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  1. My a.a.t. is still lighting ;em up. Casper goes deep again,,,,,,4th game in a row
  2. Casper and Furbush both on 25 man. Martinez to AA. Casper starting tomorrow in CF
  3. The sticking point was Casper's Dad.....Seattle wanted him bad
  4. Casper on the move to seattle with 1 other for fister
  5. Any deal with Casper MUST include his dad.
  6. I told you that hours ago. he's part of a trade package. I'm telling you.San Diego or Seattle
  7. a big name noticeably absent from the mudhens lineup tonight. I think the ghost is toast.head west young man.
  8. I think it's sad to see Casper get only 70 AB's so far this year. They should give him the same chance they gave everyone else . Tell him they're gonna let him play a few games in a row then see what he does.He is ther only player (who started the season with the team) who hasn't started at least 2 games in a row.If he's only gonna play against LH pitchers then he will be sitting again this week. I still don't think he will be sent down on Monday.I believe it will be a pitcher.
  9. Anyone with any opinions on this topic?Dirks?Wells?Raburn?Kelly?
  10. Jeff, thanks for your kind remarks. I enjoy doing the threads but I'm not a photographer. I just find things on the internet to share and hope for the best.

  11. your pictures are truly a work of art.Although i don't post much, i looked at every one of your pictures this spring. Are you a professional photographer? Nice work,

  12. I was wondering what is up with my AAT? Did i miss something? Is he hurt? Is he in the doghouse for his comments the other day? I haven't found anything in the media about this. Anyone have any insight. This is the third game he hasn't played.Or maybe he has a roster spot and they are trying to decide the other outfielder. Kinda funny to me that he leads the team in some offensive categories but only has 23 at bats this spring.
  13. Thank you Wendy and Huey for the pics of Casper. I have some i took when he was at my house for Christmas. I'll put them on soon. Go Tigers!
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