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  1. That's a good joke until President Belichick takes office in 2029.
  2. UM Health system said they are using info in the Health Portal to sort us all and will let us know when it's our turn. Normally I would think it's a little bit actively stalky but at this point not having to figure it out myself and knowing that they are getting their share of the vaccine out there reassures me.
  3. Texas: Michigan also failed to complete the henway. Michigan: What's a henway? Texas [smirking]:...
  4. If you put half the eventual corona virus deaths on Trump's laziness and grift he will be hard to be worse than. I mean allowing his son-in-law to have middle men sell PPE a second time to get a cut of what taxpayers already bought when lives were at stake is tough to beat. But, seizing Native American lands, enslaving millions for over 100 years, refusing to honestly apply the 14th and 15th amendments,. . ., depending on how you assign the blame there are a lot of Americans who would score "high". I guess I won't be teaching in the 1776 Project.
  5. Waiting in line for a chicken sandwich is crazy. No chicken sandwich is that good. Plus, all the religious freedom, Christians are a higher order citizen, BS.
  6. That billboard demonstrates the MAGA Comply Paradox: What happens if a police officer asks you to wear a mask?
  7. And how does this help their candidate? Perhaps my mind is neither evil nor subtle enough to get it?
  8. The airport is in Iowa. Evidently the Missouri shifted at some point after the border was drawn. Edit: Well, no, but there is a small area of Iowa nearby on the west side of the Missouri.
  9. Omaha’s airport is in Iowa. There is a small swath of Iowa on the west side of the Missouri. Something about the river shifting course and some point.
  10. I know a handful of college students to whom I could refer Tucker the next time he needs an excuse.
  11. In case some of you really don't know- he claimed losses one year and under current tax law you can use losses to offset profits in prior years, So, he appropriately paid taxes one year. Then he claimed a loss in a subsequent year to get the taxes he paid back. The offset can be lawful. It is also probably bad policy. Trump's deduction probably was not lawful and hence the audits. He just needed cash one year and probably in his narcissistic brain knew he would make up for it and could pay back the IRS once they ruled against him,. He, of course, lost more money because he is incompetent outside of marketing and using the legal system to punch down at those with fewer resources.
  12. ...New York has gone to- hello osteopath, please give me chloroquine and if you don't elect me I'll kick you- behind the White House fencing there was a lot of gas, the senators breathed in and got knocked on their- ask 'Leigh no more questions, she'll tell me no more lies, Pence is in the debate room, fending off the- flies...
  13. It might still be a blessing from God. But most likely he will recover.
  14. Is texting someone that "McEnany has the karma flu" unfair to Vedics? Meh, too late.
  15. To be fair the GOP plan does protect preexisting conditions. Those conditions may become much more pronounced when they remove insurance coverage from the people that have preexisting conditions.
  16. This is what I assume. Part of the 25th Amendment was to distinguish between when the VP is acting president and actually becomes president. But, if Trump does die there will be no VP until January. I can't imagine the House would be in any hurry to vote.
  17. It's true. I was running the feed. I ended up just copying "Laugh like the guy next to you is an idiot" and pressing ctrl-v over and over.
  18. Projection doesn’t skip generations.
  19. TBF this was probably a harder grift to set up then charging taxpayers twice for PPE by putting Kushner's friends in the middle to distribute to the states.
  20. I tried earlier today. https://mobile.twitter.com/HighOPS/status/1290683493631000577
  21. On the front page of CNN.com now (News and Buzz section)
  22. The ad showed up independently in my Twitter feed from someone impressed with it. it’s amazing.
  23. So, is this Portland stuff real? If so, and it flies I can see a lot of people disappearing into Federal detention.
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