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  1. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    Have you watched Hornibrook play QB? If UM's defense stays disciplined (unlike the psu game) they can play with Wisconsin all day.
  2. Browns Vs Lions CBS 1pm (est)

    This. But man I wish the Lions weren't screwed out of the Falcons win, and the close losses to the Panthers and Steelers are killers. Now they really have no room for error. Have to take care of business, especially against teams like the Browns. Also I saw that they activated Decker. Is he playing tomorrow?
  3. Game 12: Hawks @ Pistons

    I didn't watch live but from what I'm reading on here they looked pretty awful even though they scored 111. I didn't realize the Hawks were so bad (record wise). What happened to them? Was Al Horford really that important to their success?
  4. Michigan vs Maryland - 11/11/17

    Agreed. The first drive last week he came out guns blazing ( I think he was 3-3 or 4-4 with a TD) but after that it didnt seem like he passed at all. Weather was a factor and he finished with 13 or 14 attempts. So yeah the kid has to get some work in eventually.
  5. Game 12: Hawks @ Pistons

    Any chance the Pistons can Keep him? And I agree, I was so relieved they didn't give max money to KCP.
  6. Game 11: Pacers @ Pistons

    True about LAC, not that they are great or anything, but the Pistons always seem to struggle out West. Especially in back to backs. Granted that was the first night of a back to back but they usually lose in LA. See two nights later when the Lakers spanked them. I also forget that Chris Paul is no longer with them, so I totally see your point here. But with the Pistons they can (and usually do) come out flat against inferior teams, so I take the W's on the road as solid.
  7. Michigan vs Maryland - 11/11/17

    Not complaining at all, but I am guessing this one will be very similiar to the past few weeks. UM will just pound the ball and not ask Peters to do much. First road start for the kid so that is something to keep an eye on but as long as he stays turnover free and makes the simple passes he will be fine. If the running game keeps up, I believe they have a good shot at Wisconsin. First thing first, take care of these bums at Maryland.
  8. Game 11: Pacers @ Pistons

    Beating LAC and GS on the road was pretty impressive
  9. Game 11: Pacers @ Pistons

    I loved Baynes, was sad to see him go. Can't believe he is gone and we are stuck with a guy like Boban. But I'll take 8-3 anytime.
  10. Week 9: Lions @ Packers Monday Night 8:30pm ESPN

    I think he is a good RB, but they are using him wrong. They definitely need a stronger, bigger, between the tackles type RB. The fact that Zenner is their best guy for that has me shaking my head. So to me if he was utilized his skills better, you'd probably like him more. Problem is they have both AA and Riddick and neither one of them are that type of back. It HAS to be addressed in the draft or FA. Washington and Zenner are not options to me.
  11. Week 9: Lions @ Packers Monday Night 8:30pm ESPN

    Yes, we already suffered through that damn viking horn noise for this year.
  12. Week 9: Lions @ Packers Monday Night 8:30pm ESPN

    This is one of the first things I pointed out to a buddy of mine who tried to minimize the victory. The offense (despite red zone struggles again) had their way with Green Bay. Nice to see.
  13. UM B-Ball 17-18

    My bad if I messed some of the names, kind of why I asking for some info on this team. Plenty of people I know nothing about. Anyone have a clue how good they could/should be?
  14. Week 9: Lions @ Packers Monday Night 8:30pm ESPN

    This makes zero sense. Is there a specific round that you draft an RB that is 5'9? Why does his height matter? Also, when was the pass rush a strength? I did see Hundley running for his life a few times as well.
  15. Week 9: Lions @ Packers Monday Night 8:30pm ESPN

    Great game by Stafford and the guys tonight. I don't care if Rodgers is out, the Lions obviously struggle in GB (Anybody still have nightmares about Matt Flynn?). 2 Wins in 25 years means you take any kind of victory you can. It was a must win for the Lions if they want to keep pace in the division and they showed up bigtime. All the more impressive after the heartbreak of another close loss last week. Good Job