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  1. Get the 40% unemployment rate down by hiring people to be government thugs. A great fiscal plan by a wonderful president.
  2. And all these Trump sheep will go away and hide. We should out them all now so we have someone to blame. If we're not all nuked before then by the real threats.
  3. Or being played for a fool. Only an idiot or a fool would believe he/she is safe now because that illegal dishwasher has been deported. Or maybe people like him/her need that job?
  4. I suggest you stay drunk for the next four years. It won't hurt as much when they bend you over. 😊
  5. Correct. Just report the words coming out of Trump's or his cronies lips. Lies are fake news. And any/every thing they say are lies. Lies = Fake. But just keep telling yourself everything is fine. Denial doesn't make news fake. Only a fool gets fooled.
  6. Really? Look up and read about deflection; "When accused, deflect the blame by pointing at others." When you and any other Trumpers defend this administration actions, I'm not sure if you're trying to convince us or yourself. Sad, VERY sad. But keep talking about Trump and his cronies with their fake news. If any of these disgusting people's lips are moving, they are lying and making up news as they go. They are even SO stupid, they contradict each other. Just disgusting morons.
  7. Trump will only take questions he gives out to "reporters" that he wants asked. "Mr. President? Are you the smartest President of all time?" "Mr. President? Is there anybody whom doesn't love you?" Just. Disgusting. Eat it up, all you Trumpers..You DESERVE what you get.
  8. 8-0 final. I just saw the highlights. The Tigers look like legit WS contenders to me. Pitch, hit, field and run the bases, boys. Looks like mid-season form to me. Yes sir, spring games make or break a teams entire season. Especially the early season spring exhibitions.
  9. Whenever I go to another country, I'm called an American. Heritage never comes up. The same with Canadians, even though we have French Canadians. So I could see how all the Russians are considered Russians.
  10. Paradise? I thought they were looking to get to Pasadena.
  11. It's not Brad's job to teach his players the basics of playing baseball at this level. These players are the cream of the crop and should have basic baseball knowledge.
  12. It makes sense. Brad isn't stupid. He said last week the fans were going to freak out when they saw his early season lineups. He wants to get the World Classic players as many early at bats as he could. He also said not to read too much into these lineups.
  13. They stick up for him because they're too stubborn, stupid and ashamed that they screwed up so horribly. But... that's just my opinion.
  14. I didn't vote for the Ausmus option. I said 50%.
  15. Stupid fake news. It's right up there with Bonderman's change-up. : ) I read Rondon is working on a change-up. It should be interesting.