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  1. This draft represents a paradigm shift from the Avila regime.
  2. Yeah, but one could argue conference tournaments are like playoff play in games, so actually 100% of teams make the playoffs. We should expect baseball to implement a similar setup soon.
  3. Bonds was just ahead of the launch angle curve.
  4. Makes more sense. Figured he'd require a 7 figure bonus.
  5. Freep saying slot value, so $571k.
  6. Any expansion to the playoffs will be permanent too.
  7. Out of the richer players pockets rather than their own. Was strictly a move to cause division within the union to strengthen their position for the next cba negotiations.
  8. Well everyone over at Tigstown graded it an A.
  9. No doubt, but if they got 50 million from FSD and 46 million from gate receipts, there is still 180 million in other revenue. Hard to believe concessions and other in game revenue covers even 100 million, let alone all of it.
  10. Well according to Forbes the Tigers had revenues of 276 million last year and only 46 million from gate receipts. If the owners would open their books maybe we could you tell you where the money comes from.
  11. Not really though. What we do know is that the playoff games are incredibly profitable for the owners, so less regular season games and a longer postseason is the most profitable for them. And a shorter regular season greatly reduced the risks of things being shut down again before they get postseason profits.
  12. Fair enough. I read it as saying Miggys contract will prevent them from spending the necessary money.
  13. One bad contract doesn't prevent any competent MLB franchise from competing.
  14. Well that's a really asinine take.
  15. Was thinking the same. They do have to over a contract that is at least X% of slot value in order to get the pick back next year don't they? So for a top pick you're probably looking at a 7 figure offer either way.
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