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  1. Pretty much. They seriously talk about how somebody wants whoever is at the plate to get a hit just because they picked them. I'm amazed that they don't realize on awful that commentary is. Do they not look at any feedback at all?
  2. I think cutting out Young Griff was a huge mistake by the writers. I definitely subscribe to the theory that he will ousts Cersei and be the catalyst to drive Dany to become Mad in a much more reasonable and satisfying way. And Euron using the horn to take one of her dragons will play much better than how the show did it, they absolutely ruined his character.
  3. They wouldn't need to send Ravens to Winterfell, Bran would know what happened immediately.
  4. They are ready to start a series on the origins of the Targs and the doom of Valaryia. Miguel Sapochnik is on board to direct the pilot.
  5. Just to correct this, Dany vowed to help Jon defeat the Night King and his army before Jon bent the knee.
  6. Top five you want to draft the BPA, if you think it's Vaughn you take him.
  7. Despite that, he's provided a lot of value on the field. And there is a difference between being one of the worst defensive players in baseball and being a 1B man. Haven't seen anybody suggest Vaughn will give back 15+ runs with his defense like Nick and JD do with theirs.
  8. JD Martinez has been a very valuable player despite being a terrible fielder for his position.
  9. The scripts have been leaked for weeks.
  10. That is a complaint and suggestion I've seen many times. There is plenty of legitimate criticism of the writing, that isn't one of them.
  11. Seems silly to me people actually think scenes should be added just to establish timelines. Every scene should be important and add something of value to move the plot forward. Adding scenes simply to show how much time has passed traveling does not do that, those scenes add no value at all.
  12. Agreed there have been, but in the earlier season those twists were just written better. Neds execution and the Red Wedding were shocking, Littlefingers death was obvious. They spent the season trying to play up the Arya/Sansa drama to have that surprise twist, but nobody bought that. I guess the twist just feel more forced now rather than the earlier seasons with GRRMs source materially where they felt more organic. People died because they made believably stupid decisions that were in line with their character. In the later seasons you have people dying, and surviving, because of decisions that just make no sense.
  13. This is mostly where I'm at. It is still entertaining when watching, but if you really break it down and think about it, the writing quality has fallen off a cliff. They are making the characters make unbelievably stupid and often out of character decisions in order to get to the end game. The problem for me isn't the end result of how things are playing out to end, but the way they are getting there. You can have Dany lose another Dragon, but don't do it by having them miss an entire fleet of ships and by having the scorpions be more effective than the anti aircraft misses used in the World Wars, completely negating her last dragon. Don't have Rhaegal get sniped with three shots in a row and then have the entire fleet miss an even bigger dragon after he fly's in a lot closer. There is too much of an attempt to go for shyamalan twist and some big "oh ****" moments. Also don't continually show characters facing impossible odds in battle and have them escape unharmed, this isn't a superhero movie.
  14. Season 5 was easily the worst season IMO.
  15. Dany is gonna die for sure. I wonder if her and Cersei will go out together as they both just go full mad queen simultaneously and are killed by others to save everyone else. I would hate for Cersei to have even a second of satisfaction by beating Dany. Let them both die without knowing the end result.
  16. Yeah not sure how you miss an entire fleet of ships when they are able to line up shots on you.
  17. We have the third worst run differential. Top 5 is no guarantee, but we're more likely to pick top 5 than not.
  18. We'll probably have a top 5 pick next draft as well.
  19. Clemens with a big day so far, 4-4 with 2 2bs and 2 HRs. Has raised his OPS .158 points.
  20. Have a day Matt Manning: 7 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 9 Ks. 84 pitches, 59 strikes, 14 swinging strikes.
  21. He does have a .377 OBP against rhp at least.
  22. He's on a rehab assignment in Lakeland right now.
  23. Either both dragons die or neither one dies IMO. I'd imagine they both die by the end.
  24. He had himself a day.
  25. Undoubtedly sustained during his run with the Bulls.
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