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  1. Yeah, it was in an article this week. I thought they were making a case for our coaching staff. We'll have to see how long we go with these guys running the show. Maybe we'll win.
  2. It's really hard to win in this league, even with the right guys in place. I guess we'll be patient until next season. Look up Bill Walsh's record with the 49'ers after two seasons.
  3. I know you're joking Lee but aren't you a boomer too? I am and I'm proud of it. 🤣
  4. Yeah, I pretty much knew you meant that. But I never heard of the guy so I had to Google him to see who he is. And my answer to your question is, I don't care what the guy says about this or any other subject. : )
  5. Hee-Hee...I love Google; Dieter Kurtenbach is a contributor for The Athletic. Previously, he was a Senior Writer and columnist for FoxSports.com and the lead columnist at KNBR.com.
  6. Season splits? That's a much bigger sample size than just a playoff series. Question for the folks who really know their stats; is this a significant difference?
  7. What if the Lions get off to a really bad start? Would they replace Patricia mid-season and then replace Quinn after the season?
  8. I don't care at all about San Francisco. But it sure is nice see Erin Rodgers eating dirt.
  9. Brady to Tennessee. Belichick retires. Signing Brady to replace Stafford is really stupid. So yes, I could see the Lions doing that.
  10. And he talks about fake news? This <man> makes fake news; https://www.michiganadvance.com/blog/michigan-nicu-nurse-julia-pulvers-tweets-on-trumps-abortion-lie-go-viral/
  11. He says..."I didn’t even know how to act around a woman." And he still doesn't. The man should lose his job, just a classless thing to say from a clueless pig. And he didn't even apologize.
  12. And I don't think women will have true equality until news like this...isn't news. Just a small blurb that a team has hired a new coach. And BTW? This just made the Giants my 2nd favorite team. Trailblazers.....
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