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  1. Agree to confirm someone who hasn't even been nominated yet.
  2. I have a serious pre-existing medical condition. Trump winning and removing pre-existing conditions could be a death sentence to me. And I have to hang in there until the Lions win a Super Bowl. 😃 Now it looks like I'll be going to a polling place and not using the mail. I want Trump to lose in just the poll voting AND with the mail-ins. We need to show him America doesn't want him or his agenda.
  3. Doesn't Mitch have a covid relief bill the house passed months ago that he refuses to bring to a senate vote? But they're going to push a Supreme Court justice nomination through? There isn't even one nominated yet and they're already say they're going to vote yes. And then they wonder why so many people consider them deplorables?
  4. I wonder if this is true? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/21/nyregion/donald-trump-taxes-cyrus-vance.html
  5. See? That's the hate I'm talking about. There's a house about a mile away from me with several Trump signs. Whenever I go past it, I just shake my head and wonder how stupid the people who live there must be. But I would never consider trying to intimidate them. That a felony, I believe?
  6. Sometimes I feel the same way. I'm a prototypical Trumper, a 60 year old white man. I don’t wear a red hat though and before Trump came along I barely cared about politics. It's just Trump (and his followers) are such cold hearted and horrible people. I like to laugh, smile and have a good time. The only thing I hear out of them is hatred and disgust for every fellow human who doesn't feel the same as they do. Donald wants to divide us so we fight each other while him and his cronies rob the country blind. And he has millions of cult followers.
  7. Did Patricia say we need to coach better yet?
  8. Green Bay will score at will. The Lions will look to control the clock. Good luck with that.
  9. I agree. He came here knowing these teams, each season, would struggle. A real baseball man who will be missed. I wish him nothing but the best of luck and health.
  10. Golladay is/was looking at a big payday. I wonder if his injury is changing the Lions mind about longterm? And like was said, our lack of a pass rush along with an injured secondary, means Rodgers will score at will. Maybe even take most of the 2nd half off?
  11. The "protesters" were only there for an hour. Security broke them up.
  12. So if Biden wins and the Democrats maintain the House and take the Senate, Biden could appoint 2 justices? The Republicans better be careful if so. Politics are so ugly.
  13. I heard this on CNN. Not the appointees you mentioned, just the fact they could appoint more justices. I'm no expert on the constitution and I need to ask, how many justices can we have? If it is legal to appoint 2 more, that would make me feel much better.
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