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  1. I think in the first few months of the Biden administration, we're going to hear about some very big problems ignored or created by the corrupt Trump administration.
  2. Drats...I can only like this once. Trump tells the transition team to proceed...he lost.
  3. Who's that fat punk proving how ignorant he is?
  4. Secretary John Kerry as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Good move!!
  5. Instant happiness. Michigan certifies the election. Joe Biden, president elect! Hey Trump? Pack your bags up or we'll throw them on the lawn. And take your corrupt administration with you!
  6. That's good. Put these idiots on the defensive. Start demanding a recount in the states Trump supposedly won.
  7. Oh and Andre Ware, Joey Harrington, Ryan Leaf and Chuck Long were all very high picks.
  8. QB is one position. Take the GOAT and put him on the Lions with their lack of talent, inept coaching and horrible ownership and that GOAT wouldn't be the GOAT. He would be a good player who's talent was wasted. Billy Sims, Barry, Stafford, Calvin and our excellent kickers, Murray and Hanson. All wasted talents who never had any team success on a dysfunctional franchise.
  9. Peterson only had 7 carries? It seemed like he had 20. For 1 or 2 yards. All 7 of his carries seemed like they were on 1st down, for little gain. Maybe some shots down the field? If Matt can't throw the ball, put Daniels in there.
  10. You cut the rest of it. Even if they drafted the next Patrick Mahomes, they would stink.
  11. Top QBs don't always go early. Multiple examples. But even if the Lions drafted the next Joe Montana, it wouldn't matter. They still wouldn't surround him with the proper talent. Or hire the right coach that would get the most out of the talent on the team. I agree with you, it hopeless and this is the biggest joke of a franchise in all the 4 major sports. I feel sorry for the talent we do get, we just waste or ruin their careers
  12. They'll beat Houston and the playoff talk will start again. What's the use?
  13. There really is no excuse for his coaching style. 3 years in and they're this bad? I can't defend them.
  14. The can't run the ball. They can't pass the ball. They can't stop the run. They give up big pass plays. But hey....they have a decent punter. Maybe just punt on 1st down?
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