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  1. This seems oddly specific and unequivocal. Do you have inside knowledge on this? Or is that just your preference?
  2. That doesn't mean anything here in Chicago, where they're also playing stupid NYG-DAL.
  3. Man, I wonder if this gets ugly again. I've always been critical of Paterno in this, to the point where I think his inaction was minimally criminally negligent. Many of his supporters argued that he fulfilled his reporting responsibilities by passing the information up the chain of command. That may be, on an organizational level. But it's way below the threshold of what should have been done by a thinking, moral person. If his "superiors" (in quotes, because he was the most powerful man in Pennsylvania) ignored his reporting of the McQueary event, then his responsibility as a human being was to go to the police himself. By letting Curley and Schultz take this and not run with it, he enabled child rape, period, and if this allegation about being informed as early as 1976 can be substantiated (and in a less electronic age, it probably can't be), then all those sanctions and more need to come roaring back. This is just disgusting, inhuman, evil, ****.
  4. Oh, okay... thanks. The game notes above must be wrong. They say one game against the Phillies.
  5. We're playing a one-game series against the Phillies this year? What the...?
  6. Does Castellanos think that if he moves over for the shift, he's not require to move his feet?
  7. I would agree that it might have been okay to bat Sanchez IF he wasn't on such a short leash. Ausmus hit a pitcher with the bases loaded and the opponent on the ropes. Getting a few extra runs could have been lethal to the Marlins, and while I know there wouldn't be any guarantee that Victor would have gotten a hit, you're talking about maybe a 35-40% chance vs. the less-than 5% chance that Anibal wouldn't be an easy out. Where I was apoplectic was when it was obvious that Anibal was on a short leash. He let the first 2 runners on, but none had scored when he was pulled. Obviously, Ausmus did not have supreme confidence in Anibal giving much more. That's why he should have pinch-hit.
  8. Certainly, no team turns 1st & 3rd, nobody out into no runs more than the Tigers.
  9. Good god, is Ausmus dumb. I just can't fathom keeping Sanchez in to bat that last inning if ANY situation could have existed where you'd take him from the game only two hitters into the next inning. Dumb dumb dumb.
  10. Hey, you're right! I just looked under my chair, and, wouldn't you know it, there was a home run!
  11. Sure is easier for Harbaugh to coach first when the players are just trotting around the bags.
  12. Is anyone out of market trying to stream on mlb.tv? I'm getting an error.
  13. Why take a 4-4 deadlock and give your ideological opponents a 4-3 advantage?
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