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  1. Due to Vest being slightly less despicable than the average Buckey, I have to agree.
  2. Which website do you use? I just did a small 2 game parlay yesterday on Minnesota and Cincinnati to win outright. And well, yeah, I'm sure you saw what happened at the end of the Cincy game.
  3. I just... you know... It's gotta be something in water. Now Julian Peterson can't tackle and Phillip Buchanon can't cover. This is ****ing pathetic. Again. Pardon my french.
  4. Here on 9/10 we observe one of the greatest holidays of the year. NFL opening game. On nights like these it's important that we remember the things that really matter. Family, beer, blitz 8s, who to start at the flex position, wildcards, and pick 6s. So from my kin to yours, I wish you a happy NFL opening. May this game be great and may the cornbread be plentiful. Titans at Steelers - discuss.
  5. Tigers apologist. Drive me effin nuts. Completely EFFIN NUTS. The Royals are good in September. The sweep is good because the Tigers will use it to learn and rebound. Bill Butler. This is a team that wants to win the World Series. HELLO!!! Unacceptable. And by unacceptable, I mean completely. Complete disgrace. Bad managerial decisions, awful at bats, an abortion of a suspension. As a fan you ought to be pissed. They can't give JV 2 to work with against the Royals? He's going to need 5 in the Yankees series.
  6. Agreed best picture ever. Better than me doing this:
  7. Ernie on the radio. Not good. 2 things: - When asked about penalties for hitting QBs he said something along the lines of he doesn't care about penalties or fines. If he gets to the QB he's trying to hurt him because it's an offensive league and he doesn't like it. Come on Ernie, you can't say that. Then, this gem: - When asked about his goals, he said his #1 goal was to break Chris Spielmans tackle record. He wants to get over 200 tackles a season en route to that. After that though, he wants to help the team and win. Come on Ernie. It's only a 30 minute show. Now keep in mind this is my summary of his words, and not his exact words. Maybe you heard it on 97.1 live, if not I'm sure there's a podcast. But he gave me atleast 2 "what the hell" moments and he's my favorite Lion.
  8. Wade led an NFL team in catches for the past 2 seasons. Your #2 receiver is a #4 receiver, and your #3 receiver was a cast away from the most disgraceful team in the NFL. Sign Wade.
  9. I would encourage her to become a better stripper.
  10. Do you think she cares that her husband is a horrible baseball player?
  11. I'm sure we'll give Huff 8 mil a season.
  12. Very nice and interesting. However: Dean Palmer's .263 1999 season being on the list. Ha?
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