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  1. Oh no, the sky is falling! A 1-year, pocket change, small potatoes deal for a guy who could either do nothing or at least play a small role for the team! DISASTER OMG!
  2. Tough to beat (what seemed like) 99% shooting from the field...
  3. A game stream link PM would be fantastic here, as well...
  4. Based on a theory of inverse proportionality: 2008 Preseason = 4-0 Regular Season = 0-16 2009 Preseason = 3-1 Regular Season = 4-12
  5. I'm not knocking anybody's trade proposals because they are fun 'what-ifs', but can we make a separate thread for that? I thought this thread was for actual offseason news and rumors...
  6. Hey everybody, After over 10 years away from the links and on the verge of completing school, I have been bitten by the golf bug. I'll be moving back to Michigan this spring and am wondering if anyone has any good public golf courses to recommend in our beautiful home state. For what it's worth, I'll probably be ending up in the southern half of the lower peninsula somewhere. For the purposes of the thread, though, I'd be interested to hear about courses all over the state... (apologies if there is an existing thread similar to this one; I tried searching and found nothing!)
  7. For what it's worth, ESPN fantasy baseball posted this little blurb about Dontrelle earlier today: "Willis (anxiety disorder) allowed two earned runs in six innings for Double-A Erie on Sunday, the Detroit Free Press reports. Spin: Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski expects Willis to make one more rehab start before returning to the team. It's still uncertain how the Tigers will deploy Willis once his rehab is over, but he'll most likely be used as a long-reliever out of the bullpen."
  8. I picked Stafford, but that's based more on wishful thinking than any actual knowledge...
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