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  1. Nearly ever team in the MLB should be in on Machado, us included. I just don't think we have any chance.
  2. Does drafting Mize, who is clearly going to be quick to the MLB, change the thinking on trading Fulmer? In 2020 Fulmer will still be cheap, and have three more seasons of control.
  3. Those last two sentences should never be said together. ALWAYS be excited about baseball!
  4. Pretty sure we're moving Fulmer, all of our really good prospects are years away. No reason to have him on a losing team for the next 3 or 4 years.
  5. Casual fan offering an anecdote here - I think strikeouts are incredibly entertaining. Doug Fister's 9 strikeouts in a row was one of the coolest things I've seen happen in baseball. Granted, that's a rarity that was allowed to build, but having a pitcher come in and strike out the side in order is amazing if he's your guy. I'm willing to live with the fact that it happens against my team as well. Great defensive plays in the field are cool too, and obviously homeruns are fun. Really the only thing I find boring are routine plays on balls put in play. I guess any reasonable mix of all of those is fine by me - I don't particularly see the need to adjust the proportion of what's currently happening during a game. Just one person's opinion. Also, spring training practice is still the offseason, spring training games are the preseason.
  6. This is also a great off-season to be selling, especially pitching. That probably has something to do with this announcement.
  7. Verlander deserves to be traded to a contender if we go this route. I'd hate it, he's my favorite athlete in all of sports, but he deserves a shot at a ring while he's still an Ace. Cabrera already has a ring and a generational contract... I'm okay with keeping him around to watch him break records and retire a Tiger. We could even be competitive while he's still productive. ****, he could pull an Ortiz and be great for the entirety of his contract, and we should be well rebuilt by then.
  8. That was the Don Kelly homerun game against the Yankees. He and Delmon Young gave us an early lead, and Benoit & Valverde pitched an incredibly tense last few innings to give us the 1 run win.
  9. I just don't see how you can trade Upton. He showed what we expected to see for the final month and a half - why would we want to have had him for the worst 4 1/2 month stretch of his career and then give him up when he's turned it around? If he performs at his career average his contract is absolutely worth it, but he's in his prime and could very well overperform for the next couple of years.
  10. That game 5 of the ALDS in 2011 was incredibly nerve wracking. Probably my favorite postseason series that I remember.
  11. Sweet, no way Francona is going to want to play his regulars on Monday, we'll get the B team again. Best case scenario we clinch the second wildcard and don't even need the game, but I think this gives us more flexibility overall.
  12. There's also the very real possibility of a game 163 he could start. Not that anyone in the organization should be making decisions around that happening, but it could.
  13. The delay is probably a blessing. Cut Fulmer off here, and see if you can't get him in for a couple bullpen innings in Atlanta. We'll likely have to throw Zimmerman or Farmer at some point, so it could be a big asset to have him come out of the pen and go 3.
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