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  1. 2013 hits I gave to kinsler because had he played 162 games he projects to have slightly more hits than fielder, same with 2013 doubles
  2. 13 of the Tigers 36 Spring Training games will be aired on television, mainly in large part due to MLB Network 2013 Broadcast Schedule | tigers.com: Schedule Saturday, February 23 vs. Toronto 1:05 PM MLBN (delay) Monday, February 25 @Philadelphia 1:05 PM MLBN March Friday, March 1 @NY Mets 1:10 PM MLBN Saturday, March 2 @NY Yankees 1:05 PM MLBN (delay) Sunday, March 3 @Atlanta 1:05 PM MLBN (delay) Monday, March 4 vs. Houston 1:05 PM FS-D, MLBN (delay) Tuesday, March 12 @Philadelphia 1:05 PM MLBN (delay) Thursday, March 14 @NY Mets 1:10 PM MLBN (delay) Tuesday, March 19 vs. Tampa Bay 1:05 PM FS-D, MLBN (delay) Thursday, March 21 vs. Houston 6:05 PM FS-D, MLBN (delay) Friday, March 22 @Washington 1:05 PM MLBN Monday, March 25 @Miami 1:05 PM FS-D, MLBN (delay) Wednesday, March 27 vs. Philadelphia 1:05 PM ESPN
  3. Baseball fans still watch ESPN? MLB Network bro, get with the times.
  4. Joe, I've got family members who'd love to have tickets to game four. How much are you looking for, for the pair?



  5. Got 4 in the Tiger Den section 124A for home game 1 Behind visitors dugout Selling two shoot me a PM if interested
  6. I see what you did there, an SF gay joke. Brilliant, how original
  7. Tigers Bar in San Fran, is that code for gay bar?
  8. The people that didn't invest in playoff tickets are looking like geniuses
  9. So how'd everyone do? Get tickets? I got a couple sets of extras if anyone missed out, shoot me a PM. Section 128 and Section 116 both for Home Game 1
  10. Scrub vs Scrub Add who cares as an option to the poll
  11. No thanks Damon, you had 3 days to get a deal done after Victor went down to injury. Now with Prince, that window has been long shut for you Damon.
  12. I put together a printable schedule for spring training, enjoy. Downloadable Printable Spring Training Schedule: http://i.imgur.com/eqjb7.jpg TV Broadcast Schedule March 11th - SS @ Phillies - MLB Network (delayed) March 13th - @ Nationals - MLB Network (delayed) March 14th - vs. Mets - ESPN March 16th - @ Mets - MLB Network (delayed) March 17th - vs Cardinals - MLB Network (delayed) March 19th - @ Phillies - ESPN March 20th - vs Braves - ESPN March 21st - vs Twins - FSD, MLB Network (delayed) March 29th - vs Nationals (SS) - FSD March 31st - @ Braves - FSD, MLB Network (delayed) April 4th - @ Toledo Mud Hens - FSD, MLB Network (delayed) - games will be aired later in the day on MLB Network SS - Split Squad
  13. MLB Trade Rumors: "Yankees...seek an OK prospect in return."
  14. Which veteran starters are left besides Oswalt, who we all know already turned down the Tigers? As far as the minor leaguers are concerned they could give you a lot worse than what Burnett would give them. We all saw how hard it was to find a consistent starter for the #4 spot last year. Also, the Tigers are notorious for rushing up minor league players and then having to deal with the inexperience problems later (Bonderman, Porcello, etc). The yankees aren't asking for much in return for him and he would address a need and remove a question mark going into spring training.
  15. Your post is absent of a link. The information is in the tiger's media guide though.
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