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  1. I'll give you a spoiler: Prince Fielder answered that Austin Jackson was the funniest too.
  2. It was definitely my most memorable spring training trip ever! I put all of the interviews up on my blog, but the Prince Fielder one was longer and will be featured in a story in Grosse Pointe Magazine. I do have pictures to share though. (By the way, Prince Fielder was beyond friendly!)
  3. Thinking about Verlander entering free agency is giving me anxiety. Quick! Give me a brown paper bag and breaaaathe.
  4. I interviewed Jim Leyland, Jeff Jones, Delmon Young, Andy Dirks, and Alex Avila. Then I had a sit down, one-on-one interview with Prince Fielder. I would say it was a pretty successful trip! Still on cloud nine.
  5. I was at his first game as a Tiger and I remember being really impressed with his defense as well.
  6. This definitely needs to be used in game threads after a Tigers win.
  7. I'll have someone carry a boom box and follow me around with this song constantly playing.
  8. I have press credentials for the week I'm down there. Do I get to eat with Jason Beck and Lynn Henning?!
  9. He tagged my Twitter in the tweet, though I do like your theory of him being a secret member on here better.
  10. I tweeted that picture and it has now been RTed by Keith Law. How he found it, I do not know.
  11. Really? I think he's kind of funny. Seems like a nice guy.
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