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  1. Yeah that was what I read as well, no idea where he would rank in comparison to the July 2nd guys or what type of a bonus he's looking at.
  2. Remember when Boras client Mike Moustakas turned down a $17.4 million qualifying offer from the Royals only to turn around and sign a one year $6.5 million contract from the Royals a couple months later?
  3. Jokes on you, Nick doesn't care about WAR and thinks it's a BS stat because Harold Reynolds doesn't know how it's calculated.
  4. De la Cruz is an OFer. Adinso Reyes is the SS they signed.
  5. I think we're plenty capable of out losing the Royals. **** we're actually 37 runs worse than them in run differential.
  6. It appears Liniak isn't competing hard enough then.
  7. I gotta assume there is. I'd guess only undrafted seniors are free agents.
  8. Reyes with another HR in the second game for Toledo.
  9. Both runs were unearned and one of the BB was intentional. Didn't have his best stuff, only 11 swinging strikes but another strong outing.
  10. Imagine the haul the As would have gotten when they traded Trout.
  11. Victor Reyes with another 2 HR game tonight.
  12. https://247sports.com/mlb/tigers/Article/2019-MLB-Draft-TigsTowns-Detroit-Tigers-Draft-Central-132565687/
  13. It's a .383 SLG% for Paredes now not .366. With 5 doubles and a HR he's been slashing .353/.436/.588 in the last 10.
  14. Abrams will require a swing rework. I don't trust our development staff to get that right.
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