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  1. Vicodin has acetaminophen in it, which if taken in huge quantities, can damage your liver. They also said he had liver cancer, if that's from the drugs and drinking, I don't know. Most alcoholics can drink and live longer than 38 years. There more than likely other drugs involved. But his disease was addiction, originally. And he never got help for it. He still owes the Lions a part of his signing bonus but he was totally broke. Just a very sad story.
  2. Ahhhh...yes, personal responsibility. But addiction is a mental illness. He had the shoulder injuries and he blamed the Lions for supplying him massive amounts of Vicodin. It's a horrible end to a very talented player. What could have been....
  3. Hire Chris Spielman for....something. He could help build a team. Yeah, a TV and former player again.
  4. There's not many people here defending the Lions. I feel they would have won with Stafford in there. Any word if he's on IR yet?
  5. I want the Lions to get the ball back so they can take a knee.
  6. Detroit saving all 3 timeouts for the plane ride home. I would make fatty Patricia walk.
  7. Don't talk like that or we'll trade you for a 7th round pick.
  8. That statement has been said over 40,000 times since 1970. Did you think you're telling us something we didn't know?
  9. Might as well be 41-6. The Lions are toast. Remember that slappie who insisted we could sweep this pathetic Bears team?
  10. They said "Let's take a look at the first half highlight" Singular, not multiple. LMAO
  11. That's true. We couldn't expect to carry a talented backup to a player who never misses a game. But keeping Patricia? Wow, our owner would have to not really care about the win-loss record. The bottom line is the one thing she cares about?
  12. Who's his backup? When Mack knocks him out cold, do we have a 3rd stringer?
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