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  1. I don't know about that one. What did I miss?
  2. I should have googled this first. Both Galarraga and Fossum are mentioned in the Wikipedia article which also states that this pitch to Ortiz was a 6-12 Curve and not an Eephus. I think Wikipedia gets a lot of opinions as well as facts and now I don't know. Mario called it an Eephus and that seems to cover a lot of territory in itself but the definition I read matched. It simply stated " A trick pitch with a high arc". Do pro's ever step in to these conversations?
  3. It was really extreme from Galarraga. Very much like a kids softball game, really high. Randy Johnsons' was not on purpose then or is it in his arsenal? Are you telling me it's thrown like a knuckle ball? I was wondering about the delivery. I'll watch Fossum but he's not throwing a lot right now and I'm not holding my breath to ever see another.
  4. Did anybody or everybody see Galarraga's eephus pitch to Big Poppy this spring? That was the goofiest thing I have seen in baseball. Never saw it or heard of it before and I've been watching baseball for 40 years. I loved the way Ortiz stood there stunned and walked away grumbling to himself for a couple of minutes. It was highly entertaining.
  5. Well I'll be. Does it have any information? Like who wrote it, an ASCAP number, or a date? Thanks a lot. If I can find it, it would be a good tune for the summer park concert band. I'm sure people would love to hear it again.
  6. Thats a multi-million dollar question. How did the Dodgers get Manny? I think they gave up some of the future for the present. Maybe the Tigers will try that too. It's hard to for me to think of them as in a rebuilding phase already but with the pitching situation I guess they are. I think they might need to trade somebody big to get the pitching they need. On the other hand what if they didn't change anything and everybody came back healthy next spring? Wouldn't they be in contention again?
  7. Well we agree in part. Unfortunately the Tigers have had so many headaches this year that Casey's or any other strong personality would probably have a limited effect.
  8. Wow you're really out there now. I'm just saying leadership is a factor for attitude and culture on a team. And if it's lacking or not in the right direction it's hard to have the good "chemistry" that is present in a winning clubhouse.
  9. How do you quantify leadership, it's hard but not impossible to pin down intangibles. I'm the statistician at work and I can tell you numbers don't tell whole stories. There is deception in numbers even in Baseball. If a bunch of automatons go to the field every day and do everything by the numbers you get more numbers. If a team of pros go out there fired up you get winners. Leadership is important to bring out the best of other peoples talents. Casey by all accounts provided that but if you are looking for me to quote some legends saying so then no I don't have it.
  10. Who would you lead off with if not Granderson then? He's fast and left handed. Polonco is like having a second lead off man before the power steps up.
  11. Something else Casey brought and took with him was leadership. He was always upbeat and positive. It was contagious and good for the team. He also I remember all too well played well under pressure as he was batting .500 on his last at bat of the 06 W.S. and got a hit. First rate team player. The Tigers need what he brought but injuries HAVE been hard on them this year. Especially the Bullpen. No matter how good or bad the offense, pitching is the prime problem this year and in the forseeable future.
  12. I'd agree they need a shake up before they get too used to losing but I hope it can be held to the pitching staff. Outside of that it's a pretty fine line that separates the Tigers from the other hot line ups. I don't think anyone could out manage Leland but it's got to be stressful for him and Dombrowski to continue without a shake up of some sort. I'd hate to be the pitching coach right now.
  13. I'm a musician so I'm curious if anyone knows the name of the music used for the Tigers when the came on TV in the late 60's and 70's. This was in the George Kell, Larry Osterman days. It was a march. Thanks
  14. Great pics! Looks like they were taken yesterday. I've never seen some of those guys except from a distance on tv or in team pictures. Thanks for posting them. The park looks just like then too so it really brings back the memories.
  15. This is killing me. I loved that place. When I think of the great times of my life several of them have been at Tiger Stadium. What great memories I still have but I am angry that this big con job has gone through and that the old ball park is no more. Comerica is nice but it's just a business now. The love of the game is still there but it just isn't the same and it never will be the same as going to historic Tiger Stadium. What a thrill it was just to walk in and feel the excitement, see the color, smell the hot dogs, hear the crack, anticipate the distance of a good hit. I'm ticked off and really distressed at the the changes that greedy people have taken away from us and dissapointed in the lack of respect for history in the city management but I do accept it. I think the management of Tiger Stadium is a perfect example of the pathetic and inept managment of our once phenomenal city.
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