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  1. No, there are some people who will never, ever admit they are wrong and screwed up.
  2. Exactly. The only way I could see him get any starts this season is if there's an injury or if another SP is highly inneffective. If he gets starts just because of his contract, shame on the Tigers. Unless it's to showcase him.
  3. Keep Sanchez for long relief and trade/release Pelfrey. See if Lowe can give you anything. If not, release him too. I know these three have huge contracts and Boyd is cheap. But I want the best possible players.
  4. Very true. A simple case of ST games are meaningless for veterans, at times. Yes, after last season, the Tigers and their fans would love to see Zimmermann pitching lights out. But no reason to worry just yet.
  5. The danger is counting on him to actually get hitters out once the regular season starts. He may give you 2 or 3 scoreless innings but a 6 run 4th or 5th inning will cost you a game. Is he worth it over Boyd? Verlander, Fulmer, Norris, Zimmermann, Boyd Sanchez or Pelfrey for long relief. How good would either of these guys be after not pitching for 10 days? I would say not very good.
  6. That would be way too mild. More like having these folks arrested and waterboarded in the interest of National Security. A cornered animal can be very dangerous. Maybe he will flee to the Russian Embassy to seek aslyum? Him and Snowden can be roomies. 😑
  7. Be very careful. Trump has proven, over and over, that he has no problem trying to use deflection to get people talking about something else. This is the time he may invade Mexico under the guise of National Security. He needs to be removed from office ASAP.
  8. But Trump saw on Fox news that Germany owed NATO. Not us for our wonderful defense. Fox news sets our policy now. 😑
  9. True. And the misconception of welfare is that people on it are lazy and living high on the hog. When in reality they are struggling to support their family. Cut them all off and let them starve? Sure, and the family making 30k to 80k a year will notice no tax savings. The savings will go to folks making 200k or more.
  10. Cut school lunches out? No, just free lunches. Someone said there's no such thing as a free lunch. It's easier to get on welfare than it is to get off of welfare. That's backwards. Welfare should never be a way of life, just a temporary lifeline for major life struggles. Many in the conservative party say the Democrats support the welfare state so the population depends on the government. That way the masses will keep them in power. It didn't work. Now we have a lunatic in the White House. Who is to blame, the people who are tired of paying taxes to the welfare community or the politicians who allowed these people to become so dependent on the government? And, finally, if Trump cuts out all of these social programs, are middle income taxes going down? Or is it just a tax cut for people with the highest incomes? This is what I get from watching the Sunday morning political shows. Everyone agrees this country is in a mess but not many agree how to fix it. Cut the defense budget? Spend that money on the environment instead? Spend money on social programs to get people off of welfare and trained to do jobs? Jobs that will pay them a living wage? Support more and better education? Help students afford college? It all sounds so wonderful until you get people ripping off the system. Or until you have to actually pay for it. How about the federal government not being allowed to spend money they don't have? The typical American family can't live beyond their means, why do we allow the government to?
  11. It's pretty obvious, isn't it? I refuse to make fun of the mentally challenged, but when they are the POTUS, they are fair game. Get him out of the WH before he does irrepairable damage. If he hasn't already.
  12. If Fox news were to report an alien invasion, Trump would declare war on the Galaxy.
  13. Seriously mentally damaged. The Man is delusional and a danger to himself and everyone around him. And his damaged brain is a bigger danger to this country than any amount of his imagined terrorists. Look out Donnie, they're coming for you!!!
  14. It's almost the weekend. Shouldn't the assshat get to Florida for golf? All work and no play would make for a cranky old man. "Get off of my lawn, you little egg hunters. What a bunch of useless moochers."
  15. We wouldn't be buying all those bombs unless we had planned to use them, right? We'll teach Canada a lesson for the Arctic fronts that keep coming our way, every winter. Bombs are much better than food for the masses....After all, those hungry kids are just going to be hungry again in a few hours. Just starve them and the problem is eliminated. Every time I say that it can't get worse, it does. I guess I'll just wait for his 4 years to be up. And I sure hope the logical people come out and vote for the midterms. Get the majority swung the other way.