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  1. "I dedicate this win to all the Motown Sports posters I've loved before." -J. Iglesias
  2. He makes that catch, but can't catch Ortiz's grand salami in Game 2 of the 2013 ALCS? C'mon!
  3. Please count Jack and his non-HoF Stache in for this year's AAT draft.
  4. Anybody heard what is going on with my AAT Clay Jones? I can't seem to find any news on him. He must be injured? Thanks in advance for any information from folks in the know.
  5. I like Michael Young... only because he had the triple in the top of the ninth in the 2006 All Star game that gave the Tigers home field advantage in the World Series.
  6. I select 1B Clay Jones out of the University of Alabama, our 32nd round pick in the 2010 MLB Entry Draft.
  7. Action Jackson setting the table to get our run scoring party started!
  8. Those are some outstanding shots. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Same boat, azzurri. I really can't stand the Sharks and as you say, their fans are a bunch of DBs.
  10. Dirty play there by Pickle. Pulled a John Kreese and tried to sweep the leg.
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