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  1. How about Austin jackson?
  2. The last time the Tigers won 2 out of 3, in Cleveland, the only game they lost was the JV start. I would still want him and Fulmer, of course. It's just a strange set of circumstances.
  3. Forget some 5 million dollar player. We have Adduci, 3 hits today. And Jones says he's ready to go. Nobody probably understood him with that lip the size of an ear of corn but he told Rod he's ready to go. Probably around the batting cage. 😀
  4. You're not burning him with a day off tomorrow. Keeping him sharp. I have zero problem with Brad getting Sanchez out of the game.
  5. I didn't see any posts giving Brad credit for that huge third inning. Sending Kinsler on the pitch saved a double play and opened the gates for a huge inning. Well done, Brad.
  6. Big cheer in the ballpark. Mario didn't know why. Rod had to tell him the hockey team scored. Sad day in the history of Tiger baseball...😶
  7. Blaine is a pain, and that is the truth --Jake Chambers--
  8. Riddle me this. Blaine the Train in the game.
  9. He tried to be make an out but the Twinkies didn't want it. Did they rule that a hit?
  10. Mahtook in the 2 hole? Hunch? Either way, very interesting.
  11. Well, at least he was healthy for the world baseball classic. The important thing. Heck with Detroit. They only pay him 1/2 million dollars per week. Bitter? Oh, hellll yes.
  12. He'll hit. It's only April. No need to panic. Keep watching and buy tickets. We need to enable these players by supporting the team. Or not.
  13. Put him in the BP and watch this team take off.
  14. There have been teams with a high payroll, a win now attitude and struggled early in the season who have changed managers. The theory being you can't fire the whole team. I'm not saying I'm for or against it, just that it may happen. Especially if Avila is worried about his job.