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  1. I don't think Fox or MSNBC create divide in the public, but reflect the political divide in the country. So I don't have a problem with them.
  2. Bigger blowout - Eagles Skins or Pistons Warriors?
  3. We have some great pieces to the puzzle. We'll be a lot better when we draft positions besides QB, RB, WR's, TEs, etc.
  4. He's stutter stepping because our OL is really bad. I agree on the second part.
  5. Rodney did good to get out of the way of Blake right there.
  6. Ron Leflore didn't make the list. Some of his catches were crazy good. Maybe it was because he didn't always make the correct first step that made those so good or exciting.
  7. Thanks to all vets for their service. My Uncle called me and thanked me for my service a couple of years ago. He said some of his friends were doing that every year. I started doing it too. Just a simple call and than a Vet you know. It works.
  8. Tay and Rip only see each other when they are in together. Daye was wide open and Rip wouldn't pass him the ball. Daye shook his head. Its pretty bad.
  9. Monroe, Randolf and Daye at 3, 4, 5 would be nice to see.
  10. Hopefully the roster will get a shake up and Daye can be starting every night. He can fill Tays shoes fairly well.
  11. I like Daye, but still lol when he's talked about as a POWER forward. Finesse forward?
  12. And I agree with your Stuckey assessment. It seems like its going to take a long time for him to figure out the PG position in the NBA.
  13. CV can get a bunch of pluses and I still can't wait for him to be traded.
  14. Our guys have fought hard throughout the series. I didn't see a huge let down in effort. Howard, on the other hand, has let in some really bad goals that killed us.
  15. I agree with that. Not trying to start anything but if we would have had this level of goaltending throughout this series, we wouldn't be facing elimination.
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