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  1. Ahhh...Thanks. He was horrible. I will have to watch some UFC...Hopefully he has gotten better.
  2. Does anyone remember the name of the Red Wings, Fox Sports play-by-play guy in 1997? He lasted on season and was awful. Will never forget his horrific call of the first Wings/Avs fight. He is not mentioned anywhere that I can see when looking up past announcers. Any help? Ken Daniel's replaced him the next season.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to show my young nephews who live in California that at one time, a somewhat professional football team existed here. I have told them about the game, but I don't think they believe me! LOL...
  4. Anyone have access to video of the Lions playoff win against the Cowboys in 1991? Looking for a full game tape or highlights. Ok...Let the insults begin!
  5. Very true. Maybe fire him and hope that one of the assistants can at least make them somewhat compettitive. Remember, not all the games are sellouts yet. Thanksgiving game is in doubt. I'm just saying fire him and anyone else and just have some fun. Hell, Scott loeffler could do just as bad or good!!
  6. So lets go out on a limb here...The Lions fire Marinelli and now need to install a head coach for the remainder of the season. Who will it be? Kippy Brown?
  7. If he was in Tampa..He will be a Lion shortly.
  9. Wow..The offensive line is like a broken dam....
  10. Ok..So the first disaster is in the books. As a Michigan fan, I think it would be fair to gauge the rest of the season in how the offense progresses. In particular, the offensive line. The O-Line has been amazingly bad. Lets also remember that 95% of these guys were recruited under a different game philosophy, or are freshman who look like it today. Progression and consistency ...not wins are what I will be looking for the rest of the way, unfortunately.
  11. Glad to hear Carr responding. I spoke with a friend of mine who lives near Columbus and the media down there is really playing it up. Whether it's a lie or not...Carr needs to do a bit more public. Also, if Boren was such a nice kid and only wanted a return to family values...Wouldn't he do the "right thing" and tell everyone it's not true?
  12. I agree that Boren should get help from the coach that recruited him. No problem with that. But I really am having difficulty accepting a Michigan man dealing with the buckeyes. I am sure you are correct when you say Bo and Woody helped each other out. But this is a bit different. This basically undermines the new staff.
  13. I hear ya on helping a kid out. But with your arch enemy? I cant imagine Bo would be pleased. If Lloyd told him " OSU is the closest to Mich. and there are good people there" I think thats a problem. He should really make a comment on this before it gets out of hand more than it is already.
  14. I was just watching Jim Rome and he just a segment about Lloyd Carr "assisting" Justin Boren getting out of the scholarship and aiding in his transfer to OSU. If this is true, does this make Carr a traitor? What in the world is going on in Ann Arbor if a "Michigan Man" helps Ohio State and appears to have alot of resentment?
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