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  1. I think while Chicago is probably better skill-wise than Anaheim, and deeper, they're style of play probably suits the Wings more than the Ducks' style of play. I am worried, though, that the Wings psychologically, will think that the worst is over and think Chicago will be easier; and have a letdown in game one, and lose. If the Wings come out ready and treat the Blackhawks like the Penguins and the Ducks, they should be OK. If they come out thinking the worst is over until the Penguins, they could be in trouble. But this is not a stupid team, and they don't have a hack coach. I'm guessing they'll be ready for game one.
  2. Stafford, no surprise. Petigrew kind of surprised me. I thought they’d take Oher. The one thing about this pick that I like is that it indicates that the Lions are probably going to have a basic, run oriented offense. I think he’ll be a solid TE for years. He’s big. He blocks well. He’s not the OT that I wanted, but he’s a 265 pound blocking TE. They probably got the best TE in the draft. I thought for sure they’d take Rey with their second round pick. I was pretty pumped up about the prospects. But I don’t have a problem with Delmas. He’s the best safety in the draft. I have less of a problem with Delmas than I do with the other two picks, Rey or no Rey. So being optimistic, you could say the Lions got the best TE in the draft, the best QB in the draft, and the best safety in the draft. I think two out of three of those are pretty good bets.
  3. In the last three games, Izzo has out-coached three big time coaches--Bill Self, Rick Pitino, and Calhoun. And it's not like he's eeking out wins. He's totally dominating Hall of Fame caliber coaches. And it's not like he's out sneaking them, being finesse against guys with "superior" teams. He's right up in their faces dominating them at what they're supposed to be good at. UConn was supposed to have the big bad front line; and they dominated the first half, I'll give them that. But in the second half, MSU's front line played better than UConn's. What's scary about that is two out of 3 of MSU's frontline studs are freshmen--Roe and Green. They both played well against a mean and nasty UConn front line. Very impressive, even though Green fouled out. I liked that Roe was very aggressive. I've been on his bandwagon all year. He made a few moves tonight, where he looked like the big time recruit that he was. Green was useless in the first half, but his 10 minutes in the second half was fabulous. He's a huge part of MSU's success.
  4. Michigan State has the best coach in the country. There is no other way to say it.
  5. MSU has USC's two best big men on the bench with 4 fouls each with 12 minutes left. USC is officially in trouble.
  6. I think that is the bottom line. Even today they did the school and the conference proud. It sucks, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Considering all of the circumstances, I thought they played great.
  7. I laughed when the announcer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, watch out! Robert Morris isn't messin' around!" I like Draymon Green.
  8. Not too shabby. Utah State almost did it.
  9. Clemson has a couple of big intimidating looking bruisers, but it doesn't appear that they have that great of an offensive touch. If UM can keep them farther than a foot away from the basket, they'd have a good chance. There were a couple of times where it looked like Clemson was playing volleyball against the glass.
  10. I wonder how many times we're going to hear the phrase, "Manny being Manny" tonight?
  11. Missouri? I just hope Purdue gets by Washington. Isn't that game in Portland? That's going to be like a home game for Washington. In a different time zone. I don't think that's going to be an easy game for Purdue at all. My guess is Washington will be favored.
  12. I saw it. Or part of it. Marcia Brady got pretty big. Warren Sapp was OK, but I thought Toby Keith was actually pretty funny. The Flava Flav roast had me rolling. Larry the Cable guy was OK. Cheech and Chong was OK. Flava Flav was hilarious.
  13. http://blogs.nfl.com/2009/02/20/underclassmen-quarterbacks-are-a-risk/
  14. I was the same way. I didn't care. Then I watched it, and I thought it was cool. And I agree. A lot of the teams care. A lot of them play like they have something to prove. I think the competition is excellent when you get down to the final 8 teams or so. It's not like watching AAA ball. These guys are way better.
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