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  1. what a wide range of interesting tidbits! i truly appreciate your humor, your kind words, and the advice from someone who has lived it. without getting too personal... marriage is not something i think lightly about. i come from a broken home myself... and that's not an option to me. at 23 i come with more than my fair share of baggage. i've been burned hard and add that to the classic daddy issues.. i'm a fun one to be around believe me, eloping and running off seems so much easier.. and CHEAPER! but we want to celebrate our amazing moment with the people we love. on another note. i will never block the tv during the game. i will always make sure he's full of nommy foods, and that he's got clean, non-wrinkled clothes to wear. we will always have beer in the fridge and i won't withhold naughty fun times because i'm mad. that's my style. he's my best friend. we're a team. fin.
  2. hey y'all... i haven't been on here for ages. and i won't even tell you how much baseball i haven't seen on a good note.. i'm getting married!!! so all of you crazy folk who have already taken the plunge... advice! i mean on everything... the actual wedding, being a newlywed.. anything. you guys always have the greatest advice. thaaaanks in advance!!
  3. aww bummer! when inge and i became facebook friends he only had a few hundred. i like to consider myself a 'charter friend'
  4. ahhh hahaha. this thread went places... i don't know why y'all would look at that profile anyway.. nothin there. feel free to add me on facebook though! (and yes i just got a few more requests ya lil stinkers!) my name is marcy margarita on there.. i'm friends with quite a few mts folk but seriously... does anyone chat or have chat initiated by other players?! and more importantly why doesn't jeff frazier have a facebook?!
  5. hahaha. i see where you went with that. nice.
  6. literally, as we type this, alfredo figaro is chatting with me. anyone else ever have one of em message you?
  7. thanks!!!... buuut the link didn't work
  8. thanks for the tidbits! we're gonna be dodgin the hurricane stuffs but really want a nice tropical oasis a beach wedding is our dream!
  9. i neeed and appreciate any of your advice, tips etc. on planning a destination wedding. we're most likely leaning toward sandals in st. lucia.. but we're open to suggestion!!! thanks
  10. my fiance and i are going to the season opener!!! but not the homey. we'll be hittin up some hens games then
  11. comparatively speaking... this isn't bad. i'll make it to see may 1st... i think.
  12. ahhh so excited! did i ever tell y'all bout the time figaro im'd me on facebook? yeah.. that happened.
  13. this person in question has been chillin on the earth since 1957 and according to the information i received didn't start using it until 1986. i was issued this ssn in 1987. definitely my #.
  14. i just got hired in at a new place.. and they naturally ran a lot of my stuffs. well.. turns out some dude has been using my ssn... since BEFORE MY BIRTH. anywho... i just filed a fraud report with ss online so we'll see how that goes. anyone have any experience with this... cause this sounds like it could be some seriously bad news bears action. thanks!!
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