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  1. CF Andres Torres 2B Damion Jackson LF Bobby Higginson 1B Dmitri Young DH Randall Simon RF Robert Fick C Mike Rivera 3B Jarrod Patterson SS Omar Infante SP Jeff Weaver SP Steve Sparks SP Brian Moehler SP Nate Cornejo SP Seth Greisenger Pen Mark Redman Matt Anderson Danny Patterson Juan Acevedo Jose Paniagua Walker
  2. Half the starting lineup is hurt and not playing ... and they weren't that great to begin with.
  3. Where is the Tigers 2001 #1 draft pick Kenny Baugh...I cant find him on any rosters.
  4. I think of the Pistons as underdogs in this series but have almost won 2 of the 1st 3 games. They are playing above their level...what a gritty performance last night. I beleive they can win it Sunday.....that will be a huge game...everything went wrong on offense and they lost by 0.1 second.
  5. Infante is too young to play everyday now I think. He is only 20 and seems to be struggling at the plate hitting around .200. But I hear he is a great fielder. WE cant bring him up now as wins are the most important thing. The Tigers seem bad but they arent our of it yet ...anything can happen with our starting pitching. Maybe we bring him up in August if the Tigers swoon continues? As for Sweeney and Palmer, Sweeney had been breaking up double plays last year by going way out of the base line to nail Tigers players so the Tigers hated him already. I think Sweeney cracked because his team sucked so bad year after year. I dont remember seeing a guy who was hit near the head in retaliation for another pitchers (Weavers) beanball the previous inning just going to 1st base. I think guys go to 1st when they are hit on the foot with a breaking ball when they know it wasnt on purpose. This Parque pitch was on purpose and everyone knew it. I hope the Tigers get Sweeney somehow....doesnt have to be a pitch to the helmet...just have Higginson run over him or something?
  6. Palmer threw his helmet at Pargue when he was hit with a 90 MPH fastball near the face. Sweeney didnt get hit with anything but words....there is a difference. Shane Halter is average but better than Deivi Cruz without a doubt. Omar INfante should be called up this September to see if he is ready for the show next year.
  7. Weaver looked very good last night. Five strikeouts in 7.1 innings and one walk. I wish he would throw that curve that starts inside and swurves to hit the corner. that is a good strikeout pitch. That makes 54 innings and 0 homers. Weaver was just throwing the ball and letting them hit it. They couldnt get good wood on it because his ball was moving so much. Weaver threw way too many pitches last year. He nibbles too much but yesterday he went 0-2 on many batters it was great.
  8. its not really artificial turf from what Ive heard...its like the grass they have in the Seattle Mariners dome. maybe not real grass like that but it doesnt have the concrete crap underneath.
  9. The Celtics would beat any team in the East easily except the Pistons. I thought Boston was a high scoring team but the Pistons made the Celtics look small even though Boston got 20 more boards. Boston will win game 3 by 15. Pistons will win game 4 by 1 or 2. Cliff was jawing with Walker...it sounded like Cliff said "you dont have more than 38 assists in your whole career" to which Walker look intimidated and when a teammate helped Walker get away from Cliff ..Walker shouted "bum " " bum ".....thats what it sounded like to me.....
  10. Derek Lowe of Boston (no hitter fame) 50.1 IP 0 homers Jeff Weaver of Detroit 46.2 IP 0 homers Kerry Wood (101 MPH fastball) of Cubs 42.2 IP 0 home runs good company...now I jinxed him.
  11. I try not to say this too often so I dont jinx the guy ... but Jeff Weaver still has allowed 0 homeruns... after 32 Tigers games....almost 25% of the way done with the season...Sparks has allowed 2 homers but Weaver with 45 innings plus must lead the league in least homers allowed with those innings...I will have to check the stats at www.majorleaguebaseball.com
  12. I have seen about 70% of Tigers games....they are sad but... the pitching looks good Weaver 3.40 ERA with 0 home runs in 45 innings Sparks 3.00 ERA with 2 home runs ? in 50 innings or so Cornejo is a future all-star...he is coming around this year at age 22...much faster than I thought he would. Greisenger...7 innings 0 runs vs lowly Angels...but thats 2 of 3 well pitched games Redman is flashy at times striking out everyone...he was hurt so he can only get better...he needs more consistency. Moehler would be Tigers 3rd starter with sub 4.00 ERA if he can comeback from his injury....groundball pitcher. bullpen is hurt but Acevedo, Walker, Paniagua, Patterson, Anderson have good stuff.....can we keep Acevedo, Patterson and Anderson on same club? who knows?
  13. Yes....we could trade Griffey for Tim Hudson (you get the idea) Griffey is better trade bait Griffey would make Tigers better but he is too old for our club...and too whiny.
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