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  1. The problem is somewhat self inflicted. As fans, we all wanted JV and Cabrera to play here, in Detroit. That took a nice chunk of change. And with Upton and VMart, we had to fill out the roster with less expensive players. So this is where we are at. Less talent than most teams but several old and expensive players. In hindsight, would it have been better to let VMart, Miggy and JV walk? I guess it would have been but JV and Cabrera are the face of this franchise. I think if it came right down to it, both of these guys would waive their no-trade clause. Especially if it's to play for a real contender. The Yankees? I don't think even they would take on those contracts. It's a real mess with no easy answers.
  2. That's why I'm not blaming him and actually defend him. Not for this game. Others? Oh, yes. Too many to keep him around, IMO.
  3. The only thing wrong with it is it didn't work. If it had worked, how many posters would give Brad credit? Look, my dislike of Brad is legendary. 😁 But even I can't use hindsight to say whether he made a bad move or not. Yes, a home run was the worst possible outcome and it happened. I would say Brad is snakebit.
  4. If he's on the roster, Brad will use him. It's not Brad's fault Stumpf gave it up. The guy doesn't belong in the big leagues. Thank Avila for that move.
  5. I have never saw him pitch but I hope the scouts and organization have plans to fast track him and get his ML career started. Or do we have to wait until 2019?
  6. Does the organization see him as an ace or is it your opinion?
  7. Mike Ivie?
  8. Well said. Time to clean house? Start at the top.
  9. And there shouldn't be. If a team has a SP who is capable of pitching that many innings, he's probably in line to having a long career. The players union would probably have a hissy fit if any team tried that. You have heard Lolich tell the story of game 7 of the 1968 World Series, haven't you? Very amazing story.
  10. It's a disaster in the making, right before our eyes. Say something really unexpected happens and Sanchez has a decent start. That is going to earn him more starts. I'm saying it now, this IS NOT going to end well. The best we can hope for is for him to put up a couple of QS, back to back. Maybe that would increase his trade value from no way to a possible?
  11. Have you saw any interviews of Lolich recently? He's quite bitter about salaries, compared to what SP made in his day. Some of the better SP now make close to a million dollars per start. And the better ones only throw 200 to 225 innings per year. Of course, if a team has 200 million guaranteed dollars tied up in ONE pitcher, chances are they are going to be very careful with his work load. Common sense.
  12. Ahhhh..Jimmy McCann. A player we can really build around. Of course, he would have to get his BA over .180 first, something Rod is sure he can do. 😀
  13. Anibal Sanchez and Buck Farmer? 😑
  14. What's the final answer? Whomever wins a championship first? I'm not sure if either of the guys in charge of either team is capable of building a winner.
  15. Agreed. I remember when Leyland was asked about a young pitchers innings leading to injury. His response was" not on my watch". Billy Martin was also accused of overusing SP.