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  1. So far it's Rick Porcello 1, Ryan Raburn 0. I had to laugh when Rick drilled him in the back. Little payback for the run support last season?
  2. Enforcement of the new law. But primarily added to ensure it goes into effect immediately even if a referendum goes on the ballot.
  3. May not have to. Apparently Lloyd has interviewed for the Marlins' manager job. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/2012103140135884/
  4. Someone should tweet that at Craig (CMo_27). Talk about getting funnier every time you see it. I don't use twitter though.
  5. Here's my favorite recent Tigers animated gif file:
  6. It doesn't pay to be loyal. I believe Comcast considers you a new customer eligible for promotions after a 6 month absence. Kind of a hassle, but frequently switching to chain promotions can save quite a bit.
  7. Also, NBC has an app for live streaming on the iPad which is very nice. Unfortunately they tie it to your tv provider. I have comcast, but only the basic package, so it told me that I couldn't watch, but for a 4-hour free trial, because I didn't have the "digital starter package". What a bunch of crap. Especially because I do get CNBC and MSNBC, which is what it says on NBC's website that you have to get from a tv provider to view the live streams there. Oh, well I guess I can get my parents' Dish login if I need to.
  8. Watching Serbia v. China in womens volleyball. China winning, but Serbia putting up a good fight. One thing that's a bit odd, one of the Chinese players, named Zhang, is about a foot shorter than all the other women. How good must she be to overcome that disadvantage in this sport?
  9. I'm glad JV got his awful start for the season out of the way in a meaningless exhibition game.
  10. How is one's OBP lower than one's batting average? I was just going to ask, but wikipedia answers for me. "For small numbers of at-bats, it is possible (though unlikely) for a player's on-base percentage to be lower than his batting average (H/AB). This happens when a player has almost no walks or times hit by pitch, with a higher number of sacrifice flies."
  11. Wishing all the best to Mr. Price and many more games broadcast. That said I like listening to Dan Petry with Dan Dickerson. If that's the team after Jim retires I would be happy.
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