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  1. There is value in seeing it across all AB. It is worse stranding a leadoff triple than a 2 out triple. Maybe find a weigh to weight it more accurately though.
  2. He's been in the minors since 2013. 2017 and 2019 were the only multi-HR years he had.
  3. In his first major league at bat, Alcantara hit his 10th professional home run.
  4. The only time Shep brings enthusiasm is when somebody hits a routine flyball.
  5. Mike Trout hit .220/.281/.390 in 135 PAs in his first season.
  6. Who was never traded? Don't get the comparison here.
  7. He's a light hitting OFer who derives most of his offensive value from his walk rate as he doesn't hit for a high average. Considering his strikeout rates, I wouldn't bet on him walking 12%+ against MLB pitchers who won't be afraid to pound the zone against a singles hitter.
  8. Mario was a textbook broadcaster, he brought no personality to the booth. Too robotic, the best announcers love the game and their job and that comes through. Mario was like a C level national broadcaster announcing every one of our games.
  9. I think he gets a pass for this one with the context of them talking about his HR yesterday as he came to the plate.
  10. It worked as intended for the owners.
  11. 25 point gap in OPS+ between JD and Nick. 24 point gap in OPS+ between Cabrera and Dunn.
  12. Adam Dunn was just a notch below Miguel Cabrera as a hitter then?
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