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  1. I believe that this is the concern with Strasburg as well.
  2. Yusei Kikuchi To Meet With Seven MLB Teams: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com So maybe the Tigers are already out of the running?
  3. While the potential dollars Washburn may get in arbitration are concerning, I still think the Tigers might offer him arbitration. There seems to be a general thought that Washburn really likes Seattle and will try to resign with the Mariners in the offseason. If this is true, he might reject the arbitration and the Tigers take the supplemental pick.
  4. I don't know if I'd go so far as calling it "scathing", but Fangraphs definitely sees the Mariners as winning this one.
  5. Here's one take: http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/index.php/washburn-to-detroit
  6. What is it going to take for this guy to be released?
  7. I'm going to be honest: As a law student who is very interested in the legal side of professional sports in general and MLB in particular, I kind of think that Scott Boras is awesome. As a baseball fan, Scott Boras is annoying. I'm so conflicted.
  8. Is that da daaa as in "da daaa that sounds plausible or likely" or "da daaa thanks for pointing out the obvious"?
  9. As long as people are throwing out the moment at which Maggs will be released (it's happening in other threads), this article gave me one thought: Maybe the Tigers are waiting to release Maggs until after they have signed all the 2009 Boras draft picks that they have a legitimate chance of signing.
  10. You are absolutely correct with reference to the language you quoted. However, I think that is the relatively minor premise of the article. The major premise of the article-the premise to which I was referring-was not about Magglio's contract being bad or good, but rather that Magglio at this point in time is a sunk cost. I think the view of this as the major premise is borne out by the fact that Neyer re-enters that discussion by starting the paragraph with "Anyways,...", which to me indicates that he has left his digression regarding good/bad contracts and has returned to the major point of Magglio as a sunk cost who should no longer be allowed to hurt the team. I think we agree in general, our focus is just on 2 different aspects of the same general idea.
  11. The point isn't why he signed the contract or why the options are there or pointing out that it's a bad contract. The point is that on June 19, 2009, Magglio Ordonez isn't productive and isn't worth what he could potentially be owed for the next 2 years and should be removed from a position from which he could hurt the team, whether that be on the field, financially, or both.
  12. Whether Maggs is bad because of his wife's surgery, or an injury, or decline, or one of a hundred other things, the point is that he isn't contributing to this team winning. Is it unfortunate? Yes. But baseball is a buisness and Maggs knows that. Why else would he (and his agent) have made sure that these options were in his contract in the first place. Maggs may have "given so much to the organization" in the past but he is giving nothing now. In fact, he is currently taking away from the organization and if those options vest he will take a whole lot more. Maggs' release wouldn't be a cold-eyed business decision, it would be a smart business decision. And yes, I (and many others) will continue to complain about greedy athletes. It doesn't cut both ways, not when one of the parties involved is one of my favorite teams. Maybe there are certain instances in which individual athletes should be cut some slack based on circumstances and maybe Maggs' situation is one of those. But advocating for Maggs' release doesn't and shouldn't prevent me or anyone else from complaining about greedy athletes in other situations. The value should be placed on the context in which decisions are made and not on consistency for the sake of consistency.
  13. Varitek as the Tigers starting catcher is a more than terrible idea. But what if he was signed explicitly to be the backup and Dusty's veteran mentor? I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with that scenario so long as it was perfectly clear that his role was not to play everyday, but rather to guide Dusty or any other young catcher that the Tigers may insert into the starting role.
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