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  1. I watched for an inning. It's too depressing/boring with no fans. The Tampa Bay Tigers? It sure feels that way.
  2. Both the plain meaning of the Constitution’s text and the historical evidence show that once a president has been impeached, he or she loses the power to pardon anyone for criminal offenses connected to the articles of impeachment — and that even after the Senate’s failure to convict the president, he or she does not regain this power. https://www.politico.com/amp/news/magazine/2020/02/27/trump-pardon-roger-stone-constitution-117757?__twitter_impression=true
  3. With The Strategy Expert doing color. 😄😄
  4. I wonder what'll happen once all these sports teams discover we no longer need them. They'll all be outta business.
  5. Yes, I see your point. Back end of the rotation guys can be limited, they would be easily replaceable. I would love to have my top 3 starters giving me 7 innings or 120 pitches. This is something that really puzzles me. Back in the day, pitchers would give a team 300 IP. I know the money comes into play, no manager wants to shorten a great pitcher's career by overusing him. But athletes in every sport have gotten bigger and stronger. Starting pitchers are the opposite, they've actually regressed. Maybe it's the maximum effort they exert now, the hitters are better. And running backs in the NFL come out for a rest in the middle of drives. Players in all sports have gotten bigger and faster. But don't start limiting your front end starting pitchers to under 100 pitches. That's something I'll probably never agree with.
  6. This is why I think the most important stat of a RP is inherited runs scored. It's mostly overlooked but many times it decides a game.
  7. The main problem I see with limiting a starting pitchers innings is their body may adjust to only throwing 50 to 75 pitches. Sure, that's about all I wanna see from some of these guys but why limit the young pitchers and stunt their endurance? Think of quality pitchers, would you have wanted a manager to limit JV to 3-5 innings per start? And then when you need/want him to go 8 innings, or 120 pitches, you're putting a strain on his arm and putting him at risk of injury. Future stud pitchers should work their endurance up to 100 to 120 pitches per game. But Zimmermann and Nova? Sure, limit them. They're contracts are up after this season anyway. And they've already reached their peak and are on the way down anyway. I would cut those 2 guys and give the innings to the younger guys with potential.
  8. Getting back to topic, has the issue of spitting been addressed yet? Is there a warning and then ejection? It really does spread disease. Tony Phillips could never play without spitting all over himself.
  9. You can't build up an immunity to a brand new virus. Mankind has never been exposed to this "novel"* virus before. We can all have the strongest immune system possible and still catch and spread the coronavirus. Wear a mask. *novel means brand new, never seen before.
  10. Finding the right person to marry is much more important than the party or events of the wedding. But that's just my opinion. I got married in my sisters backyard. 32 years and going strong
  11. Yes, I got it open with Incognito mode. Amazing read and this was also very enlightening; https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/07/07/trumps-niece-fills-out-picture-trump-cheater/
  12. But what's worse, talking sports in the political forum or talking politics in a sports forum? With the sports seasons being threatened because of the virus, all the talk is related. Try talking baseball without bringing up the virus. Impossible. 😗😗
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