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  1. We've got some good matchups in Buffalo this year. O$U-Dayton and Cuse-Western Mich for the afternoon session, then Villanova-UW Milwaukee and UCONN-St. Joes. It could shape up to be Buckeyes-Orange and ''Nova-UCONN on Saturday which should be two great games, if they fall that way. I got tickets for all sessions and games, should be fun!
  2. Pathetic by Buffalo blow a 10 point lead in the 2nd half. We have the MAC POY, who got shut down, and one guy (Freelove) who actually showed up on offense. Nobody else could hit a shot. This was a big year to make a run with a few really good seniors and McCreas last chance. Such a huge disappointment here today.
  3. That Akron-Ohio game should be good tonight. Hopefully Buffalo handles Eastern like they should, and we'll get a rematch of what was a really good game @Toledo this year on Friday night between them and Buffalo. I think it'll be Toledo or Buffalo that takes this whole thing.
  4. Heading to Cleveland we have this.... Wednesday, March 12th.. Game 5: (5) Ohio vs. (8) Miami (OH). 6:30 p.m. Game 6: (6) Eastern Michigan vs. (7) Northern Illinois Thursday, March 13th.. Game 7: Game 5 Winner vs. (4) Akron, 6:30 p.m. Game 8: Game 6 Winner vs. (3) Buffalo Friday March 14th... Game 9: Game 7 winner vs. (1) Western Michigan, 6:30 p.m. Game 10: Game 8 winner vs. (2) Toledo Saturday March 15th... Championship Game: Game 9 winner vs. Game 10 winner
  5. So as of this morning, the seeds would look like this: Triple Bye, into the semi-finals: (Friday) 1) Toledo (12-4) 2) Buffalo (12-4) Double Bye to the Quarterfinals: (Thursday) 3) Western Michigan(12-4). 4) Akron (10-6). First round home games on Monday: 5) Ohio, (9-7). vs. 12) Ball State (2-14) 6) Eastern Michigan (9-7). vs. 11) Central Michigan (3-13) 7) Northern Illinois (7-9) vs. 10) Bowling Green (6-10) 8) Kent State (7-9) vs. 9) Miami (OH) (7-9)
  6. No, they changed that, it's strictly top to bottom, where you finish in your division doesn't really matter. (Which sucks for Buffalo as they'll win the East and may still get a 3 seed.)
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with it. I think between the top 4 teams in the regular season, you'll have an idea who is tournament worthy. It just goes to show, make the top 4, or you're pretty much toast. That's just too many games in too few days to win. 6 games in 8 days, winning 5 in a row, would be some sort of miracle feat.
  8. Speaking of MAC basketball, the mens tourney? Double and triple byes? Basically, it's top 4 or bust for having any shot at playing in the big dance. Laid out below. The top 2 seeds get TRIPLE byes. The 3 and 4 seeds get double byes. So the top 2 seeds need 2 wins to win the MAC title (Friday, Saturday). The 3 and 4 seeds need to win 3 games to win it all (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). If you're seeded 5-12 you'd have to win 5 games in 6 days to win the MAC title. You'd be playing Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The 5 thru 12 seeds are the only teams playing in those Monday and Wednesday games. ***Oh not to mention, everyone's last MAC regular season game is the Saturday leading up to this. So in reality, if you're a 5-12 seed, you'd have to play in 6 games in 8 days, and win 5 of those to win the MAC title...so basically, if you're not in the top 4 forget it.***
  9. D1 athletes don't go to class, get free grades, special treatment, etc.? Shocker...lol
  10. Always wanted MLB in Buffalo, we have a stadium that could add seats and be ready to go. Our AAA team draws one of the top crowds in the minors, if not the best. Nice downtown stadium. It will never happen though. We were close, almost got the Marlins but it was called off. Highly doubt it ever happens now. Toronto is all we got, and I hate the Jays.
  11. TAAAAAR HEEEEEEEEEEELS!!! Still absolutely OWN Sparty, and it's awesome.
  12. Crazy right now. The Bills would pick 8th overall in the draft. However, they are 1 game out of the last wildcard in the AFC still. What a mess!
  13. NIU secures another trip to the MAC title game with their win over Toledo. Buffalo and Bowling Green play on black Friday at Ralph Wilson Stadium home of the Bills, for what will be a winner take all game. Winner goes to Detroit to play NIU for the MAC title. Should be a great game, I'm certainly going to it.
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