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  1. At the end of the day, the hard number would just be the slot bonus wouldn't it?
  2. Being a college player is a much higher quality of life than being a minor leaguer. Honestly, it would be stupid for a HSer to sign for $20k.
  3. Being a college player is a much higher quality of life than being a minor leaguer.
  4. No doubt, but they're losing out on that money either way. This way at least they don't miss out on both ticket and TV revenue.
  5. TV revenues won't "make up" for the lack of ticket revenues, but they will more than cover any expenses for the team.
  6. You pretty much know who the worst 5-10 teams will be in the NBA before the season starts. And you also know those teams will be doing everything they can to improve their future with no interest in winning now.
  7. You can deaden the ball.
  8. That's true for the high schoolers who are signed overslot in after the first few rounds, not high schoolers pick in rounds 1-2.
  9. His K rate was fine the first two years. Look at Joey Bart who went #2 after Mize and has hit well in the minors and is a top 20 prospect. Granted he's a catcher, so doesn't require the same bat, but his K rates and overall offensive performance have been fine in the minors and he had a much worse K rate, with a much lower walk rate and less power.
  10. As incompetent as the Ford's have been, they would have had a super bowl worthy team if the Lions weren't screwed by the CBA. If the Lions would have drafted Megatron, Stafford, and Suh under the current CBA they would have a had a few years window where they would have been a top 5 team.
  11. And the only RHP they took that had a HOF career will go into the Hall wearing an Astros hat.
  12. Remember when the Tigers had the first pick and Brady Singer was the pre season favorite to go number one? How much did Mizes stock rise after he dominated that year? Would you not expect even wilder swings in these rankings when we're about kids going from 14-15 to 16? These guys often know who they're going to sign with 12+ months in advance of the July 2nd period. A guy could go from being the 20th or so ranked prospect to the consensus number one over the course of 6 months, and the Tigers will have no chance of signing him if they weren't on him before.
  13. Too early to say they haven't been hitting on the international signings yet. Also worth noting the international signings aren't really a true free agency. The Tigers having the biggest bonus pool doesn't mean they'll be able to offer the top guy a bigger bonus and sign him.
  14. They likely would've had to offer $5m more per year to get him to consider us.
  15. I think we got a good deal from the Cubs for him.
  16. They need to do what Verlander suggested and let the pitcher/catcher communicate with an earpiece. You can have the pitcher tell the catcher a number before each pitch, like two, to signal the second number the catcher says is the signal. Then the catcher can just say a bunch of random numbers to signal the pitch/location. The batter will hear the numbers but wouldn't be able to know which one is the actual call.
  17. It would literally be impossible for the bullpen catcher to be involved in anyway without technology. He can't see any signs being thrown down from the bullpen, nor could he signal it to the batter. In regards to the second part, how does this impact player evaluations? I'd imagine that knowing what pitch is coming would improve performance more than anything else a player could do.
  18. He did, but he also said he stood by his statements when they acquired Osuna.
  19. Nothing he's done so far to suggest so.
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