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  1. The only good Yankee is a Yankee writhing in pain on the ground. Oh...and the future Austin Jackson.
  2. I was hoping Jones would just make contact at one point and he hit into a DP. I felt stupid for hoping for him to put the ball in play.
  3. So the Tigers will have 9 outs to score 2 runs to tie. I wonder who will be on the team in September. I think the only player on the 25 man roster that the Tigers want to build around is Stewart. Not too many other players on the team that could be on the team in a few years. Just a bunch of future trivia answer players.
  4. Pick the stick really adds suspense and meaning to these games. Not.
  5. Why send Candelario down and keep running Jones out there in CF? How many singles are we going to allow him to turn into triples? And he looks like he doesn't have a clue at the plate. Have mercy on him and end his misery.
  6. Those "kids" down on Erie is all we can look forward to. They need to all stay healthy and start showing up in 2020 and 2021. Until then.....ugh
  7. Jack Morris actually said..."This is ridiculous"
  8. I'm tired of Jones. And 2 of our starting pitchers.
  9. He's closer to the ground so gravity doesn't affect and age him as fast as a normal sized human. I'm bummed he's out, I love watching him and Miggy mess with each other at 1st base
  10. TBH I forgot about Norris. So yeah, we lost 4 of our projected top 5 SP. Just don't rush Mize.
  11. I may be wrong but I think Turnbull made the team as our 5th SP. So we've lost 60% of our SP staff.
  12. During a rebuild, a team gets to respectable. We're not quite there yet but most of the long term players at most positions aren't even here yet. So...I'm nuts.
  13. Don't mess with the one thing that is working. Overworking him this early in the season?
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