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  1. Mondesi has a career .282 OBP. His defense will always be valuable, but he's not a cornerstone you build around unless he can greatly improved as a hitter. In the most recent Tigstown podcast Mark talked about the very real possibility of the Tigers having to trade some of their pitchers 3-4 years down the road because the timeline might not matchup for when the Tigers system starts to produce position players. Soler and Dozier may be legit, but the Royals are terrible with them already and they are already 27 and using up service time. By the time they may actually start producing other players those guys will be 31+ and either be gone already or approaching free agency. They simply do not lineup with the Royals next contention timeline at all. The only value those guys provide to the Royals going forward is as trade pieces.
  2. You could argue the Royals have the worst future outlook in the game. As you said they don't have any young players under 27 on the ML roster, they only have one top 100 prospect who is in rookie ball and 3+ years away, and it's not like their gonna be spending any money.
  3. The same thing that causes them to ruin pitchers?
  4. Not to mention their farm system sucks.
  5. Gonna need to have some of them pitch in September in order to increase their workloads.
  6. Wentz with 21 swinging strikes, giving him back to back games with 20+ swinging strikes.
  7. Find me one player in the history of baseball who had better numbers in his teams losses than wins.
  8. It's true that there's little doubt Jackson didn't actually throw any of the games. But Jackson isn't and wasn't banned for throwing the games. He was banned because he knew about the fix and still let it happen.
  9. He actually had a sac fly his first AB. He's such a fundamentally sound player.
  10. I'd be interested to see what an unbiased person would have to say on the matter.
  11. He was cruising through 5 with 66 pitches last night and was still pulled. I assume it's just them limiting his workload a bit.
  12. Skubal on the mound for Erie tonight. He has struck out the first six batters so far, 26 pitches in with 9 swinging strikes already.
  13. Two of the strikeouts were looking.
  14. Skubal on the mound in the double header for Erie tonight, 6 ks through three so far.
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