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  1. 60k is a lot of money, don't get me wrong... but for something this old and has that much history... you think it'd fetch a great deal of a lot more being 1 of 2 left. Hell, autographed game sticks of people like malts and drapes are selling over the 2k mark and that doesn't hold anything to a ring of this calibur.
  2. Did anyone else think that last play was offsides the whole way? Even with slow motion replays it looked like needleweener jumped in offsides by a little.
  3. The hit wasn't as dirty as it first seemed. Yes it was a late hit and an obvious run, but he didn't get hudlers head. From most angels it seems he did but there was on angel I saw on a reply from osgoods point of view and he hit his high shoulder and his head hit the ice. Not to mention hudlers so small any hit on him is going to be higher up on his body.... It was intent to injure in my opinion as he gained nothing from the play by hitting hudler like that, however it wasn't a headshot as most think.
  4. This game can not start fast enough... it's killing me i NEED hockey lol
  5. I don't think the wings will do a clean 4-0 on them even as rookie to the playoffs as they are... they've got a great goalie backing them and some fire power on the front end. Not to mention refs seem to hate the wings... I bet the refs give them atleast one, or Mason steals one... I predict game 5 win... maybe 6 :-\
  6. This is still way closer than i'd have thought... I don't understand some of your opinions here lol
  7. I'm sure most of you already have heard but those that haven't... Hossa should be fine for playoffs... MRI today showed no rip in the groin area. Hossa wanted to play the final game of the season but they're holding him out until playoffs just to be safe...
  8. That is uber classic... love it. Crosby is a kid, yes, but he signed a legal contract on his own to play a professional sport. In turn he's agreed to be a role model for kids all over the world. He should not have jumped into the league if he doesn't want to be held to the same standards as an adult. Crosby is a good player, I wont take that away from him. However he's a cry baby, and if it wasn't for the NHL changing his undies everytime anything happens I don't think he'd be near as "good" as everyone seems to think. He's not the best player in the NHL like everyone likes to call him, or the NHL likes to market him. I'd easily rather have Malkin, Dats, Zetter, Hossa, Ovechkin... the list goes on. He's not a fighter and he needs to stop acting like one. No one expects him to fight, and if he keeps this **** up some of the heavy weights in the NHL are going to start dropping and swinging at him.
  9. Well, im going to vegas to get married, so if I don't get a glass to the face at the bar I might get one to the face in the hotel room if i spend a few nights watching the wings instead of enjoying our first week married with my newly wed wife lol
  10. Damn... with that time frame im probably looking at second round or late first round huh? :-\
  11. This might sound like a dumb question... do the wings have a contract with a certain channel for all playoff games? Only reason I'm concerned is I fly out of state to goto Vegas on the 20th and will be gone for a week so I know I'm going to miss some games unless they're contracted with like VS or something
  12. Last night was a hard blow to our standings... the Sharks picking up another 2 and the wings blowing another game... ouch bye bye presidents trophy, not many players on our team will be nominated for other trophies either this year. Should have known it would have been this way after the lack of wings in the all star game :-\ hope im wrong but it's looking worse and worse for playoffs
  13. SJS needs to lose tonight and the wings NEED to win tonight to even have a SLIGHT chance at coming back this season... they went from sitting pretty and taking a bit of a lead over SJS for first place to being in 3rd with all games even up.. ouch
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