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  1. I think they'll win 101 games. They could win 103, but I think they'll lose two games because of the dumb new "fake to 3rd, throw to 1st" balk rule. Tigers pitchers seemed to do that a lot last year and I think they'll get called on it a couple times with the game on the line. Early season games tho, so they won't be that big of a deal. And I predict Lamont will still get a couple guys thrown out at home, when Brookens gets tossed and Gene has to fill in, lol.
  2. Overall I think it was a fairly good event this year, besides the cold temps while waiting for the gates to open. I was near the front of the line at the 11am gate, and the ticket system seemed to work good the first time through the autograph lines in the Tiger Club but once everyone was inside the park it got pretty unorganized. They made you go back down to the main concourse and then go back up the stairs to the Tiger Club. After the first time through, you had to wait outside in a huge line before you could even get to the stairs going up. Went to the service level autograph areas under section 119 and the line was all the way down to section 130. Still go lucky with the players at the end, got seven with do duplicates. Crosby, Porcello, Dirks & Benoit on sweet spots Lobstien, Pena, Worth on multi poster
  3. And I thought my wife was the coolest when she got me a Miggy Triple Crown bat for my birthday! Hopefully you get a day with good weather so they don't skip the bp. Awesome gift (and the food in the Champions Club is incredible)! I think I remember the Tigers having an online auction with a bunch of cool packages, some with throwing out the first pitch included.
  4. I was hoping this would become the new bp hat...
  5. Now official... TigerFest is back at Comerica Park | tigers.com: News
  6. Wonder if the Tigers will follow the Nats lead and royally screw those that go to collect autographs.... NatsFest | nationals.com: Fan Forum No way I'm paying $20 for two random players after freezing my arse off waiting in line, charity or no charity.
  7. Not sure if it's been announced yet, but my sources tell me it's going to be Saturday, January 26.
  8. My dvd recorder is from about 2006 also, and I'm able to record anything from my dvr. I use the S-Video cable input and get pretty good picture quality depending on the recording speed. I like the 2 hour condensed replays that come on around midnight on FSD. The 2 hour recording speed looks much better than the 4 hour speed on my dvd recorder.
  9. I have the bottle opener that plays the Dan & Jim call, but after opening many a beer the batteries are dead. Might have to fire it up in Magg's honor.
  10. 102. I think having only two west coast trips this season is gonna help. Last year the Tigers had to make four west coast trips.
  11. I've got seats in the handicap section at the box office window before without knowing that's what I bought. I think it was maybe a day or two before the game, as dadair6 mentioned. Next time, I'd suggest speaking to someone in guest services or an usher in your section. From my experience at Comerica Park, they will bend over backwards to help any way they can.
  12. The Dunkin Donuts race is gonna look sweet on that screen.
  13. You can try Hockeytown Authentics in Troy too. I was in there a couple weeks ago and they said they would be selling tix as soon as they are available. Just like buying them at the Comerica Park box office with no fees and you can select your exact seat location.
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