. A democrat won Alabama.
  14. Political Pot-pourri

    Maybe these creepy perverts who are racists and bigots can no longer hide behind a Christian facade? Even the voters in Alabama can see right through the smoke.