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  1. If it takes more than one or two posts to rationalize your personal hang-ups and social sensitivities, you probably need to work on judging less and letting people live how they want. now, back to sports.
  2. I saw it too, pretty hokie... but did "bubbles" look a little different on that backdrop?
  3. It's good, but it shouldn't have been Albom who wrote it? Hilarious. Dude, this is easy. Don't read him. Your opinion is in the minority. Even the many people that find his stuff fluffy, still enjoy his articles every so often. Please stop trying to convince us he's all things evil. Nobody is interested in your beatdown for something that happened 4 years ago now (probably including your students). He was punished, and served his suspension. Btw, I met Mitch once when I was a kid at a Lions game. He was nice to me and my Dad. Your story about the kid and my story about meeting him have the same relevance to his writing skills. Zero.
  4. Where's all the clips of field goals we ultimately ended up settling for after those awesome runs?
  5. Yeah, I had a chance to meet him when I was bartending downtown. He was actually really nice and glad to talk hockey - even the rivalry. Of course this was after he left Colorado. I think that game just brought the worst out of him at that moment...
  6. The lemonade Dad bought me that day was "intoxicatingly" delicious...
  7. Summer of '77 or '78 against Toronto, we lost 5-3 I think. Might have been Toronto's first year... I was only 5, so I got stuck with the "pole" seat. Wish I could remember more, but I'm sure Dad was rooting for Champ Summers and Steve Kemp that day...
  8. He's saying the right things, showing patience and seems to be pretty coachable. I still think he can contribute.
  9. This is my first post, as I've just joined today... I started viewing this board a couple years back during that magical Tiger season, but started making it a part of my day when I read the outpouring of support to Brian Bluhm, his family, friends and mates at VT. Re-reading those posts and the news articles today, I thought it would be fitting to dip my toes in on the anniversary of that terrible Monday. I love the depth of knowledge and granular analysis found everyday here, and only wish I could have caught a groove with Estrepe1 on one of his awesome threads. In the spirit of all the greats that post here present and past, I'll try and bring insight and enthusiasm to all of my posts and contribute to the overall merriment of being a Detroit Sports Fan. Three cheers to Brian! And here's to another magical season for his beloved Tigers!
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