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  1. +1 Obviously I wouldnt mind the other "known" guys mentioned. Selvie/Rolle I liked the way Brandon Lang played when I watched Troy also. But Im not sure how Selvie/Lang would work out at the ends in a 4-3. Both are probably better off as 3-4 pass-rushers. Bah, as I write this...Bye Bye Myron Rolle
  2. Trindon Holliday off the board. You knew some team was gonna take a sniff with him. Too Fast.... I guess he'll compete with Jacoby Jones for that kickoff role.
  3. Antonio Brown and Dwyer to the Steelers. Two players I really enjoyed watching in College....going to the worst team in the world besides the Yankees
  4. Heck, I remember a few years back...Selvie was a TOP TOP....1st round pick. I remember top 10 mock's - Brandon Lang (Troy) is still available at DE too. I think he was a projected 2nd/3rd round pick if he came out last year.
  5. Id like that idea. If he turns out to be a solid option. Using him much like the Saints use Bush. If you really need a good return/some momentum...throw him back there.
  6. Pete Carroll loading up on RB's with basically the same talents/skills. Leon Washington/Justin Forsett/Julius Jones...Washington is alot more explosive then the other two...but they are all smaller/quicker backs. I guess thats why he also traded for LenDale White. I wouldnt consider any of those reasons for Pete Carroll to be dancing around the war-room.
  7. Id guess we wouldnt risk throwing Best back there to return kicks? But what do I know. We already have a recovering 1 or 1a RB in Smith. Why risk throwing Jahvid? and losing your 1a or 2 to injury. Either way...we havent had a consistant return man since Eddie Drummond. So, any help would be great.
  8. Id assume Burleson is gonna return punts for us... and I thought we were breeding Aaron Brown to also return kicks?
  9. Antonio Brown is the 9th rated WR on the board....according to ESPN.com. Right before Blair White. So, he will most likely be available in the 7th round. Id take a flyer on him as a return man ONLY. As stated, he is much too small to help out at receiver. Id much rather have Danario Alexander (WR- Missouri) if we were gonna spend a 7th round pick on a receiver.
  10. Antonio Brown? I'd imagine someone will draft Antonio Brown long before the 7th round...because of that reason. He is an excellent option as a return man. I think his career in the NFL is as a return man...maybe a slot receiver in time
  11. Spievey, sounds like a Jim Schwartz kinda guy
  12. Houston worries me... They still havent replaced Dunta Robinson... Ghee might go to them
  13. +1 - I'm always on board for a guy who was looking forward to playing with the Lions and Delmas.
  14. Is Morgan Burnett a FS or a SS? - Also, Brandon Ghee is Delmas's buddy/friend or workout buddy in Florida...and supposedly wanted the Lions to draft him.
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