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  1. Yeah, they won't (can't) vote because they are undocumented. And you forgot they are also drug smugglers. It sounds like Donald is already showing his hand, blaming undocumenteds for his 2020 loss? One can hope.
  2. Stewart. I figure he is the start of the rebuild. Jones? Not so much. He's a placeholder until Daz is ready.
  3. Which conspiracy theory would you believe first? 1. The moon landing was fake? 2. The earth is flat? 3. Putin helped put Trump into office?
  4. I'm not sure about that. Maybe if we pay his contract for the test of the season. I guess we'll see, but, imo, we won't get many offers for Nick.
  5. It won't. Castellanos is still a 2 month rental and Greene is still an elite closer under team control for next season. General Managers around MLB don't have the same knee jerk reaction as some poster on a message board. Teams looking for a closer, or set up man, would love to have Greene. Nick will be a harder sell, he's a liability in RF and he's going to be a FA at season end.
  6. Yeah, because teams looking for a closer judge a pitcher on one outing. No matter what he's done all season.
  7. Shep calls them two base knocks. Stupidest thing I've ever heard.
  8. So if that were your team, you would try to lose 100 games? Because that roster looks alot like a terrible team.
  9. This weather is as unpredictable as a home plate umpire's strike zone.
  10. I'll tune in. I have to see who wins "pick the stick".
  11. Meanwhile, here in Detroit the next 2 days? High temperatures in the high 90's. Thanks, Obama.
  12. I think I just accidentally gave the GOP a great campaign idea for 2020. The GOP can say "Look, America was great until the Donald came along. Elect me and I'll (wait for it) make America Great Again." I'm brilliant.
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