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  1. Greene is 3-3 with a 2B and HR for Connecticut so far.
  2. Yeah the big hangup with the trade was losing a fan favorite in Granderson and Austin Jackson sucking.
  3. Jackson had a K/9 of 6.77 and an xFIP of 4.32. His peripherals were mediocre. Scherzer just had 170 IP with a K/9 of 9.19, he wasn't a minor leaguer. You keep saying Scherzer was unproven but his one season in the majors was better than Jacksons best. Scherzer came with the injury concerns, but his upside was very obviously way above Jacksons, and that was clear at the time of the trade.
  4. The only thing Edwin Jackson had proven is that he was a mediocre to bad pitcher. In fact trading Matt Joyce for Edwin Jackson in the first place was really dumb. DD just got lucky that Jackson had a career year and he was able to flip him.
  5. Pretty sure the Tigers have a 35 pitch inning max for their prospects.
  6. Should the Astros be concerned about Verlanders 12 HRs allowed in his last 5 starts?
  7. Meadows with another HR today. He's been competing real hard the last two games.
  8. That would be a valid criticisms about their overall talent acquisition and development, not that they don't understand or value plate discipline.
  9. The majority of those teams are non prospects, so those numbers really have no value.
  10. There are plenty of valid criticisms, but this isn't one of them. Everyone in our top 20 prospects has a BB% of at least 8%. Working counts and drawing walks is about the only thing most of our positional prospects are doing a good job of this year.
  11. He escaped Cuba when he was like 13 though, he's been in the DR for a few years now.
  12. They gave De la Cruz 1.8 million last year which was their biggest bonus in the last few years at least. Would be nice if there was any available info on Campos.
  13. And when you search his name all you get is articles about him and his brother leaving Cuba.
  14. The same way they know how hard a player is trying or how much a player cares.
  15. Riley Greene is 3-3 with a HR and a 2B so far in his debut.
  16. Verlander was regularly racking up pitch counts of 120+. I think Jim left him in a lot longer than other managers would have.
  17. I'm sorry, but weren't you the one suggesting Nick could easily get a $75million/5 year deal on the market earlier in this thread? And that Nick and Boras would never accept a QO? Now he's not even worth the $10 million he's making this year?
  18. If it's based on stats Luis Robert wouldn't be top 5.
  19. No to all those questions. Still a successful comp round pick though.
  20. A supplemental round pick reaching the majors and producing 8+ WAR is an objectively good pick.
  21. This isn't the hill to die on.
  22. It is moot. Keuchel didn't all of a sudden lower his demands because the draft passed.
  23. And in the end he signed a one year deal. He was obviously willing to sign a one year deal in the end. It's highly unlikely it was Keuchel who told teams he would be willing to sign a one year deal, but only after the draft. Odds are he would have been willing to sign in April.
  24. Even so, the Braves still waited two months before signing Keuchel to a perfectly reasonable one year deal, despite the fact they entered the year with every intention of competing for the playoffs. Is a team gonna give up a draft pick to sign a much inferior Castellanos to a relatively cheap one or two year deal? I can't think of a single team that would be so incompetent.
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