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  1. From talking to my ticket rep, he said there will be a lottery for the general public to purchase playoff tickets. He said info should be released soon.
  2. I purchased my 2011 Playoff Strip Tickets. The "best available" seats that I was able to get were in Section 142, Row 4. Has anyone ever sat in or near that section before? If so, what are the pros / cons? My regular Season Tickets are in the Section 102, so I am not too familiar with this section. Any info would help!
  3. Well, bad news....the wife can't get off work until 12:30 and I can't make it out to where you're located until 12. If someone else wants to the tickets, gladly give them to them! Thanks for the offer.
  4. I'll definitely use them if you still have them! The wife and I were talking about going down there anyways. I'll PM you!
  5. What type of Season Ticket Plan to you have? I have a 27 game plan (Friday's), so hopefully that's a good sign!
  6. It looks you you just need an actual season ticket --- a ticket with a players photo on it. They look alot different from the ones that are purchased online or box office. They don't check and see if you're an actual season ticketholder, as long as you have a ticket with a player on them. You must enter at Gate C on Adams / Brush Street. This offer is good on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Night Games. Hope that helps.
  7. Zack, good call on Boesch signing before games. I have season tickets, and I recieved an email saying I'm allowed to enter Comerica a half hour before the doors open for the general public, since I'm a Season TicketHolder. Hopefully, I'll be able to get Boesch that way. Galarraga, on the other hand, I'm a bit worried about. I'm going to the game on Tuesday, so I'll give it a try then.
  8. Hello all, I am relatively new here. Anyways, I wanted to start graphing the Tigers. Long story short, I am working on getting 2 speciefic items to get signed (an 8x10 of Galarraga and an 8x10 of Boesch). Both photos included the player and my g/f -- fromt Tigerfest (they are her favorite players). I wanted to get these photos signed asap, as I wanted to surprise her with them for her birthday (her bday is 9/25). What is the best way to go about this? Where do the the players park -- and what time do they get to the park? Is that the best route to go? How are Galarraga's and Boesch's signing habits? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.
  9. If you are going for autographs, then yes. The lines are MUCH shorther and it's not as crazy. Last year, with the Early Entry alone, I met Verlander, Santiago, Porcello and Granderson (all within the hour). ...just my 2 cents
  10. Tigerfan55


    ....you were sayin you sat in Section 106, Row BB last year. I ended up getting seats in 106, AA this year. There was no obstruction or anything in your seats last year, was there? I am only asking because someone told me "some" of the highers seats in the bleachers are obstructed by the "Big Cat Walk" in dead center field. Thanks! GO TIGERS!
  11. ...For those of you who ordered Tigerfest tickets, have you guys' recieved them yet? I was hoping to recieve them before Christmas as a good stocking stuffer, but it's not looking good. Any thoughts?
  12. Has anyone ever sat in Section 104? And if so, how many rows were in the section. I just purchased Season Tickets in Section 104, Row CC, so I just wanted to know if they are the last row? They aren't the "chairs" they set up on the concourse, are they? Thanks! GO TIGERS!!!!1
  13. ...Has anyone else not recieved their season tickets yet?
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