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  1. Just curious. Not sure where I need to look to see who's represented, and who's missing. Especially of the toughies. Thanks.
  2. Worst Trade Ever: 1927: Heinie Manush and Lou Blue to St. Louis Browns, for Harry Rice, Elam Vangilder, and Chick Galloway. Manush would have TEN MORE seasons of batting .300 or better, after leaving the Tigers. Ouch.
  3. My choice is also George Brett. I remember listening to a late summer game on the radio, probably sometime around 1977 or 1978. Ernie Harwell was calling the game and Brett hit a no-questions-asked home run. Next time up, he hit a matching HR shot. Two dingers in the same game. Listening to Ernie compliment Brett's obvious talent, I realized George had that special something. And I became a Brett fan that day.
  4. I was rather impressed with the blue-collar attitude Sean Casey brought to the Tigers line up. I must admit I was disappointed to see him leave.
  5. Good Day, all. I request your assistance. I am in need of the date of death for former Detroit Tigers trainer, Denny Carroll, for a history project that I am working on. Denny Carroll spent a good part of the 1930's working with the Tigers. I know he was in the Sonoma, California area in the early/mid 1950's, but have been unable to find any additional information regarding his whereabouts or death. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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