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  1. You are probably true. I could also see him being really into wine. I'd also bet that Iain Lanvivich is a fan of Budweiser products.
  2. That eating carbohydrates is somehow bad for you, or will make you gain weight.
  3. Look at this guy: Campbell Ewald - Dave Lockwood "Good Jazz. Good Conversation. What Else Do You Need?" Come on. As for Ian Lavavich, he was the right man at the right time. The old guys who were terrified of "The Internet" were crapping their Depends Undergarments, and he just stepped up and said he was an expert. They all believed him. But he is not a creative.
  4. Carl Levin is a tightwad. He used to stiff all the tipped employees when he'd come to the Ritz-Carlton for events. Plus, he's got a preposterous comb-over. All more meaningful than his position on Iraq.
  5. Here's the negative I see: Campbell Ewald - Iain Lanivich
  6. Obviously, I'm not sure of the calibre of the restaurants you ate at in Rome, but I'd be shocked if the Olive Garden was actually better. I don't doubt that you *prefer* Olive Garden; you may have just not reached the level of refined palate necessary to make a worthwhile judgment.
  7. 'Thank You For That Gift': Memories Of Van Cliburn From Medalists : Deceptive Cadence : NPR I saw Nakamatsu perform at the '97. Though I didn't think he deserved to place in the Top 3 -- let alone win (I agree with Nakamatsu himself that his win was pure luck) -- his words here show class. RIP to one of the greats.
  8. A coworker of mine recently went gluten-free and has been pleased with the results. She's on vacation this week, however. I'll ask her for feedback when she returns to the office and circle back to this thread.
  9. I'm enjoying this tonight: Robust, complex, rich.
  10. I also am peeved by hotel showers with knobs that aren't intuitive: I don't know who the jackass was that thought a single knob was more intuitive or effective than separate knobs for hot and cold. It's probably the same jackass that invented the sink faucets that you have to hold down to get water. EDIT: This illustration sums it up well: http://www.letterstobuffoons.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ShowerHandle.jpg
  11. I can see a watch like this being useful if you had a bunch of work-related emergencies a lot, but man I would HATE being this plugged-in to my office. While you're relaxing with a Tigers game? Man, that's my time. If there's something that's truly urgent, someone will call me. I recently disabled the auto-check of emails on my iPhone because I got tired of the constant notifications. The vast majority of emails and texts can wait. I would like to see what Apple does with this though. The model posted in this thread is really hideous, IMO.
  12. I like "Death of a Disco Dancer" by the Smiths, and the whole "Queen Is Dead" album.
  13. "Screw those fancy-pants gastro-pub burgers. Give me a McDonald's Big Mac and a Large Order of Fries. Like the proles eat!"
  14. Have you had Founders CBS IS? Being a huge Imperial aficionado, I was wetting myself when I received a bottle as a gift. The appearance: Black as coal. But when held to the light it appears coffee brown. I immediately smelled dark chocolate, peppermint, bacon. Which of course I expected, but what I didn't expect was how slippery-smooth and downright oily it was. I've had KBS before and the taste/aroma/feel/vibe/groove was bombastic. In a good way though.
  15. Agree entirely. The only type of people I tend to care for less than people who drink Budweiser products are people who think the purpose of drinking is to get trashed and vomit off a balcony into a pool.
  16. Didn't see your question the first time through. I don't know why I don't care for them -- I just usually don't. I do think Bud tastes terrible, but there are some trendy hoppy beers that I also think taste terrible. That doesn't mean I instantly hate someone who purchases and consumes Budweiser products, but from my experience, I tend to not care for someone if they do. Years ago, Mark Wahlberg and I got trashed in Windsor at the strip clubs. He drank Bud Light the entire night but to my surprise couldn't have been a nicer or more down-to-earth guy. It's not an absolute.
  17. Welcome to six years ago with that device.
  18. I can't wait to do the same, while watching King Joffrey Baretheon behead more traitors that betray the crown.
  19. Exactly. Like the guy who comes out and the whole screen shakes.
  20. I back in, but only if there's no one waiting behind me. Plus I was a valet-parking attendant for years, so I'm awesome and fast at it.
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