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  1. Best guess- some percentage of deaths are probably unclassified. Over several years there is probably an average that can be used for flu deaths/deaths. Knowing the percentage of tests and positives for a specific year can refine this.
  2. A 1 in 200 chance of death isn't really that rare. I mean sometimes when a friend rolled 3d6 and got 18 it was real.
  3. The outlaws are breaking the terms of use with multiple accounts?
  4. For some reason everyone always wants to be right and no one wants to be subtle. You can simultaneously believe that the leader of your government is a do-nothing-idiot and that in this country there was no chance the pandemic wouldn't affect us. This is all over the place and may stop creative solutions. You can simultaneously believe that law enforcement officers should be protected and that citizens should not be killed in routine traffic stops.
  5. Lack of understanding of conditional probability and confirmation bias will make it hard to change folks minds about the best response to serious infectious disease. You can't, in the same place, both practice and not practice social distancing. Possibly you can say something by comparing similar places after the fact.
  6. @Sports_Freak I walk by St. Mary's daily when out for exercise. I thought of your wife today. I hope everything turns out ok.
  7. @casimir I can empathize with the spring break thing. Ours only synced up once and we had a nice trip to Lakeland. Well, except for the drive from Lakeland back to TPA in rush hour. That was insane.
  8. Yeah. We have a June trip (maybe)to visit a daughter out of state. We are not at all sure how that will work out.
  9. We were able to unwind everything (except perhaps 2 Virgin Australia flights for under $200) for an Australian trip in May. While we wish we could go we have been pretty thankful that Delta, the Sydney Opera House, ... all have given refunds. Maybe in 2022 we'll try agin. 11-day trips don't work with 14-day quarantines.
  10. Has it hit Toronto hard yet? New York being hit early on was probably a big factor here.
  11. That's the thing- every set of symptoms that you'd have called a cold or mild food poisoning in the past now you wonder . . .
  12. I hope it is mild or something else. These are scary times.
  13. They are gluttons for not dying needlessly.
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