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  1. Oliver has the most raw talent out of the guys we had competing for the fifth starter spot, so if he shows that he's put it all together (keeps his delivery slow even with guys on base and not walking people at the crazy rates he had been putting up in the majors) throughout the rest of the spring he makes the most sense as fifth starter.
  2. Do you consider Sullinger the kind of big we could stick next to Monroe? I mean, heaven forbid we end up with the fourth or worse pick, but if Drummond, Davis and Henson go, then would you be ok with Sullinger?
  3. Boesch is younger, a better fielder, and left-handed. No-brainer. But since Raburn is apparently our 2nd baseman of the future *coughfreesizemorecough*, this is kind of unecessary.
  4. I feel bad for Zoom, but it's time to stop kidding ourselves and just (re)act as if he'll never pitch again. MLB is littered with injury-prone guys. It's not his fault, and I'm sad to see him go, but he's got to GO.
  5. Out of that group of LB's, I'd target Chad Greenway, David Harris, and Paul Posluszny. Love Posluszny, that's a guy the Lions could use. Out of the CB's: I want to re-sign Houston, and if the Steelers don't snap up Ike Taylor I'd feel he'd be a good signing.
  6. I'm assuming the Lions are going to do what it takes to re-sign Houston, so I said the linebacking core. Right now we have Levy and.... Ashlee Palmer? Yeah, that needs to be upgraded. It IS nice, however, to have only a few area of needs this offseason, as opposed to the complete dearth of talent we had 24 months ago.
  7. Fair enough, Froggy. Where else can we get the highest-rated player at their position at #13, though? Safety? ILB? TE? It just seems to me that Pouncey will be the best (or at least highest-rated) player at a position that could use some reinforcements. And that's the last I'll say about that. I actually DO think we need a safety to complement Delmas, though, so what does everyone think about Mark Barron or Robert Sands in the 3rd-4th round?
  8. If you move Levy to the outside, you can draft a Greg Jones or a Nate Irving in the 3rd, negating the need to take Ayers. Or, you can keep Levy inside and take Jeremy Beal in the 3rd. I just think taking a LB in the first round is a reach, none of these guys really stand out to me. IMHO, we're in the position where we can take BPA in this draft, and the only place we're going to find the BPA at #13 is the OL, with Pouncey.
  9. I think that drafting Pouncey shifts Peterman to the role of backup, a role I'm much more comfortable having him in. No one's doubting Pouncey's talent and the guys you'd want to draft to fill needs will either be gone at #13 (Prince, Peterson) or not quite the right fit for our system (Ayers, Von Miller). Why the hangup about Pouncey?
  10. ...What he said. Firstrow's not working for me either.
  11. The part of the article that really struck a chord with me was when he showed the money tied up in the D-Line with and without Suh. Okung would get just as much money as Suh, but we don't have a ton of money tied up in the O-Line like we do on the D-Line.
  12. You think Clausen falls past Buffalo at #9?
  13. First: "Good Drew Sharp Article" is an oxymoron. Second: I can sum up the Magglio situation in one word: Mishandled. $18 mill is worth getting "tangled in the politics". Lastly: It SHOULD BE a two horse-race between Leyland and Washington for AL manager of the year.
  14. I'd be ok with a split, but I think we can take three of four, based purely on the pitching matchups: Jackson vs. Penny: Penny's been scuffling of late, going 1-3 with a 7.25 ERA, 26 hits in 22.1 innings, and given up 6 homers post-ASB. Jackson's last outing against Baltimore encouraged me, and he was just really unlucky against the Indians. Tigers win. Porcello vs. Tazawa: Two kids dueling it out. Here's where the split-3/4 matchups gets kind of wonky. Don't really know what to expect from Tazawa (I hope we hit him like the Yankees did) but Porcello MUST go at least 6 innings for the Tigers to win, which I think he will. Porcello's got to save the bullpen for... Galarraga vs. Beckett: Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Do I really need to say more? Verlander vs. Buchholz: I like Verlander in the day game after a night game. Opponents are hitting .327 off Buchholz (.375 during the Day), his ERA in day games is 8.10 (Yes, it's only one game, but that's all we have), and his WHIP is 1.97. Tigers Win.
  15. Although I think Pineapple has caught Verlander better than Laird, he still has SOMETHING to do with the sucess of the rest of the staff. But the lion's share of the credit still goes to Knapp.
  16. I don't expect Dontrelle to get better from here on out, so I voted to derail D-Train. If we put him on waivers, would anyone even claim him?
  17. ...Stuff like this is why I visit forums. Thanks for providing new, relevant information, Eric.
  18. Well... Denver's confirmed him to the Bears, so I believe it. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4037373 Keep the paper bags, gentlemen. We're going to need them.
  19. I think McD thinks he can turn Simms into a viable starting QB in the NFL. He certainly doesn't want to put up with any more of Culter's bs, which could make Cutler easier to acquire. I'd give up 20 and 33 for Cutler, but I wouldn't touch that #1 pick. Esp. since both sides (should) know that Sanchez will probably be around at 12, Simms is that stop-gap between the Cutler and Sanchez time periods.
  20. I would LIKE to have a guy that wasn't drowning in offensive talent in Minnesota and just plain drowned in St. Louis. But, I guess we'll wait and see.
  21. Why does it seem like we're hiring guys based on what they did 3-5 years ago?
  22. I go to MSU, I watched every single Spartan game, and a #1 pick in the NFL should have torn apart our secondary. Demolished it. Stafford seemingly has all the tools, but hasn't made all the throws (but is that because he hasn't had to?) and hasn't performed to his level of talent, IMO. Bradford, on the other hand, has been playing over his head. Having TWO 1,000 yard guys and the best offensive line in CF will make ME look like a first round pick. However, he's accurate and smart, and probably could thrive in the right offense. I'd take Stafford if I MUST have a franchise QB, because he seems like a Jay Cutler/future of the team type of player, while Bradford reminds me more of a Chad Pennington/game manager.
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