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  1. We will be holding a protest at the Allen Park Practice Facility and Headquarters on Monday the 29th of September at HIGH NOON ! 12pm . All Media Networks will be there, 2,4 ,7 FSN channel 50 and Comcast. Bring protest signs, tickets to shread, whatever! The point is to bring National attention and embarassment to the Ford Family. We must force their hand now! This is our team, we are the fans, we fill the stadium, we must have a voice. Further info will be posted. Please respond with any questions or comments or suggestions.
  2. Only the Lions... remain in my box of animal crackers...
  3. yeah it was the first time ive seen him do ANYTHING as a lion, but it was better than Bell doing nothing.
  4. The running game still looks questionable. im really likeing kevin smith, but with the exception of the touchdown run he didnt really seem to do too much. Is it just me a or does he seem to dance around too much and try and bounce everything outside like kevin jones used to do?
  5. For the most part the Lions looked good all around. the run game still needs some work and pinner looks alot better than calhoun running the ball. The run defense could use some improvement too but that will probably come with time. Calvin Johnson, as people have mentioned, is a beast...i just hope he can stay healthy. I personally was laughing my *** off when Chad Johnson got taken out by Kelly. is it just me or does Roy Williams seem a little upset with not getting the ball as much as Calvin?
  6. Im curious to see Felton run the ball, he sounds like a beast, not to mention the type of guy that can pound the ball in from the 1. which is good bc im personally sick of us getting 1st and goal and having to bring in Hansen after 3 unsuccessfull tries
  7. ya gotta take the good with the bad its sorta like a girlfriend...you love the sex but you hate the fights.
  8. Is it just me or is Zumaya's fastball overratted? I know Mario and Rod are always sayin how good Joel's 100 mph fastball is and how it blows hitters away....but it sure seems like alot of players can hit it and hit it pretty hard, his last few starts he hasnt had a 1-2-3 inning.
  9. lol did anybody just see rasheed say get that f***in camera out my face and throw a towel at the camera man...classic
  10. wow lol we are REALLY getting some favorable calls out there
  11. wow they are getting so many offensive rebounds it makes me sick
  12. is it just me or the announcers kissing the Celtics *** big time?
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