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  1. Tigers minor league management changes announced today Lance Parrish from Erie to West Michigan Andrew Graham from Lakeland to Erie Mike Rabelo from West Michigan to Lakeland
  2. Ben Verlander released by Lakeland Flying Tigers
  3. http://www.milb.com/roster/index.jsp?cid=76 Burrows and Kivett only 2 LFT on the current All-Star roster. Kivett is in Erie so he won't be playing.
  4. CF Ross Kivett to Erie from Lakeland (5/23)
  5. He was in the dugout last night. 5/13/17
  6. A lot of minor league teams change affiliation to a different parent club every so often when renewal comes up, that might be at least part of why not.
  7. Life as a .500 team. They should have won last night. At least we won't have to face the Stone Crabs again this season.
  8. Hi Larry, I didn't go the this last Monday (I listened online while I was doing something else :-) ) I know with $1 tickets they get a few more people on Mondays - I think it's usually listed at about 1000 - but they (and I think every park) count season tickets as an attending ticket even if they are not used. Honestly I don't need 3000 people but I do like it when there are more than a few hundred. It's nice to have enough fans to get into it at least a little. I sat at the berm bar last night, the view into the seating bowl looked liked about 300, maybe 400 people sitting. I think just from a financial standpoint to pay the add'l ushers they have so the whole 360 park is open they need to draw better. But then they do some weird things like they had the country music guy there - Michael Ray - they advertise on a flyer online he is going to sing the national anthem.... he throws out first pitch and then he's gone and someone else sings and no explanation as to why. It didn't matter so much to me but I'm sure there were some people there who saw the advertisement on FB and wanted to see it. Small but that's the kind of thing there's not much of an excuse for. LFT Cards have always been for sale in the gift shop, maybe it is after they are done with them on give away night, they may not even have 2017 cards yet. But GZBach is right about the LFT pics online, they are sometimes last year's from WM or Connecticut or wherever. Watkins is pitching tonight, his online photo is with a WM cap. I agree, season tickets are still a good deal.
  9. Detroit owns the team in Lakeland. There's a lot of positive things going on in Lakeland but after being a regular attendee for 10+ years I think at the ownership level they aren't really that focused on the fan experience part of it as a high level priority. I imagine they try not to lose money during the summer. Spending money on marketing the minor league team in the community appears to be less than what some other teams in the FSL do (I still meet people who live here and don't even know Lakeland has a team in the summer). I'd say at least at the park this year they have stepped up the experience during the game with the new stadium stuff - using the video board and such, but the attendance still seems about what it was before. There were 600 people at the game in Lakeland last night and the weather was beautiful. Meanwhile Clearwater had about 3700 people at their game on the same night. They can't say that it's because the park in Clearwater is so much nicer than Lakeland anymore. That excuse is gone.
  10. I asked staff a couple years ago why that was and was told they didn't want to give it to an intern to do but didn't want to hire someone "professional."
  11. From LFT Facebook page: More news! We have a new manager. The Detroit Tigers have named Andrew Graham manager of the Lakeland Flying Tigers for the 2017 season. The upcoming season will mark Andrew’s seventh season as a minor league manager in the Tigers organization. He has spent the three previous seasons managing the West Michigan Whitecaps of the Midwest League. He guided the Whitecaps to the Midwest League’s championship in 2015. The Whitecaps made the playoffs in all three seasons while Graham managed the club, compiling a 228-177 (.563) regular season record. We look forward to our new manager and the 2017 Flying Tiger home opener scheduled for Saturday, April 8th at newly renovated Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium!
  12. The Tigers today have acquired infielder Erick Aybar from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for infielder Mike Aviles and ‪LFT catcher Kade Scivicque.
  13. I believe that is correct about counting STH whether they show up or not.
  14. LFT won big tonight against Palm Beach Cardinals and Al Avila, Tigers GM. was there. . He should show up more often. :-)
  15. http://spacecoastdaily.com/2016/06/brevard-county-manatees-moving-to-osceola-county-next-year-spent-over-20-years-on-the-space-coast/
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