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  1. You can't change it without redoing the whole government: "... and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate." <--Closing sentence of Article V.
  2. It seemed wise to drive it down our street after dark on Halloween. And by wise I mean stupid, pointless, and dangerous.
  3. He'd be accused of nepotism for nothing more than putting an under-qualified relative in a position where he controlled the hiring.
  4. I was leaning towards non-renewal since there are only a few July home games, but an email I got today said that if I renewed by mid-October I could have a Mickey Stanley bobble head.
  5. It probably wasn't all laughing at Trump's record- though a lot was. It was also the awkwardness of giving a political speech to foreign leaders. What an absolute lack of knowing your audience- you'd think a successful con man could tailor the message better.
  6. In 2060 the country may be majority Latinx socialists.
  7. I'd rather fight traffic, but being able to get to the game 45 minutes beforehand and take Exit 50 has been nice this year.
  8. No Gerber. Mrs. HighOPS will only have to put up with Reyes and McCann rants at the game today. Edit: And maybe Mahtook. Edit to edit: And possibly Greiner
  9. I'm 1.5 years late with this, but I like to think Trump was trying to lose and just couldn't. **** I'm still in it . . . I'll talk about my genitals in a debate **** I'm still in it . . . I'll attack the parents of a soldier who died at war **** I'm still in it . . . I'll have my rally participants give a nazi salute **** I'm still in it . . . I'll make a racist rant against a judge because his parents are from Mexico **** I'm still in it . . . I'll encourage show trials at a major party convention **** I'm still in it . . . I'll encourage foreign agents to commit crimes against Americans **** I'm still in it . . .
  10. It's not as obvious as it should be that trying to uphold ethics is protected: Look up Garcetti v Ceballos
  11. If we are rehashing the cold weather franchise argument: April games are horrible for all markets because kids are still in school, so $$$$. An alternate solution is to shorten the season, but $$$$.
  12. Maybe not. I still had mine up at about double face value (not dynamic pricing value- the retail of a premium game minus the small STH discount). It sold between the rain out call and Stubhub shutting down and rebooting as a Friday game. This is a desirable outcome for me. I bet some folks who had an unattainable price set for a rainy day are not happy to see their now sunny day tickets gone.
  13. I will also maybe be at Saturday's rain out. And I didn't think this season would be disappointing until at least late April.
  14. I'm not even driving down if the forecast is the same in the morning. Sunk costs don't influence my thinking much.
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