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  1. Hopefully they accidentally air episode 7 on Sunday somewhere.
  2. Classic kneeler.
  3. Watched it on my phone last night as soon as it was posted. Already rewatching it on the big screen right now. Such a phenomenal episode.
  4. Yup, just watched it.
  5. Yeah he can field the ball well out there.
  6. That wasn't what D&D said at all. They said they were always going to bring Gendry back, and it just made sense to bring him back when Davos goes to KL. They didn't just bring him back to give Davos something to do.
  7. Cobb's douchebag reputation was greatly exaggerated. Almost assuredly everything you think you know about Cobb comes from Al Stump, which is mostly just BS.
  8. Leaked script summaries have been out since before the start of the season.
  9. Hinton is the son of Chris Hinton, former NFL Pro Bowler and Northwestern graduate. He's gonna be solid, was never looking at SEC schools, was only looking at UM, Stanford, and NU. His little brother is expected to be another 5 star at OT in the 2020 class. Herron was also a Stanford/UM battle. The high academic types like that are usually more likely to stick with their commitments.
  10. Probably because most of them never sniff the majors.
  11. I went to middle school with a kid named Steven Stevens.
  12. 3 Ks with a hit given up for Garcia tonight.
  13. Had another tonight. Paredes has been on fire since joining the Whitecaps.
  14. Can't wait to rewatch it in high quality on Sunday.
  15. Episode four has leaked, and it is terrific.