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  1. I tried earlier today. https://mobile.twitter.com/HighOPS/status/1290683493631000577
  2. On the front page of CNN.com now (News and Buzz section)
  3. The ad showed up independently in my Twitter feed from someone impressed with it. it’s amazing.
  4. Did Mortal Kombat have ramps?
  5. So, is this Portland stuff real? If so, and it flies I can see a lot of people disappearing into Federal detention.
  6. I have seen a lot of grad-party-like tents set up as I've walked around my neighborhood. Fortunately, Livonians, who are known for their good sense* and empathy for others+ will keep the guest list under 100 and wear masks when they can't sit 6 feet apart# at the party. *They are not. +They are not. #They won't.
  7. They are certainly routinely overbooked. I went to see Obama speak in 2016. A colleague who is actually active in the Democratic Party could not get in because of the line. We both had "tickets". It was fun. A charismatic speaker who had had 9 or 10 years to polish his delivery and lines. "Obamacare has been so successful that pretty soon the Republicans are going to stop calling it that."
  8. Maybe there is hope. It seems that only the Reddest Hats want to drink the Covidade in Tulsa.
  9. I think it is pretty unlikely that DeSantis would be the Democrats nominee for president. (Edit I mean to multi-quote Buddha here but in my decade or so away I forgot how to use the feature)
  10. Back on the spacing in the stadium it is even more complicated. A family of four could all sit together without causing a problem- they already interact. So you'd need groups of seats of various sizes the appropriate distance from other groups of appropriate sizes. And each group would have to have access to an aisle. That annoyance of the fan who has to get up 6 times a game for vaious stuff and squeeze buy becomes more than an annoyance if you all have to file out of the row to let them by.
  11. Semi-adequate . . . I call it "3-guard and careless attitude" They won't need to take a booking photo if I'm ever arrested.
  12. As long as the hacking is done at longer than a 4 guard you should be fine either way.
  13. I just yesterday put in for back-ordered clippers at Costco with a May 22 expected ship date and they shipped today. So soon I will go from messy hair that is in my eyes to messy hair that is not in my eyes.
  14. The second amendment now means and individual right to bear arms. The first amendment now means if you believe or pretend to believe certain special stories you can ignore laws you don’t like. Why not interpret “peaceably assemble” as assemble with high-capacity rifles? I’m not even sure what we get out of the empire anymore other than open borders.
  15. If you can take high-capacity, rapid-fire rifles legally into a discount department store or grocery store you should be able to take them into the state capitol. (You really shouldn't be able to do either but legislators need to really believe in an individual right to bear arms or not).
  16. I'm getting camping gear and left-wing clickbait. It used to be right-wing clickbait so they must be running out of money. Or they are protesting the banning of Stan. I don't camp and we don't talk about camping so I don't get that ad.
  17. Oh. Swallow the flashlight. I thought the right was becoming more progressive. I guess they'd still protest Mapplethorpe.
  18. It is a nice computer and I was out of wine OTOH.
  19. I bought a new computer and some wine. My wife plans to share with service people out of work and relatives in need. I married up, morally.
  20. If your 2020 AGI falls below the limit you can claim the rebate in 2021 when you file taxes. OTOH if your 2020 AGI goes up you do not have to pay the additional tax- you can keep what you got.
  21. It's a step function- unless he's spending a lot of time in there.
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